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Alix sat down in a chair that was near Sender but not the one that was directly next to her.

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Alix shook his head at her, quirking his eyebrow.

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Alix found himself looking at Sender more than the other people while he observed the classroom.

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Alix finished analyzing the class, and he instead turned his attention to the professor. He quickly decided that the professor was not too enthused by the charm he was teaching.

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Alix kept an eye on the professor, cataloging his movements as he performed the spell. There was a twitch every time the teacher was about to perform the spell. Then, he noticed that the next person to face the teacher was Sender.

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The teacher asked her to perform the spell. Alix compared her stance and the teacher's intently.

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Alix clapped. He was glad that Sender had succeeded and definitely a bit impressed. All the other students had done the spell verbally and botched it a little. Sender had done it nonverbally perfectly. He hoped her could at least do it verbally and perfectly when it was his turn.

((Alix may be developing a slight crush on Sender. Ing is the keyword there.))

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Alix looked at the teacher in slight confusion before analyzing Sender's behavior again. He ducked his head down slightly and returned to analyzing the classroom. The teacher was done talking, as they were on a practical application, so he began to eavesdrop on the people a few rows away from him.

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((My internet disconnected, and I've been trying to get it to reconnect for the last while, hence the delay. It's back now, clearly.))

Alix looked around the classroom. There were no more volunteers or students selected, and the room had fallen into utter silence. The students, he noted, were almost completely still. His eyes narrowed on the professor.

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Alix tried to move, just to tap his fingers, but then discovered that he couldn't. After a short struggle, he instead let his mind wander.

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Alix knew he could not really move, even though the professor could. He focused really hard, trying to focus his entire energy into his gaze. 'Potrificus Totalus!' he thought over and over and over again until it was a tattoo in his brain. It was a moment before he realized the teacher could not move either. He then realized the flaw in his plan: they were all stuck until someone found them. Unfortunately, his wave of adrenaline abruptly ended, and he fell unconscious.

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Alix did not wake up, and he had to be taken to the hospital wing. Just before he had fallen, he had seen people, begin to move. If he were able to think in his unconsciousness, he would be wondering about that. If he were aware and able to think, he would be wondering what went wrong with his spell and why the professor was able to move. As he was able to do none of that, he remained an unhelpful lump on the floor.

((should we move to the hospital wing?))

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((Okay. You post first then?))

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Nelth sat down in a chair. No one else had taken it yet, so it was good enough for her. Besides, she hadn't talked to this Ravenclaw yet, so said Ravenclaw was less likely to hex her.

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Nelth didn't say anything, having no real desire to be the one to initiate any sort of social contact. She was pretty sure that the girl was Ally Riddle, granddaughter of Voldemort, but she was not entirely sure. Even if that were true, she had no right to be bothered by it.

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Nelth decided she actually didn't mind this girl for a couple reasons. The first was that no one was bothering her, including That-Boy-Who-Began-With-A-J, or anyone else that bothered her (basically the entire school's population). The second was that Ally was also quiet and not bothering her. Nelth pulled out another book on some advanced topic related to Transfiguration and began to read. She smiled.

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Nelth pulled out a piece of parchment and scribbled down some notes.

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Nelth shrugged. "You know, usually when I'm quiet, people are like 'Thank God!'," she commented, raising her eyebrows and snorting. "And that alone leads me to one of three conclusions. One -- you haven't the foggiest that I'm one of the least liked people in school. Two -- there is something wrong with your mind. Three -- you are a masochist. So, which is it?"

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Nelth raised an eyebrow. "I am certainly leaning towards both of them. The fact you aren't acting offended is definitely causing me to question your sanity."

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The girl was definitely different from most that Nelth had encountered, to the point where she didn't know how to act. "And people try to hex me after a couple comments like that, so I'm more worried about why you're not."

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"Wrong image? I've been hexed by people of every house. Hexing people tends to give the image that one's human. And more people would likely like you if you hexed me," Nelth pointed out, leaning back in her chair. She scribbled some notes down on her paper before turning back to Ally, raising an eyebrow.

