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People that figure out their capacity go crazy sometimes. Still a very high tech room. The lab subjects here cant go out due to the mental issues due to the brain hijacking. They couldn't leave or else they would be wrapped up.

RP starts here

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Yasmani | 39 comments Jesse sat down in the a corner of the room with his hands crossed around his chest. This was completely outrageous he didn't understand why he was here at all and why he couldn't leave this damn room! It was infuriating to not be allowed to do something. Never in his life was he now allowed to do anything. His parent's weren't really there when they were alive and much less when they died. The room was completely plain and boring which made all that much worse. There was nothing to look at, nothing to do at all.

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Dr. Kelly told a few of the doctors to do the data for the other patients. She looked at the ring on her finger. "Nick i will get you back." She mumbled to herself. She marched forward holding her paper work and getting ready to move to her office. "Hello are you feeling alright." She said in a babyish tone.

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Yasmani | 39 comments Jesse looked up at the lady who was looking down at him, talking to him as if he was some sort of idiot. He put index finger up "First of all, i'm not retarded so you can talk to me like a normal human being" he took a pause to add his middle finger "second of all, how do you think I feel when I trapped here with no F'ing idea why! How would you feel lady" he looked at her with a disgusted look and then looked away.

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"Don't call me a lady, call me Dr. Kelly and you have the rights for the doctors to speak to you like that, your brain is developing still." Jules pointed to his head. "And we have to start small with you." She said kneeling to catch his eyes. "Jesse your life is in state and you cant know why unless you listen." She said sweetly.

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Yasmani | 39 comments He hated how she talked so sweetly and pretended to be good but he just knew she was an evil hag. They all were, why else would they have him trapped her. Nice people don't tend to keep you as a prisoner. "Fine, explain to me why I'm here. One minute I finish a mission that took 3 months to accomplish and I'm celebrating on a yatch with some friends and some..." he stopped right there not wanting to say anything else. Although he did yayo, he was never really proud of it.

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"You just used telepathy with out knowing buddy." She said looking at him through her glasses. "Im not evil I'm wanting to save my husband. He's like you in many ways Jesse." Her voice became darker. "You have no right to not like us if we are recovering your mind. Your using 5% currently so thats why you're here." She said pointing at his brain.

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Yasmani | 39 comments His hand slowly went to his head "My brain? Telepathy?" She sounded crazy, but yet she seemed so sure about it all and when she spoke about her husband Jesse could sense the honesty in her voice. This could all be a show but now he wasn't so sure what was going on at all. He looked at her "How did I get here?"

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"Car crash with my husband." She said showing him pictures off from her clipboard. "You both lost memory that day." She sighed looking at the picture. "Heres your body when they recovered it." She gave him the picture and took it back after he observed. "Well you ended up here after you recovered." She said sadly.

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Yasmani | 39 comments "Car crash with your husband?" Now Jesse was completely confused, he didn't remember an of that. "I don't know who your husband is lady and I was no were near a car last I remember. Last thing I remember, I was on a boat" Jesse was now officially distrustful of her "You know what I think. I think this is all BS. You either have me here for something else that you aren't telling me or your crazy".

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"No I'm not you left the boat at 9:30 pm, drunk and my husband, Nick Kelly was in there with you and an another girl that was killed." She said looking at him sternly. "You need to believe sir but i cant believe a guy like you would devolp powers after being drunk." She gulped and raised her voice. "And making my husband forget about me!" Jules looked him in the eye. "I won't try to be rude but you deserve the medical attention." Jules sighed.

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Yasmani | 39 comments "I'm sorry you think this Dr. Kelley" Jesse looked at her with a sad face "but there is a flaw in your story. I don't drink, never liked it. Never will" his face went from understanding to evil "Now stop lying to me you crazy bitch" he said in a low and feral voice. Jesse went back to that night thinking hard to see what happened. And he remembered he didn't drink like always. He remembered the drugs, they were lots of them but he remembered only doing one line and nothing more. Then his mind went black and he was filled with pain "AHHHH"! Memories flashed through his head, a guy staying after everyone had left. He was pinned against the wall and the guy was kissing his neck but next thing he knew there was gun to his face and then the memory faded.

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"Woah Dr, this guy had a issue." A nurse said. "I know Monixa." Jules looked at him. "He's up." She kneeled closer to him. "Jesse are you okay, you blanked out and your eyes flickered." She said her hand on his shoulder. "You were drunk that night we had the tape from the yaht." She said looking at him scared.

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Yasmani | 39 comments Jesse nodded "Yes, I'm alright. I just had a memory of what happened that night" he sat up and began to tell her what he remembered about the guy and the gun. "I wasn't drunk, but I felt that there was something in my system other than the one line I did. I think I was drugged".

