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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Cover similar to SHIVER YA novel with Brit protagonist moving to America [s]

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Salma Islam (sleepysally) Book I read ages ago, pretty sure it was a YA/teen novel.

The cover was black and white or at least around that colour spectrum. The Shiver cover reminded me of it, so I guess elements in the cover similar to Shiver's.

The protagonist was a British teen (16? 17?) who moved to America.

I also remember a scene about coffee? I think the main protagonist is with the male love interest and they're making coffee and, I'm not sure but I think they talk about the taste of tea and coffee??? (random I know but my memory is so vague)

Erm, I think also the male character's family help the protagonist with her visions and she stays over one night (nothing explicit happens she just literally sleeps over).

Another minor detail being the male owning a motorbike.

Urgh that's all I can really remember, it's all so random!
Thanks for any help in advance though!

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Salma wrote: "Book I read ages ago"

Can you be more specific?

Salma Islam (sleepysally) Pretty sure Supernatural is one of the genres; I think she had visions of some sort?

Salma Islam (sleepysally) Oh, and when I say ages ago I just meant maybe two or three years ago, nothing too old.

Salma Islam (sleepysally) Found the book
It was Finding Sky

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Finding Sky -- It's part of a trilogy.

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