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I know there was already a thread like this, but it got kind of inactive, so....whether you hated it or loved it, I want to hear!
Personally, I thought it was good, but not good enough to be my favorite. :)

Elizabeth Yeah, I really liked it but, its not my favorite. I will admit, it got me crying at the end and it takes a lot to get me crying over a book. So I did enjoy it throughly.

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Hazel Mae I so love it.

Sarah Chadbourne Normally I wouldn’t consider myself a huge fan of teenage romance novels, but TFIOS was by far more than that. The amount of psychological, physical, and emotional issues addressed in this novel makes it one of a kind; I couldn’t help but suggest it to any friend who was looking for a new book to read. I did see the movie version of the novel and I thought it was absolute perfection. I cried when I read the book, for various reasons, but I cried even more when watching the movie. Everyone involved in the making of the film captured everything I imagined in my head while reading beautifully. I couldn’t have pictured the movie any other way. It says quite a bit about a novel when the movie version is held to higher standards than others in the genre, such as Twilight. In my opinion, John Green, while he may have already had a large following due to his YouTube posts, would still have skyrocketed to the top of the bestseller’s list with this novel. Not only did it capture the hearts of all the love-adoring teenagers in the world, but of many “hardened” adults as well.

I have struggled with depression for a good five years now and this book was an enormous motivation for me to continue working towards a more positive outlook on life. Raevyn, it may not be your favorite but I'm sure glad you enjoyed the read!

Shiah It was a book that kinda made me re think how I live my life and what I value. It was an amazing book and very well written and I think that this book although very highly thought of is under rated. This book is so amazing and although most people have probably heard of it I think it could actually be a lot more. This book is far more then a romance and lovey dovey book.

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