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≈aleх: pнoenιх oғ тнe ғlaмe≈ (loveisendless) Basic Information
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Class (Freshman, Junior, etc.)
High School

Personal Information
Personality (3+ sentences)
History (5+ sentences)
Appearance (IMAGE required)
-Eye Color
-Hair Color
Relationship Status
Former Relationships
Sexual Preference
Description of Perfect Boy/Girlfriend (Traits or short paragraph)
Dream Job
Religion (N/A for Atheist/Agnostic)
Financial Class (Lower $, Middle $$, Upper $$$)
Other Information

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Carlos Reyna (CarlosAlexis) | 1 comments Basic information
First Name: Alex
Middle Name: Angel
Last Name: Garcia

Age: 18
Class (Freshman, Junior, etc.): Senior
Birthplace: Hawaii
Birthday: May 11
High School: Chaparral

Personal Information
Personality (3 sentences): Alex is a fun loving and thrill seeker kind of guys, always doing dangerous stunts and new things. He is surprisingly romantic and sweet as an guy could be and is easy to love along with being very smart, protective and brave. He is also kind and caring along with being thoughtful and resourceful.

History (5+ sentences): Alex was given to an orphanage in Hawaii when he was just a couple months old so he never knew his parents or why they abandoned him. He grew up being the smartest and most popular in his school and joined groups that raised money for orphanage and cleaned up the environment as well as joining a job at an nearby animal shelter and joined an famous surfing team. At age 16, he got adopted by an kind and rich couple and they moved from Hawaii but even though he moved, he still joined groups, worked at animal shelters and joined famous skate and surfing teams. At age 17, he went through his high school years with A+'s and the occasional B's and got invited into several colleges. At age 18, he said goodbye to his foster parents and went to this college.

Appearance (IMAGE required): http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing...
-Eye Color: a warm dark chocolate brown
-Hair Color: ink black
-Weight: 189 lbs
-Height: 6'4
his tattoo on his back: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/im...

his tattoo on his right front of his chest.: https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/im...

Relationship Status: single
Former Relationships: none
Sexual Preference: straight

Description of Perfect Boy/Girlfriend (Traits or short paragraph): a girl who is fun loving, easy to talk with and hang with, loves surfing and likes to skate board
Dream Job: doesn't really have one yet but he wants to be a vehicle mechanic or an famous football player

Family: none
Religion (N/A for Atheist/Agnostic): Native American
Financial Class (Lower $, Middle $$, Upper $$$): Upper

- girls
- swimming
- skate boarding
- anything that is thrilling
- parties though he isn't crazy about them

- bullies
- jerks
- showoffs
- being bossed around
- being told what to do

Other Information: find out along the way

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Morgan ▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ Bʌƨɪƈ Iɲƒơɾɱʌƭɪơɲ ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂

{Adam Lutz}
Nicknames(s): Ade

{Age/Date of Birth}
>>Age: 24
>>DOB: March 7th
>>Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Grade: Junior

{Gender} Male
Sexuality: Pansexual


[Height] 6’3
[Weight] 197
[Eyes] Bright blue
[Hair] Black
Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Has a tattoo sleeve on his left arm (view spoiler)

▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ ƤєяѕσηαƖ ▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂

Adam is the type of person to be really relaxed in situations that most people probably wouldn’t be. He could care less about social news, ‘cause he’s more centered around himself then anyone else. That’s not to say he’s selfish at all. In fact he’s given up a lot of things he’s wanted for his family and a bunch of other people. But ‘cause of this he’s the type of person who can also walk away without looking like he truly cares- but in the inside it’s probably killing him, but he’d never really admit to that.

-Being Busy
-Hanging out with a group full of people
-Taking care of things

-Girly things
-Past due relationships
-Studying and anything truly related in school
-Sympathetic people

Adam was born into a small town, and he was kind of a loner all through out high school, which actually attracted girls which wasn’t much of a surprise for him. Anyways he lived with his Grandma, his parents having recently passed from a car crash. At the age of eighteen- still in his senior year of high school- his Grandma had a massive stroke all alone in the house, and soon later died. Due to this Adam had to put his whole life on hold. His brother Levi was only sixteen at the time, so he had to wait till his brother was basically of age until he could get some sort of higher education. Once his brother was old enough he went to a college nearby, having saved up enough for Freshman year. His brother remained at the house though, and so did he until Levi was old enough to go to college himself. At this time they didn’t have much of anything left so they were forced to sell the house to pay for the rest of college. Due to the limited amount of money left after that Adam and his brother invested the rest in a run down apartment only blocks away from the school. But now Adam works at least three jobs, and he does his absolute best to provide.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities:
A problem of Adam’s is he can be completely overbearing on a lot of things, that shouldn’t really matter but do. He doesn’t allow his brother to work simply ‘cause he wants him to have a better education and actually make something of himself- a goal in which Adam may as well have completely given up for himself.

