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You can use any template as long as you have the following:










Choice of Weapon:



Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:


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Melanie Woods






She's tough as nails. She doesn't talk much but she's smart. Any strategy, any tough situation, she has it. She isn't the most skilled if we're being honest. But she knows her weaknesses...and theirs. She always works around them and always. always. always. wins.

Both her parents died when she was young. She was always alone. Her parents didn't have enough time to give her a sibling before their demise. A boy a bit older in similar circumstances took her in but they never had much and were both pretty rough around the edges. The other kids scorned them so they promise each other if they ever went into the games they'd win and prove them all wrong. Adam, the boy who raised her, is the only one to see her soft side and the only one she trusts.

He's not technically related to her but Adam, 19 (just barely out of the reapings):

↢{.....↣Choice of Weapon:↢.....}↣

Intelligence, persuasiveness, strategy, silence

anything physical really

↢{.....↣Interview Angle:↢.....}↣
smart, clever, cunning

↢{.....↣Interview Outfit:↢.....}↣

↢{.....↣Chariot Outfit:↢.....}↣

↢{.....↣Bloodbath Strategy:↢.....}↣
Alline with the careers but be the first to split and kill them all. They'd do her dirty work first.

a pen with invisible ink the shines under a black light. She and Adam use it to leave coded notes for each other.

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel)  photo Liesel1_zps14432998.jpg

Name: Liesel Meminger

Nickname: Lee

Gender: Female

District: 10

Age: 12

 photo liesel_zps881ebe56.jpg

Personality: She's shy, but brave enough come a fight. She knows nothing more than street brawls, although she's willing to fight to survive. Them or me, she'll say to herself, and keep quiet, knifing them when she has a chance. She's young, but she's going to live, she needs to.

History: Her mother fled with the two children from the capital, quickly finding them an adoptive home, then fleeing further, pursued by Capital authorities for an unknown reason. Liesel's brother didn't survive the first poor winter and the girl worked hard to help support her new family. She developed an avid desire to read and right, learning from a man who they allowed to live in their basement for a few years, and from her papa. However, he left, and one night, during the final stages of the war, her house was bombed by the capital. She'd been in the basement writing, so she survived, but was shellshocked. Her mama and papa died, along with everyone else on the street, including her best friend, a lemon haired boy named Rudy. She faced adoption by the kind wife of the mayor, and perhaps a final home, but then she was reaped into the games.

Family: Her adopted mother and father, both dead. Brother, dead. Blood father, living somewhere in the capital. Mother, dead, after fleeing to get her daughter away from the Capital and its ideals. Her second adoptive mother: Living, but Liesel was reaped into the games before they could be truly happy.

Choice of Weapon: She has a basic understanding on them all, but not much more than that, enough to ward you off, then run.

Strengths/skills: Running, resolve to survive, thinking of her family.

Weakness(es): Her past, her fears, her own silence.

Interview Angle: Sweet and cute, she has a German accent.

Bloodbath Strategy: Flee, hide, evade. She's the fastest runner of all the children in her district, and she's good at hiding as well, and keeping secrets. She'll last pretty long, but she doesn't want to kill. She'll make a sweet sidekick, as she knows survival tactics from all the books she's read.

A book she's written about her life, surviving the bombs while her family died, only to be reaped once she faced prospective adoption.

 photo Liesel2_zps4a697a33.png

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All above finished tributes are approved

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Ilsa- Is that Liesel from the Book Thief?

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Ilsa (eruaistaniel) Yep!

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Basic

Melanie Franklin Kennard

Mellie, Mel, Lanie

District 8

Date of Birth:
November 17


Face Claim:

Has a tattoo like this on her wrist:


Eye color:

110 lbs


Type of body/build:
Tall, thin, nothing special

Skin tone:

Hair Color, Type, and Hairstyle:
Brown, Long, Straight
Usually wears it in a ponytail

She usually wears light makeup, and without it she looks like:

Without make up, it really wouldn't affect how she looks, she really only uses makeup to make her eyes bolder anyway.


Favorite colors:
Blue, Red, and Pink

Least favorite colors:
Yellow, Grey, Brown

Favorite type of clothes:
Fancy clothes, and dresses

Least favorite clothes:
Casual work clothes

Favorite saying/motto:
“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

Family, Relationships, And History

Mom: Chelsey Kennard, (38)

Relationship with her:
Melanie and her mother are on good terms. They were never best friends or anything, but they didn't hate each other. Melanie does help bring in money, so she usually doesn't get into any trouble. Her mother's arm was caught in a machine and she has not been to work since.

