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Alix walked into class, a bag slung over his shoulder. There were maybe a couple seconds left until the start of class. Alix hastily sat in the first seat he saw; it was next to a girl he knew was a fellow Ravenclaw sixth year. They hadn't really ever talked much though. Alix prepared his materials and waited for class to begin.

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Alix looked around the classroom using his peripheral vision. No need to let anyone else know he was watching. Finally, swallowing, he waved to the girl he was sitting next to. He wasn't immediately sure if she saw or not.

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Alix glanced at the other students. One was tapping his foot under his desk, a boy was passing notes back and for with a girl, two girls were giggling hysterically. Alix rolled his eyes. He had been paying attention to the lecture and he could probably repeat all the non-verbal cues. He decided to block out the unneeded peers.

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((Lol . ..Sorry I have yet to reply. Thought I had, but just realized that I started and didn't finish))

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Alix grimaced. Defense Against the Dark Arts was not really his class. He preferred more imaginative things, not stuff driven by instinct. Alix did, however, do his best to memorize all that the teacher said. Then the teacher told them to stand up and practice the spell.

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Alix watched the student carefully. The student looked scared, his arm trembling and pale. He was also visibly shrinking from the teacher. Alix felt a bit sorry for the boy, but he watched anyway and examined the differences in the teacher's and student's posture. When his name was eventually called, he did his best to mimic the teacher.

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Alix stood ready for a minute, and he knew from watching the others that the teacher was waiting for him to make the first move. He waited for a moment longer, trying to egg the teacher into relax slightly. When he sprang into the spell and shouted the word, the movement was sudden, and to his utter amazement, the teacher's wand flew from his hand. He handed the teacher back his wand and almost ran back to his seat.He could feel the eyes on him all the way back and wished they would stop looking at him already.

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Alix was relieved when the attention was no longer on him but on the teacher. After class, he realized the girl next to him had not demonstrated like most of the students had. He managed to catch her attention. He pointed to her, shook his head, and made the arm motion for the spell.

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Alix smiled at her. He thought for a second, trying to think of hand gestures for what he wanted to say. As he could think of none, he decided to speak. "You're called. . . .Sender, right?"

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Alix spelled his name out on his fingers and looked at her. He swallowed. "Alix Dwerryhouse, if you didn't catch it."

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Alix smiled slightly and nodded. Alix pointed at the teacher, mimicked the gestures for the spell, and made a thumbs up. It meant 'The teacher taught well.' He looked at Sender to see if she understood.

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Alix grinned slightly at her, shrugging. He nodded his head in response to her question. He pointed to her, made a heart shape with his hands, and made a spell-casting motion.

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Alix nodded, smiling and a bit pleased with himself.

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((Well, Olympia and RJ are currently in the Common Room, so maybe Corridors and Stairwells?))

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((You're welcome))

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments ((Seems empty so...))

Samuel whistled a jaunty tune to himself as he entered the slowly filling class. Sitting near the front of the class, he pulled his course book out to read and set his bag aside. Soon, it became apparent that the seats next to him were the only ones left for any late-comers.

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((Yes they left))

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments ((Want to join me? It looks like Jazzy left the Room of Requirements.))

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((No I'm going to wait for Julia to post once more to wrap it up sorry))

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments ((It's okay, I understand.))

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Tally walked into the classroom, even though it was for first years. Quite honestly, she was just plain bored. Besides, she'd heard that the professor was really fun.

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments Samuel glanced for a moment at the fourth-year, wondering why she was there. Gesturing at one of the open seats next to him, he called out to her, "Excuse me, miss, but you can sit here if you want."

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Tally grinned at the first year. "You're awful polite. No pranks waiting for me, are there?"

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((I was told I could join. Ok with you Zachary?))

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((If you do, we might want a turn system. Me, Zach(Can I call you that?) And then you, Jezzie.))

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments He smiled back at her, glad that she was friendly to younger students, "No, miss, not from a 'Claw like me at least."

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((Two-braids* I keep forgetting you changed your name.))

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"Great!" Tally sat down next to him. "In case you can't tell, I'm not a first year or a 'Claw.'"

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments ((It's cool, I actually changed my first post so that there were two open seats next to me now.))

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments ((And Zach, Zachary, Sebastian, Pike, it doesn't matter as long as it isn't Fish-boy.))

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((Okay... I'm not even going to ask. So turns?))

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments "Obviously, you have red instead of blue, and unless girls are now growing taller than boys on average, I wouldn't think for a moment you were stuck in my year. So why are you here, seeing as this is a class for firsties?" He questioned her, wanting to know more about her.

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((Two braids's turn now, right?))

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments ((Yep.))

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((It's fine I'll join, but I'll probably be off for a while after this))

Haven walked in. She looked around.

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((Oh, it's my turn. Oops.))

"Well, I was really bored," Tally said. "And I heard this class is fun with this group of students, so I popped in."

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments "Well, we do become lively on occasion..." Samuel scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, remembering several incidents where he and the other students had gotten out of hand. At the back of the class, he heard the door close and looked back at another late arrival, a girl from Ravenclaw. He quickly gestured her over to the seat next to him.

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Haven walked over and sat down next to him. She looked around and didn't say anything. What's a fourth year doing here? she thought, looking at Tally curiously.

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"Hello!" Tally said enthusiastically. "I'm Tally, by the way."

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments Samuel smiled, trying to be friendly to the girl he hadn't noticed in class before, "I'm Samuel, what's your name?"

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"Haven." She said quietly giving a small smile.

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"Great, now we all know each other," Tally said, leaning her chair back. "So what are we learning today?"

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments Samuel grinned at the both of them, "Tally and Haven are both good names, and today, we're supposed to be talking about banshees. I expect much screaming from our classmates to be involved."

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Haven smiled slightly while she reached in her bag and pulled out a book.

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"Ha!" Tally said. "I love screaming. What are you reading?"

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Zachary Pike | 51 comments "Just the textbook for me, I was looking into banshees a little before getting bored and headed on to vampires," Deciding he had time to relax, Conrad decided to scoot his chair and put his feet up on the table. "How about you, Haven, anything good?"

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