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"No, and quite frankly, it would make a lot more sense. Here I was thinking Ravenclaws were supposed to be logical and smart. Two exceptions in one day. Hell will freeze over if you lot keep it up," Nelth said, rolling her eyes.

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"Around me, they tend to. Every house does, including my own. So much for typical Slytherin girl," Nelth said, her nostrils flaring. "But at least you are smart enough to get that hexing in front of a teacher is a bad idea."

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Nelth had no clue how to act. Really. Every conversation except those with he mum, stepfather, brother, or "friends" (whom she only owled) usually ended up with someone's attempting to hex her. She had no clue how to act with someone who was being nicer to her. Finally, she decided on something. On a piece of paper, she wrote: 'This paper is only readable to you, and you will be unable to repeat it to anyone other than myself, and it will not be readable even through the legilimens curse. I have never hexed anyone outside of dueling, and I have no desire to either.' She passed the note to the other girl and stared down at her own desk, pulling out another book, reading a passage, and writing some notes down. She waited for Ally's response.

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Nelth looked at her, raising an eyebrow. She wrote back, 'I do have an image to maintain as proper Slytherin girl.'

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Nelth ignored the note. She couldn't answer that. Who she was outwardly protected her. She leafed through a couple more pages and wrote some notes. She needed Ally to follow the usual pattern of behavior because she was clueless on what to do with this one.

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'I like you as a person, Ally Riddle, but I have no bloody clue how to act around you because you aren't liable to hex me and I haven't known you for years. I keep wanting to open up to you, and it's freaking me out. See what I mean? Again, there is no way for anyone else to find out about this,' Nelth wrote, before passing the not to Ally. She glowered at her noted and scribbled a few more notes furiously.

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She had not opened up to anyone since she had been a first year, and frankly, some things were too deeply ingrained to change. She wrote back, 'As if I would.'

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Nelth didn't deign to respond. Part of her wanted to open up, but the greater part of her feared it. She continued on her notes.

((Out of curiosity, who is Ally's grandmother? Just some witch or someone we've heard of?))

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'Frankly,' Nelth echoed mockingly in her writing, 'I couldn't care less if I tried.' She did not respond to Ally again for the rest of class and promptly got up and walked away.


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Eric slowly meandered into the room, his eyes passing over the walls. To him it seemed rather unique, shrugging his shoulders and stepped a little faster to get a full view of the room. Turning he looked back at his tour guide. "Who teaches Charms?" he asked Charlie with a small smile on his face. So far he was very glad the older boy didn't judge him by his family. He hoped everyone he meet wouldn't. "I'm not sure if it will happen or not but the Headmaster I think it was that I talked to when I first came her said I'd be put into a high Potions and Charms class even though I'm only a first year. It's kinda why I wanted to see these to places first," he spoke as he started to walk around the room which was bare of students at the moment.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews ((These classes have mostly consisted of teachers who belonged to members who left/are no longer active, so we don't have many teachers anymore, unfortunately.))

"I think we've gotten new teachers for just about everything this year," Charlie said. "And you must be pretty talented, then! I wasn't put in high classes for anything in my first year. I had to prove myself."

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((How many members are still active?))

Eric nodded, understanding. He smiled slightly then and then shrugged. "I did I lot of studying since I never really had anything else to do. I want to wipe clear the family name even if I'm not a pureblood. Perhaps my family we see then that having muggle blood isn't a bad thing. It's why most of the pureblood families are dying out actually. They aren't excepting new blood in, truthfully I feel like they are slowly killing them selves," he stated as he put his hands behind his back, fascinated by everything lining the walls.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews ((The mods, (me, Elf, and Julia, and sometimes Kendra and Lily), you, and a few others.))

"Well, I'm a Halfblood, and there are a few Purebloods at Hogwarts. Some of the Weasleys are still Purebloods, but they don't really talk about it much, because they don't like it that way. Draco Malfoy's son is a Pureblood, and, of course, there are the McGuires. Wait until you hear about them."

