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Eugene walked down the hallway holding a text book he really didn’t want to read. This was always the hardest part for him: academics. Really the only way he got into this school was because of his acting, which was still improving . . . but they obviously saw promise because here he was. However his studies were more difficult, he had been homeschooled his entire life, Eliza had to help him with his homework most of the time. Drag him to the library and sit him down for a few hours in order to actually focus. But she was also rather distracting- which wasn’t her fault, but come on, she was Eliza. His Rapunzal.

Eugene twisted the dorm key into the knob and shouldered open his door. He dormed with a Drag Queen named Braden, and really? He didn’t care. Sure it had thrown him off when he first walked in, but it wasn’t because he had anything against the way the guy dressed. It was just that, well, it was sort of the last thing he was expecting. Besides as long as Braden let Eliza hang out here – she slept over a little more often than they cared to admit – then Eugene was chill with him. After all, Braden didn’t goggle over her like other guys did . . . bonus.

Eugene dropped his history textbook onto the edge of his desk, letting his bag thud at the foot of the furniture and eased down into the swivel chair, slowly running his hands through his hair. He had been thinking about actually doing his homework now instead of waiting, because now he wasn’t with his girlfriend and there wasn’t much to distract him, but . . . any energy he had had a second ago was drained when he flickered his gaze to the uniform colors of the monster.

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Eugene leaned back in his chair, hands tucked behind his head as the chair tipped his feet up, leaving them to just barley drag on the carpet. He looked over at the sound of the doorknob jiggling, a familiar click bouncing around the room before Braden passed under the threshold. Eugene held up a hand in greeting. “Hey.” he answered in return. So around Eliza he was a complete fool . . . call him love struck and he’ll just laugh and agree. However around others he was something else. He didn’t know what other people would consider him but they said his humor was dry and he could be rather sarcastic. Personally Eugene liked to think that he was an okay kind of guy, minus all the shit that he’d gone through before hand and having a nasty habit of taking things that weren’t his anyway.

“Nice shorts.” He said. There was no malice in his voice, and that sarcasm that we mentioned earlier? Yeah that wasn’t there either. He wouldn’t wear them in a million years, but at least he was breaking the dress code and making a statement about it. A lot of people simply didn’t wear their uniform, and if he had a million pairs of clothes like them then he wouldn’t either, but you saw a lot of bored variations. Blacks, blues . . . and then there were the girls and guys like Braden who just simply didn’t give of fuck. Eugene very much appreciated this. And though he wasn’t entirely outspoken to people around him, only saying something when he felt like it, he’d stick up for the guy.

Eugene wasn’t the best at making friends, but he was getting better at it, and frankly? You’re roommate was a good place to start, because if you didn’t get along with them than you pretty much had no hope of surviving here. He swiveled around in his chair, dropping back down onto the flats of his feet.

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Eugene had this problem with never saying no to Eliza because - well - why would he? They'd been through a lot of shit together and she was just so damn cute it was like shaking your head at a puppy. And her puppy dog eyes were pretty amazing, let him tell ya. Really the one and only reason he would call it a problem would be because that left Braden to sleep elsewhere. He had insisted that that he didn't have to go find somewhere else to sleep but the guy seemed to think that they were doing a little more than sleeping thank you. They weren't actually; all he and Eliza did was kiss and cuddle, oh and sleep. In other words, he was selfish. Oh well.

Silence came over the room and Eugene searched for something to say, willing himself to make conversation. It wasn't like he was the best of the best at small talk, or at any talk really, on stage he did well but when you were pretty much the orphanage's outcast you didn't do a lot of socializing.

Scrubbing a hand through his hair Eugene cleared his throat, unhooking the first few buttons along his shirt. "So, uh . . . you any good at history?" Really? History class? You could've asked if he went to the dance or something. Eliza is the one that helps you with fucking history class. Eugene, of course, said none of this out loud, but couldn't help the slight look of disdain that came over his face. Really though he wasn't any good at history, he only knew certain things because Maine was along the coast and early american history was important as hell when you lived there - even if you were home schooled.

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Eugene lifted his gaze from his twiddling thumbs. He and Braden might have a lot more in common than thought. Guess that’s what you got when you didn’t really talk to one another much, you didn’t have much to go off of, and for all you knew they might be compatible best friends or something … that is how people started relationships right? Getting to know each other? “I know what you mean.” He answered after a second, scrubbing a hand through his hair. “I was home schooled … the orphanage didn’t have the best teachers in the world. A lot of the time I would sneak out just so I could be alone.” What Eugene didn’t realize that even though their situations were different, not that Braden spoke about his past a lot, but they really were the same at the core: they had both been homeless.

Sure he had somewhere to sleep and all that good stuff, but he was unwelcome. It’s part of the reason why he has to have Eliza here at night, because even though he has a roommate she’s the single most important thing in the world. Without her he couldn’t get through all the shit he had gone through and he liked to think that he had returned the favor when they had run away… even if a part of him ached to go back and have left earlier. She should’ve told him what was happening. In other words, he felt like he had a home when he was with her, his lonesome life was led most of its years void of her beside him, so he was making up for it now. So … yeah, that was his puppy love Eliza spiel.

Nonetheless, Eugene nodded. “I’ve never been a fan of reading. Especially when they give me things like this.” He swiveled around and patted the history textbook he’d lugged back from his afternoon class. He sighed, turning back around to face Braden. “I’ve always been more of a … action kind of guy.” Not untrue. He could read plays and stuff if he was given them for class, those were easy, but he was also in Bellavia for acting. Which, actually, only proved his case further. Eugene had always been a guy that liked to do, not just sit by and think about it. He was pretty sneaky when he was younger so it wasn’t hard to get by with whatever you wanted. Granted now that he was living here and things were better than they were in Maine he was trying to lay off, but sometimes he couldn’t help himself- it’s his nature.

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