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[ ] Larkin Elizabeth Shailer || played by Sammy
Larkin can be shy or reserved around people she doesn't know, but is very comfortable, sarcastic, and joking with those she does know. She is energetic and loves to be moving. She tries to be kind to everyone, but will very quickly stand up for the people she cares about and what she believes in. Although she tries to be nice, she does not trust others easily and keeps her secrets (and some parts of herself) very guarded. Larkin is a very smart girl and sometimes has a hard time being patient with those who don't pick up on things as quickly as she does. She normally assumes leadership roles in group projects/assignments, as being used to taking care of her four younger siblings. Larkin is essentially a kind, guarded, energetic girl to those who don't know her, but to those who do, she is funny, occasionally stubborn, and doubtful of herself.

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Sammy Zechman ((Thanks ))

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Sammy Zechman Larkin slowly stepped into the room she would be staying in at the palace. It was nothing like anything she had seen before. This room alone was worth more than her house back on the farm. Larkin took another step, pulling her small bag of things from home behind her. She already felt as though she didn't belong at the palace. The bed was covered in huge, white, fluffy sheets to match the long white curtains draped across the glass doors leading to the balcony. In the corner, there was a big, beautiful, wooden dresser. Larkin wished it hadn't been wasted on her, because she didn't have anything to put in it. "Better not get to attached," she mumbled. "I won't be here long."

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Sammy Zechman Larkin stepped into her room after a long day. She was ready for bed and to just be alone. She missed her family and didn't particularly want to be in the Selection in the first place. Larkin began slowly changing into her nightgown. She hadn't made any good friends and didn't have much time to get to know the prince. She didn't know how much she wanted to be in the palace, but she knew the decision wasn't hers to make. Larkin sat on the side of her puffy white bed. She decided to just try her hardest to find some friends and talk to the prince more. "Might as well make the best of this," she mumbles to herself.

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Sammy Zechman ((Sorry I haven't been on very much...I was at a field hockey camp and didn't have time to rp at all))

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments (( Okay so I am now her maid! ))

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Sammy Zechman ((I guess :) sorry if I'm not on a ton...I'm usually pretty busy but I try to get on when I can))

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Cecily fumbled to open the door and when she came in she didn't see the girl she was to be serving. She walked across the room and opened up Larkin's closet. It was organized to perfection. All the gowns were color corrugated on the left side of the room, on the right wall were accessories; heels, bags, jewelry, glasses, etc. Then finally on the back wall was the pajamas. Night gowns galore, silk pants with matching tops and a lot slippers. Cecily put some new gowns into the closet along with some newly polished heels. With that done she made way to the bathroom. A few soaps were used so Cecily threw those out and replaced them with Honeysuckle scented soap and Lavender scented soap. After that was done new towels were placed and the bed was made. Floors were swept and pillows were fluffed. The bathroom tiles were scrubbed to perfection. Last but not least she went out to the balcony. The hot air exotically hit her face. She could see guards in the garden from where she was. A few other maids she recognized were outside too. Most likely, the maids were trying to clean up mess's royals or Selected girls left behind. Gardeners weren't out and about. It was getting closer to night time which meant she would soon be sleeping in a soft bed downstairs. Her low to ground black uniformed heels clanked against the balcony flooring. After she took in the sight she replaced an old plant with a new vase of a mixture of red and white roses. Hopefully, Larkin will like what I did with her room, Cecily thought as she exited the door

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Sammy Zechman Larkin flung open her door, excited to be alone once again. She wasn't used to being proper all day in the extravagant gowns and expensive shoes. When she walked in, she was surprised to see that her room had been cleaned to perfection. Larkin hadn't bothered to fix her bed in the morning and there it was- as fluffy and clean as it had been when she arrived at the palace. With her mouth hanging open in surprise and appreciation, she slowly walked over to her bathroom to find that the same had been done there. All new toiletries, a perfectly polished floor, and brand new puffy towels were there waiting for her. Larkin had known there were maids at the palace, but she hadn't expected anything like this. Not wanting to scuff the perfect floors, Larkin took off her shoes and gingerly sat on the edge of her bed. It took everything she had not to flop back into it, but she didn't want to ruin the effort someone took to make her already amazing room look the way it did. 'I just hope I see whoever did this for me soon so I can let them know how much I appreciate it,' Larkin thought to herself.

