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Who's the best mother: Lily Potter, Molly Weasley or Tonks?
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Each of these characters made sacrifices for their children. Lily and Tonks were mothers briefly but they still loved their sons very much. Who's your favorite? Can you think of anyone else? Teddy-Harry similarities/differences?

I don't know that you can rank them. They were all great mothers.
Lily and Tonks sacrificed themselves for their sons. For Lily it was an instinct and certain death. For Tonks it was sort of indirectly, but also she probably thought it was certain death.
While Molly didn't die, she would have given her life for any of her kids - as illustrated when she took on Bellatrix when she came after Ginny.

Maybe you could say that Molly had the most experience as a mother, but I don't think any one of them is necessarily better than the others. Had Lily and Tonks survived, they probably would have been just as warm and accepting of children who weren't their own the way Molly was.

I aspire to be Molly Weasley. She freaked out quite a bit, but worked with what she had. She knew how to make money stretch, cooked everything from scratch (with the help of a little magic) and literally had just as many adopted kids as she had her own. Everyone was always welcome and never went home hungry. She also kicked some serious ass when she needed to!

For me Lily and Tonks weren't around as mothers long enough to be picked as favourites. Sure, in the time they had they were good mothers and they made sacrifices for their children - but I still have to pick Molly Weasley! :)

Casey I agree.
Sep 15, 2014 03:17AM

Molly, for the reasons Sandra said, plus the fact that as well as caring for and being fiercely protective of her own biological children, she also took in Harry like a son. And I think if she had to make the sacrifice Lily did for Harry, she would have for any of her kids (Harry included).

I would say Molly Weasly because she was always is there for kids and she will protect the ones she loves even though their not her children, like Harry.

Molly, because even though Lily sacrificed herself and gave Harry so much love, Molly was the one who was ALWAYS there for Harry, she didn't cared that Harry wasn't her son, she treated him like it and she is just so cute.


Molly is a bit neurotic but she made the best of things and she did not screw up her children. i think she is the best so far. the other two poor things did not stick around long enough to be a mother for long, but i am sure they would have been great too.

It's rare to compared them. I think that Lily was a great mother, she protect with her life to her little child from the death, and Molly also to but in different way (she still alive and could saw how her childs grown up). My final choice will be Lily..'cause I love her like a character..

Yeah. Mrs. Weasley wouldn't have become Harry's main mother figure if Lily hadn't sacrificed herself. Lily and James were only 21 when they died, 20 when they had Harry and 18 when they married.

Molly Weasley...she absolutely rocks!

Molly, hands down. She was there, and she worked at it.

I think Molly. She might not have done what Lily had but if roles were switched then Molly would have done the same! She has lots of children and loves each and every one of them. Lily and Tonks were both good mothers They were very young moms who died before their sons grew up

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Molly was my favorite because she was stern, loving, and hilarious. We didn't get to really see what Lily would have been like as a mother if she had lived, but her sacrifice clearly shows that she was a good mother. I'd say that Molly is my favorite because I love her character as well as how hard she works to raise her kids well. It's Molly, then Lily, then Tonks for me. I felt that since Lupin was going to the battle, Tonks, having only given birth a matter of months earlier, could have reserved her strength and stayed with Teddy in case something happened to Remus, or at least she would go, and Lupin would stay. I think it would have been in Teddy's best interest for one parent to go and one parent to stay so that what happened didn't.

So, in conclusion, I like Molly the best.

I don't think it is fair to compare Lily and Tonks to Molly. Both barely got to experience motherhood and Molly had seven children.

Molly Weasly

(She actually got to be a mother for more than a year)

Lily because she never really lived to be a mom. XD

Putting Lily and Tonks in a category with Molly doesn't make sense. Mothering babies is different than mothering teens, so we have nothing to compare with Lily and Tonks.

Lily. Because she gave herself up for her child. There is no greater love. Though I am sure if Mrs. Weasley were required she would have died for her children too.

I vote Molly all the way! Yeah, I get that Lily's strong motherly love was able to protect Harry and all that, but Lily never really had a chance to be a mom. Unlike Molly both she and Tonks never raised their children to adulthood, not that if given the choice they wouldn't have, but it was something that neither of them did. Molly raised her children and showered them with love, all of them. She also acted the mother figure for Harry. Go Molly!

Molly is actually the only character we actively have acting in the books as mother. As so many pointed out, she also simply adopted Harry as one of her own - just like that! Simply because he's Ron's friend and because she likes him (and maybe a bit out of pity at first). It also says a lot that her boggart is her children dying in front of her.

My only problem with her character is that she's simply the 'mom' character. Arthur gets the 'ministry' and 'fascination for muggle things' stuff as well as the 'dad' role. So he's actually more complex than her.

Tana Lovegood of Dumbledore's Army✞~ Rogers/America I agree! But she has 2 motherly sides of her, the warm welcoming side and the protective defensive one like when she killed Bellatrix!!
Sep 29, 2014 08:57AM

For what it's worth Lily's love was big enough to leave some sort of vaguely defined protective magic over her child that worked well after she snuffed it right?

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