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Jaya Gulhaugen p. 47 Prudence (age 29) back at home after a day at work: "She put the letter back into its envelope and poured herself a gin and French.(Whatever that is) She always enjoyed getting home in the evening to her pretty little flat with what Jane called its 'rather uncomfortable Regency furniture." When she had finished her drink she went to the kitchen and started to prepare her supper. Although she as alone, it was not a meal to be ashamed of. There was a little garlic in the oily salad and the cheese was nicely ripe. The table was laid with all the proper accompaniments and the coffee which followed the meal was not made out of a tin or bottle." It's never like this when I have dinner alone, but it should be!! Take the time to chop up the garlic! She doesn't say whether she reads while she eats, but I'm assuming not. Can I live up to this high standard? Luckily, usually Chris is already there when I get home, often cooking up something yummy. But still.

Suzy I think "French" is vermouth, so it's a kind of martini.

I agree: I'd like to live up to that high standard!

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