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Zee arrived at the trap door. A couple other students had gathered there as well.

message 3: by Ella (new)

Ella Meg arrives as well.

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"Do you think we're going to be allowed in?" Zee commented dryly.

message 5: by Ella (new)

Ella "Don't know..." Meg looks around.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

"I hope we will be," Zee muttered.

message 7: by Ella (new)

Ella "Excuse me.." She says, pushing through the crowd of students.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Zee followed in Meg's wake.

message 9: by Ella (new)

Ella Meg looks into the divination room...

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Zee gasped in something between horror and awe. Everything in the room was some shade of pink. Apparently, Trelawny's replacement had a similar choice in colors to Umbridge.

message 11: by Ella (new)

Ella "PINK?!?!" Screeched meg, completely disgusted.

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Zee burst out in a fit of giggles. Then the professor stepped out. She looked like a younger version of Umbridge. She even had a pink dress with a bunch of cats embroidered on it by hand.

message 13: by Ella (new)

Ella "Um.... Who are you?" Asked meg, trying to restrain her horror.

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"Your professor, Dahlia Umbridge," the professor replied.

message 15: by Ella (new)

Ella "I feel sick... Really truly sick..." Meg walked away from the classroom to the back of the mob of students in a daze.

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Zee followed Meg. "Are you alright?"

message 17: by Ella (new)

Ella Meg turned around and faced him. "Other then the fact that I feel like I am about to barf, yes..."

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"So no. What's wrong?" Zee asked in confusion.

message 19: by Ella (new)

Ella "Pink. Umbridge. Do I have to say more?" Asked Meg.

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"What about it?" Zee queried, still confused.

message 21: by Ella (new)

Ella "I hate the color pink... And I heard some of the older students talk about unbridled because their parents had her!" Meg shudders.

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"Oh? But I thought that was Dolores Umbridge," Zee said, grinning nervously at his friend.

message 23: by Ella (new)

Ella "Yeah, but this is a relative... I just have a bad feeling about this..." Meg replies.

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"Famous last words," Zee said, trying to get her to cheer up.

message 25: by Ella (new)

Ella Meg laughs, showing Zee that it worked.

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Zee sighed. "Let's get our seats before we're all stuck too close to her."

message 27: by Ella (new)

Ella "Good plan." Meg starts to walk into the classroom.

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Zee sat down in the very back of the classroom.

message 29: by Ella (new)

Ella Meg takes the seat next to him and sets her books down.

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"So far so good," Zee said, hoping he wasn't jinxing it.

message 31: by Ella (new)

Ella "Let's hope..." Says Meg.

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"Yeah," Zee agreed.

Dahlia Umbridge coughed.

message 33: by Ella (new)

Ella Meg sits up straight and nervously looks to the teacher.

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Under his breath, Zee muttered, "Looks like we're out of luck with her not being like Umbridge I."

message 35: by Ella (new)

Ella "Yep!" Replies meg quietly.

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Umbridge II coughed again and gave them a pointed look.

"We're doomed," Zee groaned as quietly as he could manage.

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Ella "Kill me now.." Meg was as white as a sheet.

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"Detention for Miss Meghan Dale and Mister Ambrosius Newman. Please see me in my office after class," Umbridge II said.

"Remind me why we're taking this class," Zee wrote on a piece of parchment.

message 39: by Ella (new)

Ella Meg took the paper with an angry expression on her face.

'She called me Meghan! And I don't know anymore...I thought it would be fun...' She passes the paper back.

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'What's wrong with being called Meghan? It's a pretty name,' Zee replied on the parchment.

((Should we have Umbridge II find the parchment? Also, should one of us put her on the character list?))

message 41: by Ella (new)

Ella ((Sure and sure. Who should though?))

Meg rolled her eyes. 'You are treading on thin ice Zee. Thin ice I tell you.'

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((Either one of us?))

'I'm just curious. Sorry,' Zee wrote.

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Ella 'Eh it is fine. Just you may never call me Meghan.'

((I can unless you want to))

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((You can))


message 45: by Ella (new)

Ella 'Haha!'


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'So, do you think we can unenroll from this class?'

message 47: by Ella (new)

Ella 'I sure do hope so!

((Sorry, I gtg have dinner))

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

'Let's see if we can after class'


message 49: by Ella (new)

Ella 'Sounds good to me!'

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Umbridge II coughed again and looked at the parchment.

'We're doomed'

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