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Who was your favorite character?

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Miranda Moore Even though Henri made me laugh many times, I have to go with the muse herself, Bleu. I loved her seductive character and her bickering with the Colorman. I loved that she could switch bodies and even make one. Honestly, I didn't see her turning out good in the end. I knew she had some sort of special attraction to Lucien that she might not have had for the others. But she seemed so aloof, I didn't think it was love. I'm glad she did though. She was a very interesting and strong character.

One thing I was questioning about her was gender. At one point she does jump into the body of a boy to inspire a homosexual artist. I honestly thought that she might be genderless. The Colorman does point out that she does better with females. Moore also refers to her as a "she" when he is explaining her body jumping rituals.

Lauren Volpone Hmm, tough decision. I'll have to go with Lucien's mother. Her relationship with Lucien and her husband had so many interesting layers to it. I loved every scene with her in it.

The first time I read it, I didn't think Lucien would end up with Bleu, because of her moral ambiguity. She says she is a slave to the Colorman, but will anything really change when she continues with Lucien in his role? They're still going to inspire, exhaust, and ultimately kill the artists (but for Art! So it's okay). I loved her character (I've never seen a Christopher Moore character I didn't like), but the ending surprised me a little.

But then I remembered that she is a muse, and muses are supposed to be morally ambiguous ("although with some fealty to beauty").

Miranda Moore I felt bad for Lucien's father and the sister that died. Lucien's mother was a very interesting character and so hilarious! Also, I love your side note, it's art, so it's okay!

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