{Relationship History}
Adam’s only ever had one or two serious relationships. They were mainly healthy, but they didn’t end exactly as the way he planned. He just had to walk away simply for what was left of his family. But he’s also the type of guy who doesn’t sleep around at all. And even when he’s highly drunk he knows enough of how to respect a woman (or man.)

Description of Perfect Boy/Girlfriend: Someone who's willing to have a good time, but not too clingy. Also someone who won't just walk away from the relationship 'cause he's decided to call it off randomly and unexpectedly. And someone who can take him away from life's troubles, whether girl or boy.

Mother: Kasia
Father: Paul
Grandmother: Pearl
Younger Brother: Levi

Religion: N/a
Class: Lower/Middle

Has Spike who’s meant as a guard dog due to his size- and he rarely ever listens to anyone besides Adam and his brother (view spoiler)

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▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ Bʌƨɪƈ Iɲƒơɾɱʌƭɪơɲ ░▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂
{Levi Connor Lutz }
Nickname(s): N/A

{Age} 20
Birth Date: May 3rd
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual

Grade: Sophomore
High School: Chapelin


(view spoiler)
[Hair Color/Style] Brown hair, that he occasionally dies blue
[Eye Color] Light Green
[Height] 5’6’’
[Weight] 142
[Distinguishing Marks/Tattoos] Levi’s ears are pierced

▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ ƤєяѕσηαƖ ▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂

Before the accident Levi could be the kind of person that anyone could approach and have a conversation with. He loved to spread positivity and make anyways day better, but then he lost his parents. And, now, unlike his brother he’s really not that calm and relaxed- anymore-and he often lets his emotions get the best of him. He also has a short temper, which could be the answer to most of those problems. If someone does something to annoy him he won’t think twice before just completely blowing up in their face. He can also be pretty calm though when he’s in his element. He’s also not much of a socialite, and tends to keep to himself in social situations, unless he’s forced to work with someone in class you really shouldn’t expect to hear much coming from him. Despite his brother not wanting to work he does at the local IHop, which has only been for a few weeks, and he hopes he can keep the job unlike his last one due to his outburst over a few certain customers.

~Cute things
~Romantic Comedies
~Not being serious all the time

~Over Dramatic People
~Weird Habits other People have

Levi’s history is much like his brothers. Parents died in a car crash, grandma died soon later. The end. Anyways unlike his brother his hair isn’t exactly a natural dark black color, it used to be brown, but he really didn’t feel like that color fit him after so much had happened, which led him to die his hair all sorts of colors, starting with black. He went through a complete phase of drugs and alcohol, but soon it wasn’t a problem when he met a boy in his senior year. Said boys, name was Justin, who was a Junior at the time. But their relationship soon went downhill when he finally was able to go to college, and it had to end. It was hard for him to walk away, but he eventually got over it as he threw himself into his work and studies.

[Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities:]
None at the moment, although his still occasionally gets drunk and smokes the occasional cigarette.

[Relationship History]
His only real relationship was in high school with a boy named Justin. He really helped him out of his slump in that point in time. But he was a grade below, so when they had to leave they had to leave. And Levi knew even though they lived a mere few hours away he wasn’t really the type for long distance relationships.

{Perfect Boy/Girl} Someone who sticks with him through thick and thin. Also someone that’s outgoing, but also willing to spend rainy days inside watching movies or playing games. A gamer would be his ideal boyfriend, considering he’s one himself, but he also loves some fresh air as well. Despite his annoyance of clingy people he wouldn’t mind a boyfriend that’s protective as well as possessive.

Mother: Kasia Lutz
Father: Paul Lutz
Grandmother: Pearl Lutz

Older Brother: Adam Lutz

Religion: N/A
Financial Class: Lower/Middle

Has Spike who’s meant as a guard dog due to his size- and he rarely ever listens to anyone besides Levi and his brother (view spoiler)

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Basic Information
First Name: Andres
Middle Name: Rodriguez
Last Name: Oberon
Age: 18
Class (Freshman, Junior, etc.): Senior
Birthplace: Egypt, Alexandria.
Birthday: March 12, 1997.
High School: North Delavan High School

