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Amandasaved Ok, So I'm from Philly but I just spent the summer working in NYC. Now I'm back, and I'm wanting some books that actually take place in my home town. It seems like all the books I pick up take place in NYC or California and I'm sick of it!

Have any suggestions? I've looking on amazon and b&n even Borders, but its tough. So far I've found Jennifer Winner and a couple historical things... But no real NOVELS that aren't chic lit or text-booky...

message 2: by stormhawk (last edited Aug 26, 2009 05:39PM) (new)

stormhawk W.E.B. Griffin's police mysteries are set in Philadelphia, and include a very Frank Rizzo-like mayor. Many of the cases will seem familiar if you've lived in the area for a number of years, as he sometimes bases stories on real events.

Badge of Honor Series (Philadelphia Police Department)
Book I, Men in Blue (1988)
Book II, Special Operations (1989)
Book III, The Victim (1991)
Book IV, The Witness (1992)
Book V, The Assassin (1993)
Book VI, The Murderers (1994)
Book VII, The Investigators (1997)
Book VIII, Final Justice (2003)
Book IX, The Traffickers (2009)

R.E. Yantoro is a police officer in Narberth, PA. His novel Brutal Mercies is set in Philadelphia.

William Wharton's novel, Birdy is set in Philadelphia and Upper Darby. The Nicholas Cage/Matthew Modine film based on the novel was filmed in Philadelphia.

While I was searching for more, I found this website that might be helpful ...

Not a mystery ... Myra Goldberg's Bee Season is set in Philadelphia's Suburbs (mainly Montgomery County, around Abington Township, Cheltenham, and Norristown)

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Dana | 11 comments "The Bridge" by Solomon Jones. It's a murder mystery/detective story, set mostly in North Philly.

"Look Again" by Lisa Scottoline is another mystery/thriller. That's set mostly in Narberth, PA

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Amandasaved Awesome guys!

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