Father: Kevin Kennard, (42)

Relationship with him:
Melanie and her father are slightly close, though they both are always working, so she never really sees him. Otherwise, she and him are on good terms.

Siblings: None.

How does she relate to others?
Melanie is a follower. Simple as that. Yes, she'll sometimes have ideas that a team would use, but otherwise she does what other people tell her to do and nothing else. Usually she gets along with people because she's so obedient.

Is she considered popular/outgoing?
Nope, she'd considered quiet and shy, but more in a slight way. Usually she's just a normal person.

List from best friends to barely friends, Relationship with each
Kelly Weber, Closest Friend

Tiana Garcia, Barely Friends

Patricia Cohen, Barely Friends

Their past/highlights of their past: How has this affected their people skills? How has this affected their appearance? How has this affected their personality and mental wellness? How has this affected their physical health?
At age 10, Melanie started going straight from school to the factory, where she'd work. her family was poor, like most peoples, but they were starting to lose money, as her mother had broken her arm on one of the machines, and can't work. She was continuous abused by the peacekeepers, but continued working to help her family. After these experiences she started putting her faith in fate. She started believing everything happened for a reason. She'd always been quiet, but this made her even more quiet and obedient. It hadn't affected her in a bad way, but more changed what she thought about life, and her way of life.
[image error]
[image error]

Greatest fear:

Basic attitude on life:
She thinks what happens, happens. She's never really happy, but doesn't complain about it. She's just one of those 'meh, it's fine' kind of people.

What would cause her more pain than anything else?:
To have her necklace be taken from her, it's everything.

What would be the most wonderful thing that could happen to her:
She could live the rest of her life, not die, and maybe, somehow, move to the Capitol.

Getting herself up, to where she can live an actual good life

Goals after the Hunger Games?
She wants to try and approve her life, because if she makes it past the Hunger Games, it must be fate telling her she can move up closer to the Capitol and the wonderful president. There's only one fault with the president of course, him continuing the Games. They suck.

Being expected to be a leader, people touching her, people watching her sew.


Greatest source of strength in their personality:
She's a great listener, and although quiet, is great to talk to if you want some support.

Soft spot: Is it obvious to others? If no, how do they hide it?
Wounded People, and her necklace. It's quite obvious if you're hurt, she will repeatedly ask if you're okay. She also clings to the necklace, and would completely give up if she didn't have it.

What needs to happen in order to accept a person as trustworthy and 'all right'?
If you can get her to talk to you, and actually have a conversation, she most likely trusts you. If she allows you to touch her, she considers you a friend.

Biggest vulnerability:
Her district, and her necklace.


Her family, getting to the capitol, living. Again, she believes in fate, and then motivates her that things will change

Sewing, Medical situations, blending in, being quiet, she can also draw very well

Extremely skilled at:
Sewing, Fixing wounds, drawing,

Extremely unskilled at:
Talking, planning, athletic things

Good characteristics:
Quiet, sweet, helpful, obedient

Quiet, timid, dependent, too careful, has no self confidence

Clasping her necklace, nodding in agreement... even if no one's said anything, chewing on her lip

Biggest regret:
Working at the factory,

Biggest accomplishment:
Helping her family

Darkest secret: Does anyone know and if so then who?
She, unlike most people, likes the Capitol. No one knows that.
Her biggest secret is probably that the peacekeepers that come around to collect their new uniforms abuse some of the younger, female, factories workers like Melanie. No one but those who are abused know it.

Self Perception:

5 words she would use to describe self:
Quiet, creative, hardworking, peaceful, normal

What does she consider the best physical characteristic?
Her creativity, being able to create anything out of a material.

What does she consider the worst physical characteristic?:
Her quietness.

How does she thinks others think of her:
Melanie think that people like her because she'll do what they say, and doesn't ask questions.

In The Hunger Games:

Is romance likely?
Whether yes or no, what type of person does she prefer?
Yes. I suppose. A guy who can hold his own weight, but isn't cocky or overconfident.

Is alliances likely?
If so, who would she prefer as an alliance?
Yes. She wouldn't prefer anyone, she'd just want to be chosen, and be safer than alone.