Personal Information
Personality (3+ sentences)
Andres is very Shy, suspicious, easily gets hyper, weird, random, loyal, creative, funny, too caring, and has a very bad temper if you mess with him or his friends. He keeps his life a secret. He is a rule breaker, but is up to correct his mistakes. He only talks comfortably with people he knows.
History (5+ sentences)
Andres is a mystery to everyone at school. He hardly talks at school. He wears a hoodie to school everyday to cover his cuts. The only reason why he cuts is because his life hasn't been all sunshine. First he spent his 11 years getting abused by his mother. Than his dad came around and it was ok for a while till his dad got married and the father would ignore his son. One day when Andres was 14 his father passed away, so he was left alone. He doesn't know the rest of his family. His family is a mystery. He works everyday for him and the only thing that keeps him alive his daughter . He lives in a large house that his uncle left him.
Appearance (IMAGE required)
-Eye Color
-Hair Color
On arms:

Relationship Status: Single
Former Relationships Had one with a girl name Sky. Since than no girls, because of his past with Sky.
Sexual Preference: I'll make him bisexual.
Description of Perfect Boy/Girlfriend (Traits or short paragraph) Someone who will accept Andres for what he is. Plus a girl that will love him for who he is. A girl who will be by him always. A girl he can lean on when he's in pain. But most of all a girl who will forgive his past, and love him no matter what.
Dream Job: Singer!
Family: His family is a mystery, he only has a daughter.
Religion (N/A for Atheist/Agnostic) N/A
Financial Class (Lower $, Middle $$, Upper $$$)
Other Information
Andres is addicted to drugs and has trouble with his temper. He also has many disorders that make him do stupid stuff, like the Borderline Disorder, SH disorder, Anorexia, and others that will be kept a secret. He soon attends therapy for help and has a great future.

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Basic Information

{ Jason Percival Bell }
Age: 20
nickname: Jase
Class: Sophomore
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
Birthday: January 25
High School: Jackson High

Personal Information

Personality: Jason is smart, but doesn't really push himself. He'll have a drink or two at the bar (When he can sneak in), but not enough to get drunk. He's happy most of the time, and doesn't get angry easily.
History (5+ sentences)
Appearance (IMAGE required)
-Eye Color
-Hair Color
Relationship Status
Former Relationships
Sexual Preference: Straight
Description of Perfect Boy/Girlfriend (Traits or short paragraph)
Dream Job
Religion (N/A for Atheist/Agnostic)
Financial Class (Lower $, Middle $$, Upper $$$)
Other Information

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments Basic Information
First Name: Carlos

Middle Name: Daniel

Last Name: Sanchez Tapia

Age: 18

Class: Freshman

Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico

Birthday: June 30th 1996

High School: Alexander Hamilton High School

Personal Information
Personality: Carlos is kind and caring. He is athletic and smart. He is outgoing and loyal. He is protective of his friends and family. He loves football. He also loves taking pictures and being in pictures.

History: Carlos was born in Mexico City, Mexico on June 30th of the year 1996. He was born as the only child of Claudia Ema Tapia and Enrique Claude Sanchez. The family moved to Los Angeles, California when Carlos was 2 years old. Carlos got along fine with his parents for a while, until high school. When he first told his parents that he was dating Ashley Maeve, they freaked out and would not talk to him for a week. When he first introduced Ashley to his parents, they were shocked and they said it would never work out. Ashley heard this and left almost immediately after hearing the comment. Carlos also heard what his parents said and he stayed in his room for a while. His friend, Alexander, called and Carlos told everything to Alexander about what had happened. The boys talked about it for a while and Xander said that he had seen Ashley's phone earlier that week and it had a text from another guy. "You should ask her about it, Ct, for all you know Ash could be cheating on you." Alexander had told his friend. A year later, Ashley had moved to the state of Illinois. She'd moved to the city of Chicago and was to finish her high school years out at Lake View High School. She had texted Carlos and said that they were done. He asked her if it was true that she had been cheating and she said yes, but we are done with. After that Carlos would not even text her if she texted him. He took a break and then started dating Emily Maine. Things were okay, until 12th grade. Emily had moved to a different spot in the relationship than Carlos was. Emily broke up with Carlos due to that very reason. This year, Carlos started at Woodrow College and he didn't know that both of his exes would also be at the college.


-Eye Color: Brown

-Hair Color: Brown

-Weight: 123 lbs

-Height: 5 ft

-Markings/Tattoos/etc.: None

Relationship Status: Single

Former Relationships:
Ashley Maeve (first ex. dated during middle school as well. 18. Freshman. Cheerleader. went to Alexander Hamilton high but moved at the end of 9th grade so had to break up with Carlos. Ashley finished out her 3 remaining years of High School at Lake View High School in Chicago, Illinos. Ashley is now a complete jerk, or according to other girls a complete female dog. Ashley is open for creation.)

