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message 1: by Debbie (last edited Jul 23, 2014 06:07AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Debbie (dhaupt) | 4536 comments Mod
Here you go for anyone who would like to discuss this novel

If you look in the pictures section the first pic up there is of my B&N group who read and discussed the book together. Lisa sent the hats as a thank you!

Have at it.

Sorry about the Thread title, Goodreads only allows 32 characters :)

Debbie (dhaupt) | 4536 comments Mod
Hey guys I have my questions saved from when we discussed this at B&N would you like me to share them with you?

Ang from OZ | 1685 comments That would be great Deb, I haven't finished the book yet, and TarheelGirl is still making her way through it also. So perhaps we'll just discuss the first half of the book?

Debbie (dhaupt) | 4536 comments Mod
I'll post week one's questions then next week I'll post the others
look for the thread :)

Ang from OZ | 1685 comments Great thanks very much Deb.

Karen Laird (shadetreebookreviews) | 228 comments how cool

Ang from OZ | 1685 comments Have you read the book Karen? I hope if so you'll join in as well.

Karen Laird (shadetreebookreviews) | 228 comments I was part of the original book read. we had a blast. I will have to do a quick review.

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