Sweet Reckoning (Sweet, #3) Sweet Reckoning question

What happened to Flynn?
Donna Donna Jul 23, 2014 06:12AM
Did I completely miss it when the prophesy was being fulfilled or was he not mentioned, but what happened to Flynn's soul? I would certainly hope that he was one of the souls from Hell to be redeemed and float up to Heaven, but I don't remember reading specifically that he did. Since Anna redeemed all the Neph souls then I would think he got redeemed too. He was such a minor character but I was very sad when he died in Sweet Peril :(

they definitely dont say! and i found myself thinking the same thing. waiting for them to say he went to heaven. i will just assume so because he had to! i mean he died so they could continue the cause. that would just be messed up if he didnt!

me too. i think that he went up to heaven! at least i hope he did!

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