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message 1: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 45 comments Mod
Here you can make your hunter/hunters! Make as many as you like! Just copy-past the info after filling it out! ;)



Appearance (include a link):

Godly parent:

Family (outside the gods):

How she found the hunters/how the hunters found her:

Years as a hunter:



Strongest skill:

Weakest skill:

Fatal flaw:


That's it! Thx guys! And have fun!!

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Name: Ami Handerson

Age: 14

Appearance: [image error]

Godly parent: Hestia sorta

Family: Brother, Garrett, Dad, Hunter

How she found the hunters: ((It's going to be like a story.)(
I sighed, no one was here, it was fine to cry. Yeah, I seem fake, but who cares? I'm here. No need for the Ares cabin to throw me in the middle of nowhere. I sat down and started crying. Why won't anyone understand? Suddenly a arrow wished past my head. I turned around and saw a harpy jump out if the bushes. Sniffling I stood again. "What do you want?" I asked shakily. It glared at me with blood red eyes. Wait, harpies don't have red eyes. Then that means it's, A COCKATRICE! I glanced down at my legs as they quickly turned to stone. No, not now! Two girls hopped out of the brush and looked at eachother. One of them stood between me and the beast. It turned to her and started turning her. But, she seemed calm about it. While I was looking at the girl, the other one killed the beast. I was splashed with a shower of dust. I feel to the ground on numb legs. "Hey," called out one of the girls, "Why are you out here all alone?" I proceeded to tell her my story. The other girl listened quietly, "Would you be interested in Joining the Hunters Of Artemis?"

Years as a hunter: 20

Personality: Ami is shy and soft spoken. She doesn't like attention or being in the limelight. She will get super angry if you pester her enough. And Ami loves animals.

History: Ami was dropped off at an orphanage when she was young. The director of the orphanage took her in but treated her badly. She transferred to another orphanage where she found her dad. He was UN married but wanted kids. When she was 13 she found out about her past. Ami was a demigod, sorta. She was found on mount Olympus in a fireplace. No gods knew where she came from, so they sent her to New York when she was young. Hestia led her to camp and left her a magic flute. When she was claimed by the person who found her, Hestia, the ares cabin went bezerk. They didn't believe she was an actual demigod. They threw Ami out of the camp and into the forest, where she was found by the hunters. She hunted with them, but mostly did medical work.

Strongest Skill: Music and healing.

Weakest skill: Fighting and public speaking.

Fatal flaw: Her hot headed ness.

message 3: by Kara (new)

Kara Jackson (fluffyunicorn) | 16 comments name:Nikki
appearance: long red hair she keeps in a braid.
godly parent: no one knows.though must think is Aphrodite!other think Athena! she has brains and beauty!
family: orphan
she found the hunters while walking through the woods.she had just been attacked by a manticore and was slowly dying from the poison. the hunters agreed to heal her as long a she became a hunter.
she has been with the hunters for about a year.
personality: bubbly,funny,smart,and defensive.
strongest skill: defending friends, music-she loves to sing.
weakest skill:dancing.
fatal flaw: her curiosity.
secret fact: she has a satyr friend named Gordon.

message 4: by Clara (new)

Clara (cmaughan) Name: Maddy


Appearance (include a link):

Godly parent: Athena

Family (outside the gods): None, they all have died

How she found the hunters/how the hunters found her: A monster that the hunters was tracking crossed paths with her. The hunters found her and recognized her as a demigod. They gave her the option of being a hunter or going to Camp Half Blood. She had her fair share of boy trouble. She choose to be a hunter.

Years as a hunter: 15

Personality: Smart, and always has a plan. Maddy is swift to act. Quiet most of the time and alert. When she feels strongly about something, you will be told how she feels.

History: While she was very little, her father re-married. Like most stories, she got the evil step-mother and two step-sisters. Though one step-sister was very kind, you could tell she didn't like her much. Leaving her home at age 6 she used cunning skills to get people to let her do jobs like raking their yard for money. Using her money for food, and clothes, she migrated by an iner feeling she started towards Long Island Sound, on her way their she met her first monster raking some leaves. It scared her after it disintegrated. She ran with the money she had for previous jobs. Still a ways from Camp she ran into a monster the hunters was tracking. It met her by surprise and she wounded it by stabbing its legs, the monster about to kill her was shot and killed by the hunters. She became a hunter at age 10 and was taught to fight. she let her self age to 14 then stayed in that state.

Strongest skill: Not being heard by monsters

Weakest skill: Letting someone mortals tell her what to do.

Fatal flaw: Willingness, she would kill herself to save any good willed person.

Other: You want her on her side. She will be ruthless defending others. Also trust her plans, she explores every possibility before offering a plan.

message 5: by Morgan (last edited May 15, 2015 02:28PM) (new)

Morgan | 45 comments Mod
Name: Kalie

Age: 20

Appearance (include a link):

Godly parent: Hecate

Family (outside the gods): 3 orphaned brothers (two older, one younger)

How she found the hunters/how the hunters found her: After 3 months at the orphanage a snobby blonde turned out to be an empousa, lucky the hunters were nearby and rescued her. Kalie was awed by them and decided to join the next day, leaving her only family behind. She then decided that the only way to get far in life was to be stern and stubborn.

Years as a hunter: 7

Personality: Fierce, startling, unfriendly, prideful

History: (slightly violent) When she was only 3 her father died. Her step-mother had a mental problem, and without her husband, she sometimes got out of control. When Kalie was only 8 her step-mother started hitting her and her brothers. This continued for 4 years until her step-mother took her and her brothers in the middle of the night and sold them as slaves. They were slaves for 3 years until some nuns came into town and saved her and her brothers and brought them to an orphanage.

Strongest skill: Archery

Weakest skill: Controlling the magic & mist

Fatal flaw: Pride

Other: She still has some of the scars on her back where her step-mother hit her

(Sorry this was kinda dark, I just wanted someone with a hard past)

message 6: by Morgan (new)

Morgan | 45 comments Mod
Sorry, I mean after a few years instead of after 3 months! The age with the hunters messes me up! Lol!

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