Emily Maine (second ex. dating from 10th to 12th grade. 18. Freshman. Softball player. went to AHHS, but at end of 12th grade broke up with Carlos due to differences in where they were in the relationship. Emily is open for creation.)

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Description of Perfect Boy/Girlfriend: His perfect girlfriend is one who is kind, smart, funny, caring, and loves football. He would like a girl that likes him for who he is and not for who she wants him to be.

Dream Job: Football player, track and field player, or artist

Claudia Ema Tapia (Mother, Vice Principle of Woodrow. 50.)

Enrique Claude Sanchez (Father, Chemistry teacher at Woodrow. 50)

Religion: N/A

Financial Class: Middle

Other Information: Friends with Kendra C., Alex B., and Kali C. Carlos does not talk to his parents much.

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Kensi Blye First Name: Eliot
Middle Name: Anthony
Last Name: Spencer
Age: 24
Class: Junior
Birthplace: Austen, Texas
Birthday: June 3rd
High School: Brazos High School

Personal Information:

Personality: Eliot is angry all the time. His temper is hot and extremely dangerous. Fortunately, he is also a master of control. Although he can be prodded to frustration and annoyance fairly easily, it takes a concerted effort to drive him to all out anger. Once that happens, all hell breaks loose. Early on, Eliot learned to channel his massive temper into controlled, directed bursts of violence used for a purpose. In spite of his early years as an assassin, he now prefers to leave his opponents alive whenever possible. That doesn't mean he won't hesitate to kill if he feels he has to in order to survive or to protect someone he cares for. The list of people he cares about is short. He is also known to have a nephew that he keeps track of, although it is unknown if the boy is the child of a sister or brother. Eliot does not see him often. His word is his bond. It takes quite a lot to impress Eliot and even more to earn his trust. Once his trust is earned, he would follow you right into the gates of Hell if necessary. He is an animal lover and extremely protective of children. He is an enthusiastic, master level chef and a connoisseur of French champagne. He does not like guns, although he is an expert in their use. He is also highly intelligent, although he plays his intelligence down in most situations. Being underestimated, more often than not, plays to his advantage. If there's a Fight, or say someone's bullying someone else, Eliot's one of the first people to get involved, And Nobody wants to get on his bad side.

History: Eliot Spencer is a United States Black Ops soldier turned retrieval specialist who is now a member of a College Campus. A man of many talents, little is known about his past aside from his connections to the US military. He serves as a gallowglass, an elite warrior who protects and aides an aristocratic leader.


-Eye Color: Blue
-Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
-Weight: Unknown
-Height: 5' 8"
-Markings/Tattoos/etc: He has Scars covering his body mostly from fights he's gotten himself in when he was in the Black Ops.

Relationship Status: Single

Former Relationships: Aimee (Former Fiancee), Gracie (Former Girlfriend), Lucy (Former Fiancee),

Sexual Preference: Streight

Description of Perfect Boy/Girlfriend: Currently he's not interested in anybody, but when he does find the right person he plan's to let them know.

Dream Job: Either as a Chef or a Bouncer/Bodyguard

Family: Leanne Spencer (Single Mother), Katie-Beth (Daughter)

Religion: Raised Catholic but he doesn't practice

Financial Class: Lower $ He's worked for everything he has.

Other Information: Skills he Posesses: Eliot Spencer is very well versed in the distinctiveness of certain organizations. He has a very distinctive knack at it, and it is often used as an inside reference. Numerous Fighting Styles: Boxing, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, eskrima, panantuken, Kenpo Karate,and Aikido are just some of the Martial Arts he has demonstrated in the series.

Unparalleled hand-to-hand fighting ability considering he was able to take out 4 armed guards in the time it took to drop a bag after said guards caught him.

Fixer often working backup in the con to clean up messes, either physically or in execution A similar asset of Eliot's is the tendency for people to underestimate him. This allows Eliot to surprise his opposition when he shows his true skills and talents.

Survival in hostile environments Skilled swordsman, and is very good with guns, though he doesn't like to use them.

Strategic – able to plan/predict the best possible way the team or other people might take out someone else Gourmet chef Calm demeanor


Ladies' man

Accurate throwing ability whether its darts or pebbles.

Commercial semi tractor-trailer driver.

Singer/guitar player, he had a fan club and a bunch of fans (who had been quite an obstacle for him) - He sang well enough to not need auto-tuning. This marks the first time we have seen Eliot nervous, so much so that his Crush Parker startled him for the first time ever. However, despite being nervous, he still managed to get the attention of a music executive.