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"Oh my god docter!" Te nurse shrieked. "Leave Monixa, Jesse tell me what happend." She said looking at him scarcely. "Tell me or I will bring guards." She said rubbing his shoulder to make sure he was okay. She was married but she had to do this for patients.

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Yasmani | 39 comments (I'm confused, sorry. I don't understand whats going on)

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(You have to tell dr.Kelly what the you just say))

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((I'm on iPad so it's autocorrecting))

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Yasmani | 39 comments (I think I understand)

Jesse looked at her and at that moment he knew exactly what had happened although he didn't know all the details. "I'm more than positive that I was set up. That someone wants me in here for some reason and found the way to bring me in, through your husband" I touched her hand reassuringly "I'm so sorry. But your husbands accident was no accident. It was intentional and I had nothing to do with it".

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"You don't need to be sorry about Nick, he's fine away from me." She said clutching his hand to him him up. Then Jules heard sniggered. She threw a pen pas them and smirked. "Quiet nurses and nobody tells Nicky." She smirked at them. "Now tell me what the hell you saw." She looked at him writing down everything on her clip board,

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Yasmani | 39 comments (I'm sorry I edited and added something after I posted it because I thought it sounded so good)

"Look,I'm not sure about all the details but I remember being on the boat and everyone left home then some guy who I had never seen before stayed because earlier that night he had spent it all trying to flirt with me. We were kissing and then out of no where I felt hazy and he had a gun to my face". Jesse tried to remember something else but couldn't. "I don't remember anything else. OW"! He said and reached his hand to the back of his shoulder were he had a small little hole "He injected me with something but I didn't notice".

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"He's a infected with full brain capacity." Jules told him going to her laptop and searching his name, "What's his name hun?" She asked in a dark tone. She didn't mean the 'hun' since she was married but typed the sirup. "It gave you these powers and you lost control and went into a car crash with my husband besides you." She sighed and looked at him. "Well Jesse, you just need to collect a lot more brain usage from others if you were 90% but you 5% so your good." She said looking at her screen.

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Yasmani | 39 comments "That's the thing. I think someone put me in that car along side your husband and made us crash. I didn't know your husband and it wasn't his fault or mine. Someone went to a lot of trouble to get this to happen and cover their tracks" I looked at her and could tell she didn't believe me. She still thought I did that to her husband "and they were counting on just this for me to be in here and for you not to believe me".

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"Well okay they injected both you and Nick, you both lost memory and it says here you and Nick were best friends." Jules looked at him closely. "I know you Jesse, Nick always talked about you back home." She said looking back at her screen. "You know how to manipulate anything?" She asked and checked the box labeled telepathy.

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Yasmani | 39 comments "Look, I don't remember him, I don't remember having a friend called Nick. Actually I have no friends" This was becoming very tiring for Jesse. "Do you know what I did for a living?" he asked her but waited for no reply "I was a trained a assassin, do you think I sound like the kind of guy who had friends. Before I was even a trained assassin I was a kid who lived on the streets and did crack cocaine, I repeat do I look like the kind of person who has a friend. Nonetheless one who, by what you say is a nice guy who has a doctor Girlfriend" Jesse spoke quickly and passionately and when he finished he crossed his arms around his chest and looked at her with a serious face.

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"What ever Jesse it had your records here, your a police man." She said looking at him with concern. "Wow full impact was that harsh!" She sighed. Jesse was harder than questioning Nick. She hated this but looked at him. She tried to connect with the 50% of brain usage. She screamed in pain and huffed. "Never mind.."

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Yasmani | 39 comments "A policeman who owns a yacht? That doesn't add up" he sighed giving up on her. "God I think your so brainwashed. They have you good don't they". Jesse walked away from her and back into his corner. He was done trying to convince her and trying to access the past. Done trying to tell her things that she plainly didn't want to hear.

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"No heres the script." She handed it over to him before he walked away. "You were a rich man Jesse not a mental guy." She said looking at him. "Im like you in a way you know." Dr. Kelly looked at him. "Im not just a normal doctor and your not a norma guy, here is the proof, look at your wrist." She looked at her wrist and two hands appeared after it. "Well it look like this and your a weird person like me and my family."

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Yasmani | 39 comments Jesse puts his hand "I give up". He looked threw the script right back at her and looked away. He was done with all of this "You can leave now, LADY" he emphasized lady more than ever to piss her off just as she had done to him. Making him feel crazy, not believing him. Boy was she wrong and boy will she learn she was. Jesse almost felt bad for her.

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"I won't leave you know I'm right and your freaking not, listen to us please or you won't ever vist the outside world again." Jules warned him looking at him with anger. "Im trying to do my best helping you all you know. Im not trying to be a damn crazy woman its not the right to be rude to me at all Jesse." She said her voice rising.

