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More Believable Political System: Hunger Games or Divergent?
John Butziger John Jul 23, 2014 05:27PM
Which do you think is more believable: a world in which society is afraid to revolt to save their children from an annual deadly game? Or a world in which it is acceptable to define yourself completely by one singular set of rules for the rest of your life?

Hunger Games is more realistic.

I don't know about the details of who is oppressed vs who is not, or how realistic it is world-wide since we aren't given much on that in the book, but this sort of thing has been done before - masses of people throwing a select group of unfortunate people into an arena to watch them fight to the death for entertainment purposes.

You could argue that we're too civilized for that sort of thing today, but I don't really think that's true. Look at how many people go to watch horror movies with lots of gore and violence. That's not much different from what the people of the Capital did. All it takes is a mental detachment to dehumanize the people who are the victims. And we've certainly been there in this country.

On the other hand, I find it unlikely that people would be willing to categorize themselves into one specific group and risk losing their families if they don't fit in.

Hunger Games is far more realistic. I can see getting there from here. Divergent, to me, is far more unlikely because it is supposedly based on a desire for peace, which the current world shows no inclination toward. Hunger Games is based on fear, domination of the many by the few, and scapegoating. Sound familiar?

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Hunger games for sure. Divergent's world is far too unstable, and the system wouldn't actually work. Let's face it: almost everyone would be considered "divergent". And corrupt people could just get into Abnegation, and there's not much detail on how to pass the tests for other factions, nor how the system really works. I mean, who's there to judge? Candor only works as the Judicial branch? What about Abnegation's power over political decisions? Dauntless, quite clearly, isn't very productive. Erudite doesn't entirely make sense. And the children should be tested at a younger age, when they're less aware of potentially being threats. I initially thought the books for Divergent were interesting enough, but the concepts are all wobbly and the system just wouldn't work.

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I love Divergent,but The Hunger Games is more realistic.

The way Hunger Games is set up, the propaganda and the disadvantage certain districts is believable. The whole putting children against one another, not so much.

The way the books end, make it out that the United States may have been old, something of stories.

I think in our current society, either one is extremely unlikely. But if I were to choose, i would more likely believe in Divergent. Having our children fight against each other, slavery if you will, and it's entirely inhumane. And just like the book, a hunger games type of governing would never work. It wouldn't last for them to nuke the 13th district. The people would break out insanely for a democracy. In this day and age, freedom is a strong privilege and like a teenage child, if caged, rebels will be.. well rebels.
With Divergent, it's more believable because conformity and social norms are natural common things. If the majority of the people does something, many will follow without realizing what they are doing. Strong individuality is something that is still a young concept to todays society. Naturally we all want to fit in, belong, FIND what defines us. With a set of rules already in place, it's not hard to believe that's possible especially at a young age, because typically that's what we all do. I mean would you just go along with it? or just decide to be factionless? I don't think anyone would really choose the latter.

Jonathan David (last edited Jul 23, 2014 08:06PM ) Jul 23, 2014 08:02PM   0 votes
Well, depending on the status on which the world is going into, both political systems are believable.

1. If there would really be a third world war (well, seeing the way things are right now with some powerful countries becoming more politically and economically unstable, this is not impossible to happen)in the near future, I can see the political system of Hunger Games believable. And of course, the system would be led by the victorious country. That country would of course would be doing things to make everything stable, the hunger games would likely be a solution.

2. Divergent, for now, is believable.
Why? Oh come on, with people relying on science and psychology right now. (What is my personality type? Am I sane? etc.) This is even coming to pass right now. People are divided by mental aptitude, it won't be long before a system can be created for it. Without any bias,I say that the political system in divergent is actually very good, utopia actually. Learning from the past, I believe that scientists are the subtle conquerors of the world because knowledge is power.
Not being an erudite here, but the political system in Divergent was really made by scientifically oriented people.

The Hunger Games- I never quite got why the Games existed, but in general the world-building was acceptable, and I can't think of any giant plot holes.
Divergent- just... ugh. It doesn't work. I'm sorry to any fans of the book, but the whole idea is ridiculous.

Neither are really believable...

Divergent is a bit more believable only because i think the government is already sort of trying to control people more and more. I can definitely see that happening more than The Hunger Games world.

Also i think that if the world turned to teenagers killing each other, the world would become even more crazy. People would probably rebel really quick. I don't think even a lot of fear would make people okay with that kind of society.

Obviously Hunger Games has more More Believable Political System. Coz DIVERGENT Political System is more of like UTOPIAN for me rather than DYSTOPIAN. It becomes dystopian if ur gonna consider the fact that ur only allowed to show one value as you grow up.

I agree with Jonathan David. At first I thought Hunger Games was unbelievable because people would revolt. But the more a district hates the Games and wants to rebel, the hungrier and weaker they are.

Hunger Games, the government has had oil companies pushing their propaganda on us still.

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