Weapons expert

Baseball superstar. Had a sandwich named after one of his aliases due to an excellent home run.

Excellent hockey player. He plays as an enforcer, and evidently trains to fight people on ice.

Knife expert - doesn't matter if it's cutting an onion or cutting through 8 Yakuza in 4 seconds. Apparently, this expertise with knives stems from his very attractive home economics teacher in high school. He has dealt with cleaver-wielding Triad members before.

Familiar with hostage negotiations - he is able to list the 3 types of calls one can get after the first hostage call.

Skilled Marksman - Despite the fact he dislikes guns, Eliot is a very skilled marksman, as he took on several men with only two guns. He was even able to shoot one of them without looking at the target.

Familiar with the 9 places professional killers will use to deliver an injection to make a murder look like a heart attack – he spots the giveaway mark under the fingernail.

Very good spatial awareness and sense of direction - was able to calculate where he was, and what direction they should head in, even though He was imprisoned in a van.

Knows how to throw trackers off his scent - He rubbed skunkweed on his clothing and left blood off the trail. He claims to have done this before while handcuffed to a dead man.

Bombs and Bomb Disposal He can also make bombs out of fertilizer and molasses.

Very well traveled - has been in many, many countries.

Diversely knowledgeable - Able to recognize a Russian man by a footprint in the snow, and discern static noise from a recording as from military satellites.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments Basic Information
First Name: Alexander

Middle Name: Aaron

Last Name: Bruckhaus

Nickname(S): Alex, A, Xander

Age: 18

Class: Freshman

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Birthday: July 17th 1996

High School: AHHS (Alexander Hamilton High School)

Personal Information
Personality: Xander is kind and caring. He is outgoing and smart. He spends a lot of time thinking about football and his ex-girlfriend. He is loyal to his friends and family as well as protective of them.

History: He is the youngest child of Amelia Bruckhaus and Hayden Bruckhaus. Xander gets along well with his older brother, Maxwell. Xander was the one who told Carlos about what Ashley was doing. Xander regrets telling his friend that Ashley was cheating, but if he didn't then he doesn't know what he would've done or what could've happened. Alexander spends a lot of his time protecting his friends and family.


-Eye Color: Green

-Hair Color: Dirty Blonde

-Weight: 177

-Height: 6 ft

-Markings/Tattoos/etc.: None

Relationship Status: Single

Former Relationships:
Megan Wakefield (18. Freshman cheerleader. ex. dated 6th-12th grade. open for creation. broke up because of a rumor.)

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Description of Perfect Boy/Girlfriend: The perfect girlfriend for Xander is a girl who recognizes his birthday. A girl who likes football. A girl who likes him for him. A girl who would not change herself to be with him.

Dream Job: Pro Football Player or Singer

Maxwell (older brother, 21)

Hayden (Father, varsity football coach at Woodrow. 50.)

Amelia (Mother, Varsity cheer coach at Woodrow. 50.)

Religion: N/A

Financial Class: Middle

Other Information: Friends with Kali, Kendra, and Carlos.

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 37 comments Basic Information
First Name: Kyle
Middle Name: Ronan
Last Name: Campo
Age: 21
Class: Junior
Birthplace: San Diego, California
Birthday: April 1993
High School: AHHS

Personal Information
Personality: Kyle is the protective type of guy. He is kind and tough. He is smart and outgoing. He is willing to give a girl a second chance, but not always.

History: He is the first born in the family. When he was 2, the twins were born. He got along well with his sister, Kendra, but not Kali. Kyle now gets along with both of his sisters. When Kyle was in 6th grade, he started dating Isis Loranne. Things were okay, until 12th grade when they broke up. Kyle and Isis ended up still having crushes on each other and plan to date again.


-Eye Color: Brown
-Hair Color: Brown
-Weight: 182 lbs
-Height: 6 ft 1
-Markings/Tattoos/etc.: None
Relationship Status: Crushing on Isis
Former Relationships:
Isis Loranne [21, ex girlfriend. dated 6th-12th grade. broke up at the end of 12th grade due to being in different spots of the relationship. Isis still has a crush on Kyle. Isis is a cheerleader and she is the head cheerleader. Isis is the little sister of Abigael. Isis is open for creation. Isis' sister is also open for creation.]
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Description of Perfect Boy/Girlfriend: The perfect girlfriend for Kyle is one who is a fan of football and is a cheerleader.
Dream Job: Actor or Professional Football player
Kali- Sister
Kendra- Sister
Karen- Mother
Kallen- Father
Religion: N/A
Financial Class: Upper
Other Information: Varsity Football Captain. Friends with Maxwell.

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