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Yasmani | 39 comments "I'm not saying I believe you at all but" he paused and looked at her "what do I do to get out of this hell hole". More than anything in this world what Jesse wanted was to get out of here and go back to his life although he really had nothing in his life but it sure beat being stuck in here.

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"Stay in the last five labs to treat your powers correctly." Dr. Kelly looked at him. "You need atleast now how to do telepathy and technopathy." She said typing down on the laptop. "You will meet Nick there and many other people once we fix up your mental issues." Dr. Kelly mumbled loudly since she was so annoyed.

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Yasmani | 39 comments Jesse smiled a dashing smile at her "Fine, I'm ready to learn how to use my mobo jombo" he looked at her laptop and focused really hard for about a minute or so and made it shut off. When he looked up she was scowling at him and he just smiled back "Hey, at least I'm trying" he said and turned her computer back on right where she had left off.

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"No thats not how you do it, its like this." She tried to access it once more and succeeded. A green screen filled with data appeared and she moved each icon to its each right then closed it with a swipe. "There your suppose to access a green data computer so you don't have to use it directly."

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Yasmani | 39 comments "I want to use my power one way you another. We each have the right to do whatever we want with it" he rolled his eyes "plus I was only playing and teasing you". He chuckled "Does your husband know you have a stick so far up your ass it has affected your brain as well? God I feel bad for you and more for him" Jesse looked her right in the eyes and said "Maybe that's why he decided to forget you, couldn't deal with you for much longer with out putting a bullet in hi s head" in a deep and mean voice.

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"Guards wrap him up." Dr.Kelly ordered. Guards put a white wrap around him and stood by his side. Dr. Kelly walked straight towards him and pointed at him, "My husband is not to be mention by you, its my fault he forgot about me and its no right for you to effing mess it up!" She sneered. "You think your a good guy aren't you? Hell no you just ruined everything by being drugged and was thrown into a god damn car with Nick? Understand?!" She scolded.

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Yasmani | 39 comments He couldn't believe thing crazy hag she was delusional to the max "For his sake I hope he never remembers you!" Jesse screamed out at her as loud as he could. "That poor guy doesn't deserve you, he deserves better. And I'm sure as hell if he really was my bestfriend I would of told them that a million times"

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Dr. Kelly knew he used false telepathy. "Im not a old hag sir, i don't understand why you seem so uptight. I know everything about you, about your pansexuality and all of that. You cant hide it from me." She said giving him a dark glare. She turned away to go towards her computer. "Dr.Miles!" She shouted knowing she would be around here somewhere.

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Yasmani | 39 comments "Oh honey, now you really are crazy if you think I'm the one whose uptight" he chuckled "have you looked at yourself? Your uptight on meth" Jesse looked at her with a disgusted look.

Dr.Miles walked in her heels clicking on the ground softly as she walked in. Her hair was loose around her shoulder and she was holding a clipboard to her chest which hid the cleavage she had from the dress she was wearing under her lab coat. "What is it Dr. Kelely?" she asked and looked around at the patients.

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"Patient over there, he's the one with Nick in the car crash." She told her pointing at him with her pen. "Kendra he's cussing me out and calling me a hag its your patient i cant deal with him much." Jules sighed and looked at him.

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Yasmani | 39 comments "You know who's fault this is Jules" she set her clipboard down and got closer to Jules so the patients and the nurses would not hear them. "Yours. I told you not to come in here to speak to him. That it would only upset the patient and yourself and what did it do?" She placed her hand on her hip. "Exactly what I told you and now look what happened. You probably set me weeks behind to get this patient operational" she sighed "I'm sorry to say this Jules but... I told you so".

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"Well its was mason who set the bet and i was the creator of this lab Kendra." She smirked. "Well Jesse had a flashback of something heres the scene." She flickered the green data screen and the image played. "This is what happened and theres Nick over there tied up." She said annoyed. "What do you think this stranger is doing Kendra?" She asked looking at her then back at the screen.

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Yasmani | 39 comments Kendra rose her index finger at Dr.Kelley "Do not smirk at me young lady" she smiled a little "You know I hate that". She looked over at the screen and started analyzing things. The guy was well trained he was probably some sort of operative "I don't think hes one of ours. He could be a part of some black ops group. And I'm betting it belongs to the US government and they are trying to destroy everything we worked for".

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((Didn't get the notification))

"Wait, what the hell is he doing?" She asked and zoomed in to his right hand. "Injecting the sirup into him after trying to rape him nice guy." She said saracasticly. Yep Kendra was older but doesnt mean a 21 year-old scientist cant do anything. "Well Jesse said this guy was kissing him in many ways i think which sees the guy that injected him is pansexual but no this cant be right." She put a hand to her mouth.

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Jack interesting

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