Preferred weapon(s):
Spears, knives

Get into an alliance with people and stay alive as long as you can.


Reaping dress/suit:

Chariot dress:
A lot like this:
But with straps, and fabric swatches instead of the magazine type things...

Interview dress/suit:
Something like this:
or things maybe like this: or, finally, this:
Interview angle:

Is she confident that she will win?If no, then how does she cope with probably dying? If yes, would she change her mind during the hunger games?
No. She thinks she'll be able to at least help people in an alliance and hold it out. She thinks that what happens, happens.

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Natasha ♥ (tashiea) Thanks!

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☾⇜Tʜᴇ Hᴜɴɢᴇʀ Gᴀᴍᴇs⇝☽


☾⇜ Nᴀᴍᴇ ⇝☽ Alexa Brittany Marriot
☾⇜ Nɪᴄᴋɴᴀᴍᴇ⇝☽ Alex, Lexi, Brita,
☾⇜ Aɢᴇ ⇝☽ 17
☾⇜ Gᴇɴᴅᴇʀ ⇝☽ Female
☾⇜ Dɪsᴛʀɪᴄᴛ ⇝☽ One


☾⇜ Aᴘᴘᴇᴀʀᴀɴᴄᴇ ⇝☽

☾⇜ Hᴀɪʀ ⇝☽ Blonde
☾⇜ Eʏᴇs ⇝☽ Crystal Blue
☾⇜ Sᴋɪɴ ⇝☽ Pale
☾⇜ Wᴇɪɢʜᴛ ⇝☽ 125pounds
☾⇜ Hᴇɪɢʜᴛ ⇝☽ 5'8


☾⇜ Pᴇʀsᴏɴᴀʟɪᴛʏ ⇝☽
Alexa is very snobby and stuck up. She has always had whatever she wanted. She isn't very kind, but can be if you're on her good side. Around adults she acts perfect. She is very happy with her life and with her looks. She is a total girly girl and hates mud but loves boys. She is very stubborn and hot headed, and good at holding grudges. She is also very persuasive because of her good looks. Sophia always studied up and did her best to excel in school. Her teachers all love her, and most of the school children admire her while the others think that she is a big show off. Alexa is used to making promises and keeping them...kind of. She keeps a part of them. "Hey, help me and I'll give you some money..." Task completed..."Just kidding, I'm a kidder! She would use her looks and family name to her advantage for not the best reasons. She is also persuasive and knows how to get information out of people. Sophia is very stubborn and doesn't accept help from others. She is independent, and doesn't always listen to other people's ideas. Once she has her mind set on something it's almost impossible to change. Once she says something, she means it and accepts no arguments. Her temper is fiery making her especially hotheaded. Alexa never expanded on her family's secrets. She would get the information she wanted out of other kids, and when they asked her personal questions of her own she would reveal almost nothing. She feels people don't need to know anything about her life but she should know all about them.


☾⇜ Hɪsᴛᴏʀʏ ⇝☽
Alexa has been in the spotlight for as long as she could remember. Her mother was a famous fashion designer who owned the clothing line, Radiance, and her father owned the chain of Marriot restaurants and hotels all across Panem. Since age 1, all she has seen was the life of the rich and famous people that centered around her. Like her siblings, attended the special school most Career kids attend so that they can volunteer in the future. This made her practice her training skills at home constantly even though she was one of the best in the district. She prided herself on that and the fact that she was famous, making her spoiled, stick up, and snobby. Alexa was the target of the rumor mill because of her impressive skill and her family name but she did her best to try to make sure that it didn't get to her head too much. At age 14, her younger sister died from a mysterious illness at the age of 7 that none of the doctors knew about. Her parents sued the hospital and won the case. She herself wasn't all that heartbroken because she detested her younger sister, who seemed to be better than everything Alexa had been at that age. Or so everyone thinks she died that way.


☾⇜ Fᴀᴍɪʟʏ⇝☽
Dad: Jonathan Marriot
Mom: Aubrey Marriot
Younger Sister: Katalina Marriot (Deceased)

☾⇜ Sᴛʀᴇɴɢᴛʜs ⇝☽

✯A natural leader


☾⇜ Wᴇᴀᴋɴᴇssᴇs ⇝☽

✯Hot temper
✯Doesn't listen to others
✯Hates accepting help


☾⇜ Oᴛʜᴇʀ ⇝☽ N/A

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