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[ ] Samantha Winifred Douglas || played by Melisquish
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Samantha is a quiet girl who only speaks when spoken to, and always does what she is told.
As if.
In reality... Well, she's an odd one. She likes to climb trees, laugh, and have fun. She loves the beach, and basically just likes to have a good time. Although she can easily slip into miss "prim and proper" at any point in time. It just isn't her.

➸ ( ) Veronica Aster Warner | | played by Rea
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Extroverted, intuitive, recklessly impulsive, gracious, funny and straight-forward. Always making dry and bad jokes almost everytime, especially when she's the subject of conversation. Her other traits are her sarcasm, snarkiness; she loves to pissed people off, loves to rant, has a little anger management issues, objectively critical, adaptive, independent, hates to lead or control others and sometimes hates the leader too. Also very confident and proud of herself. Sometimes she can be narcistic, but never intentionally try to show off. But when it comes to compliment, even she always compliments herself, she gets a little awkward when it comes from someone else’s mouth. She’s very casual around boys, and love to hang out with them, she manages a great relationship with the guards more than with the maids like her. Even she actually doesn’t like living inside the castle all the time. She feels like it’s too stiff and doesn’t fit to her attitude.
➸ ( ) Saffron Elise Williams | | played by Melissa
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Saffron is very straight forward, She won't lie or beat around the bush. If you ask her if you really look ugly, she will tell you the truth, even if it hurts. This gets her in trouble quite a lot. Saffron also stands up for what she believes and if something disagrees...they have no idea what they're in for.

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Sam yawned and opened her door. She'd stopped hiding in the kitchen for a while, and a rebel attack had happened. Go figure. She'd heard the guard who'd been shot had survived, though, and that was good. For a while, she'd thought he was a goner. So that was good, at least. She'd heard the elite announcement would be happening in the morning, so she decided that she would stuff herself at breakfast. Maybe stuff her purse, too. That good was good.

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Ronnie stopped in front of Samantha's door. As much as she doesn't like doing this job, she had to. That was her cover anyway.
She sighed heavily and shook her head quickly. Alright, Veronica, you are a trained killer in years of undercover, you can kill a bear by yourself, you defeat ten men with just a piece of pipe, of course dealing with a princess in training is a piece of cake, she told herself. With that, she opened the door quietly, peeking through it before she entered.

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She was flopped on the bed, making weird faces at the ceiling when she came in. This room was so big... Even the ceiling was detailed. She jumped up at the sound of the door opening, and bounced into a seated position.

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Ah, did I scare her or anything? She thought when she saw that girl's reaction. "Hello, Miss Samantha," Ronnie said slowly and then she curstied, "I'm... Veronica. I am your maid, apparently."

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"Hi, Veronica..." She decided she should probably stop bouncing. That probably wasn't very good form for a princess in training... "Um, so I've never had a maid before... So could I have some help or something in what I'm supposed to do with one?"

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She blinked. "Well, I'm not really sure either. Basically, I'm here to help you with anything you want, and anything you need to win this thing." she said. "It's kinda a multifunctional job whatsoever."

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"Oh..." She tugged on her ear a little awkwardly. "Then you should have a pretty easy time."

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"Yeah, my fate is actually in your hand. You can decide whether to make things simpler between us, or you can use me to take extra job and do some dirty work for you." Ronnie said bluntly. "I mean, if you want me to put something on the other girls meal to get them sick, I can do that, just saying."

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((Ronnie can't spend 5 minutes, five bloody minutes, without saying or doing something creepy. What is wrong with that girl?))

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"Hm..." She paused, pretending to think. "Nah( if you did that they'd probably blame the chef, and I don't think I could last here without his amazing cooking."

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"Point taken." she nodded. "So... Where do we start? Ah, do you have any question?"

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"Um... Nope, I don't think so. And I really can't think of anything I need."

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"Alright." she smirked. "Well, if you decide what you need, or you want to sabotage The Selection, you know where to find me," she said, with her arms wide open. "Ah, actually you don't know yet. It's the kitchen storage. If I'm not here, I must be there."

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"Whoa, really? Is it more comfortable than a cupboard? That's where I've been hiding."

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"It smells kinda like food, so... yeah?" she snorted and chuckled lightly.

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"Smelling like food is definitely a bonus... Don't suppose you'd mind sharing?"

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No way, that's my personal hiding spot, "Of course not, we can share, I don't mind." she said with a smile.

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"Really, or are you just saying that? Because the cupboard's quite alright, if a but uncomfortable."

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"It's fine," she waved her hand. "After all I do not own the palace. But please, if there's a rebel attack, do not consider kitchen storage or cupboard, okay?" she said teasingly.

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"Nah. I'll try for a safe room. If not, they most likely won't check a cupboard... Right? No one ever thinks to look up, I've noticed."

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Ronnie smiled at her answer. "There are safe rooms for reason, Miss," what if you caught your maid slaughtering the people from this palace? That would be awkward, right? "You never know if next time, they randomly check the cupboard."

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"Don't call me Miss," she wrinkled her nose. "It makes me sound like some... Oh, I don't know. It just sounds weird. And I sure hope not, because it was really just chance hat I wasn't in the cupboard at the time of the attack..."

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"Well, what do you want me to call you then?" she asked.

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"Sam? I don't know... It's complete awkwardness even having a maid... I don't know what to do with you in the slightest."

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"Alright, Sam." she said. "First, I can't really call you like that in public, they'll punish me for addressing you so informally. Second, if you prefer you can think of me as a personal assistant slash personal designer slash personal stylist slash personal make up artist. That is a cooler way to describe what I am doing for you actually."

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"Okay... I guess it'll do in private, though? And okay, although is there a shorter way of saying that? It's a bit of a mouthful."

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"I'm not sure... But 'personal assistant' seems legit." she tapped her chin.

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"Personal assistant? Sure, that works..."

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"Alright then, we have a deal." she smirked. "Anyway, it's kinda late, so I'll leave you to get some rest. I'll be back first thing in the morning tomorrow."

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"Alright. Just don't stare at me while I'm asleep. It's creepy when people do that."

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