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Sammy Zechman Noticing what time it was, Larkin realized she should probably be getting ready for bed, but tonight, that was the last thing she wanted to do. Making her way across her room to her balcony, she carefully opened the doors and stepped outside. The fresh air was a nice change as Larkin looked around the acres of land owned by the royal family. Guards were still hustling about, but most of the maids had started to retire for the evening. Larkin didn't recognize many of the maids, but she decided she was going to start trying to be more open and kind to them. After seeing what one of them had done for her, she wanted to get to know them better and let them know how helpful they were. Wanting to get outside for just a little longer, Larkin decided to make her way down to the garden before bed. In case her maid came back while she was gone, Larkin left a note -

'I'm so sorry I haven't been able to meet you yet, but I want to let you know how much I appreciated what you did for me. Thank you so much!

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Sammy Zechman ((On the app, I can't use italics so I've been using 'this' instead))

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As soon as Cecily was half way down the hallway she remembered she left her bracelet in the bathroom. While she was scrubbing she took it off and left it on the granite countertop. Before going back into the room she knocked lightly on the door. " Hello?" Cecily asked softly .

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Sammy Zechman As Larkin walked down the hallway to her room, she noticed someone at the door. Quickening her pace, she once again noticed that she was still barefoot. Letting go of the floor length gown she had gathered in her hands so she wouldn't trip, she softly called down the hallway. "Hello?"

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments Cecily was startled. She knew it didn't come from the bedroom so there for she thought for a brief second it was a rebel so she called out, " Who is it?" With a startled and scared voice. She took a few steps back incase she needed to run to warn the guards. " This is Cecily, who is this?"

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Sammy Zechman Larkin noticed the other girl who was at her door, Cecily she said, looked frightened at seeing her. "It's just me. I mean Larkin. I'm one of the selected girls?" She said it as if it was a question. Larkin wasn't sure why Cecily seemed nervous, considering she was at Larkin's door. She didn't want to seem harsh or protective, but she had things in her room that she didn't want others to mess with. "Do you need something?"

((I'll be back later I'm going to eat dinner now))

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" I am so sorry, Miss Larkin." Cecily said. She curtseyed and apologized some more. " I'm your maid, ma'm. I was just going to umm..get my---um..I forgot to water your plant." She lied. " I don't want it to die." Cecily actually needed her personal bracelet but lied anyway. I just want my gosh darn bracelet. She would go in the bathroom to water the mini orchid that called home next to the sink and take her bracelet while she did it.

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Sammy Zechman "Oh! I'm so sorry Cecily- er- Miss Cecily- oh, I don't even know what to call you! I'm sorry if I seemed disrespectful I just didn't want anyone going through my personal things." Larkin mentally kicked herself for being so awkward. She realized that of course her maid would have gone through her stuff, just trying to be helpful. "Let's start over," Larkin suggested. She stuck out her hand. "I'm Larkin. You don't have to call me anything different, or curtsy, or act like a maid when you're around me. Thanks for cleaning up my room. I can be a little messy at times..."

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments " Oh, no worries. If you don't mind that plant really needs water. I forgot yesterday, too." Cecily lied. " It would be horrible to have it die." Just let me get my bracelet.

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Sammy Zechman "Oh yea, of course. Sorry to hold you up." Larkin reached across Cecily to open the door and held it open for her to step inside the room. Although Cecily seemed very nice, Larkin still didn't like the idea of anyone going through the few personal things she had in her room. She made a mental note to find a hidden spot she could tuck them away in once Cecily left.

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Δ|вσω  | 2392 comments " Thank you," Cecily said as she fiddled with the door. Whenever she got in she watered the plant and took her bracelet. " Thank you, ma'm." With that she left and was off to the maids quarters.

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Sammy Zechman Larkin breathed a sigh of relief when Cecily left. It wasn't that she didn't like her. Cecily seemed very nice and had already proven how helpful and kind she was. Larkin just didn't trust people easily, and as much as she wanted to be open with Cecily, she wasn't too find of the idea of someone being in her room all the time and seeing all her stuff. Larkin started rummaging through the closet first to see if there were any hidden compartments or drawers she could use. Although she didn't find any, her closet was full with beautiful silky gowns that she guessed were hers. Larkin checked the cabinet next, but once again didn't see a suitable place. She ended up stowing her small box of things from home in between her wooden headboard and her mattress. It wasn't like she was hiding any major secrets. The only things in her box were a few photos of her family, a small pocket knife (Larkin didn't know why she brought that, she just felt better knowing she had it), a picture of her and her siblings that Ben drew for her, and a stone that Brady had given her. She knew that he never really cared for her, but it was still a part of him that he gave to her. She stashed her possessions away and pulled on one of the palace nightgowns. Climbing into bed, Larkin was tired but simply couldn't fall asleep. She heard the guards doing their rounds several hours later before she finally drifted off.

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Cecily Luland will now be a maid for Queen Rania

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