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message 1: by Tammie (new)

Tammie Tackett To help lower your GIANT TBR list :)

A year from your start date

You can decide how many of the options you'll do- whether it's all of them or just a few :)

1. Read a book by your favorite author
2. Read a book that is next in a series you already started
3. Read a book that is first in a series you have been meaning to read
4. Read a standalone book you wanted to read
5. Read a most recently published book on your list
6. Read a book that was published 6-9 years ago
7. Read a book with one of your book boyfriends or girlfriends
8. Read a book whose cover is your favorite color or colors (One book per color)
9. Read a book that was published in your birthday month
10. Read a book in your favorite genre. If you have more than one favorite then read a book for each one of your favorite genres
11. Read a book recommended to you
12. Read the first book on your TBR list
13. Read the last book on your TBR list
14. Read the book that has the most pages in it that's on your TBR list
15. Read the shortest book on your TBR list
16. Read a book from the first page of your TBR list
17. Figure out which page is the middle of your list and read a book on that page
18. Read a book on the last page of your TBR list
19. If you have more than one TBR list then read a book from each of your lists
20. Read the book with the highest goodreads rating on your TBR list
21. Read a book on your TBR list with the lowest goodread rating
22. Read a book that has been on your TBR list for:
♦ 2 years
♦ 1 1/2 years
♦ 1 year
♦ 6 months
♦ 3 months
♦ 1 month
♦ Most recently added book
23. Read five books of your choice

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

OMG. I don't read that much, Tammie.

message 3: by Tammie (new)

Tammie Tackett you pick what you want to do

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh. Okay then. Thanks.

message 5: by Tarynn (new)

Tarynn Bundy (vavavamp) sounds like Uber fun Tams however, hehe, I have a small buying addiction. I keep growing my book like because I cant stop buying them. lol any tips to help my bad book addiction?

message 6: by Tammie (new)

Tammie Tackett no i do the same thing to

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