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Post any of your unfinished characters here. Once they have been approved, delete them from this thread.

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Name: Rose Nightlock

Nickname: Rosie, its just too short

Gender: female

District: 12

Age: 17


She is a flirt meaning she is pretty seductive and makes your her teammate in under a minute of talking.
Hot headed
She gets mad easily when people don't do anything right
She will rebel against the capitol whatever she wants and wouldn't dare try to get caught.
She's got spunk and will do anything to make it right. She will also have a couple mood swings on the way.


Rose was born to a poor family in district 12. Her life wasn't easy sometimes but she decided to work it out. When she was little she always went with her mom and dad to the hub all the time to trade for items that they kill and mine. Rose didn't like it that she wasn't trusted to go out on her own. When she was in her rebellious age at 13, she was reaped but instead another girl volunteered. When she was finally older, she volunteered for a 13 year-old that strangely looked like her. Now she is excited and getting ready for what comes next.

Choice of Weapon:

> Having friends
> Archery
> Doing stuff correctly
> listening
> rock climbing
> Camouflage
> Smaller tributes
> Bigger tributes
> Boys

Interview Angle:
Rose will go sweet and polite to Caeser flickerman just to get the sponsor points. She will try to look unforgettable to try to get the most sponsor points.

Bloodbath Strategy:
Go straight out don't touch the bloodbath at all.


This ring is from her mom and it doesnt have special powers at all.

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sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 39 comments template variation inspired by Baa
[ First Name ] Providence
[ Middle Name ] Bione
[ Last Name ] Atlas
[ Nickname(s) ]

[ Age ] 17
[ Birthday ] April Twenty-First
[ Gender ] Female
[ Sexual Orientation ] Demisexual
[ Relationship Status ] Single
-- -- --
| | |
[ Personality ]
[ Strengths ]

[ Weaknesses ]

[ Likes ]

[ Dislikes ]

[ History ]
[ Family ]

[ Other ]

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