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Eric's eyes shifted curiously back to Charlie's. "The McGuires? I don't think I've heard of them before," he stated before Queen jotted in his ear. "Yes. I guess that's possible," he told the owl. He smiled then, turning around full to face Charlie. "I've heard a lot about the people from Hogwarts that's for sure. I'm aunt likes to go on and on about the Malfoy. She says there is some kind of concperisy about Serverus Snape, that he couldn't be the last of the Prince line. I've read a lot about him, especially about what Harry Potter says about him. I wish I could meet him," he stated quietly, his mind wandering then. "I heard my father once through the walls saying he had never met a stronger man, I think it was a dream though as my aunt said it never happened. Most the reason I'd want to meet him is because of how great a potions master he was. Did you know he was the youngest wizard to become a potions master, leasts it's what I'd heard," he stated in awe.

((Is there any characters that still need adopted?))

The Full Bookshelf Reviews ((So glad you asked! Yes! Tons! You should go check that out. Elf will be happy that someone other than me wants them.))

"He was a very brave man," Charlie agreed. "Now, about thee McGuires... there are two girls that go to Hogwarts. There's Sydney, who's in Slytherin, and Bronwyn, who is in Ravenclaw. Their parents were apparently Death Eaters, and rumor has it Sydney's going in the same direction." He watched Eric the entire time, hoping he was not bothered by the issue.

((The McGuire girls are my charries, BTW.))

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((I shall XD))

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Eric frowned slightly. Going down the same path? He jumped up so he could sit on one of the desks, a puzzled look on his face. "How so? I thought all the Death Eaters like my father where scattered, or dead. Their Master is gone," he stated, a bit confused now. He sounded slightly offended but truthfully he wasn't, if anything he was shocked, did it mean his father was still out there wreaking havoc?

The Full Bookshelf Reviews "She just hangs around the 'wrong crowd' is all. At least from the way Bronwyn tells it. You would really like Bronwyn. She's around your age." He smiled at Eric, hoping he hadn't said anything offensive when he began talking about the Death Eaters.

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Eric continued to frown, though it was more of a thoughtful pensive frown. Thinking about it though he knew better, people could be easily be lured to far into the Dark Arts or other deeds that would be considered going down a dark path. "Maybe, I'm not really a people person," he stated, a little uneasy on the subject. "Perhaps she is just trying to make connections, get a foot up in the world. But I can see why a person can be worried about another like that. What year is Sydney?" he asked curiously.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews "She's in my year, but in Slytherin. I don't know her very well. In fact, she pretty much never talks to anyone that isn't on Slytherin. I saw her talking to a Gryffindor boy once and I was shocked."

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Eric bit the inside of his cheek then and shrugged slightly. "People are full of surprises aren't they. Though that doesn't surprise me, her not talking to anyone really outside of her own house. I might be a first year but I'm not blind, there's tension between houses even now with the war over," he stated as an observation he had made during the feast. He'd think with between Potter and Snape it would have made more of a difference. It seemed to have made at least some thing between the houses a bit better from what he could tell story wise and what he'd seen today. Blinking then he tilted his head, "you seem to know a lot about her. Fancy her much?" he asked curiously with a small smirk. He was starting to feel a bit more at home talking to Charlie the more time he spent with the Prefect.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews "No, not Sydney. I just see her around a bit, and Bronwyn is a talkative little thing, so I hear quite a bit about it from her. No, there's this other girl... in Gryffindor..." He thought of seeing Molly that morning again and blushed.

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Eric chuckled then, a smirk forming on his face. "I can think of only one student being called Molly. Is she a Weasley?" he asked with a chuckle. Remembering they had seemed to be ginger heads made him smile slightly, he could see how someone could be attracted to a Weasly. "It seems having new blood there has coxed out the female generations," he chuckled, though he didn't mean it to be rude. Queen bit his ear hard this time, drawing blood which made him yelp, holding his ear. "Come on, I didn't mean it in a bad way. Bloody bird," he mumbled, pulling his hand away with blood on it, making him sigh. Damn bird always picking on him.

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