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A small Mansion in the middle of a secluded forest lives several vampires out to kill the Vampire King.

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Janice strummed her fingers on the old window, leaving finger prints in the dust and mildew.

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Liam stumbled upon Janice "Oh... hey." hey said quietly.

Dawn was in her room plotting out where the Vampire king could be next.

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Janice turned to Liam, with a look of disguist on her face, only shortly before he had come she had seen something that she wished she could be doing herself. ((nothing perverted you pervs. talking about drinking human blood. lolz)) Her face insantly softened, "Hi... how are you this morning?"

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Phoenix was walking through the forest, he was the last surviver of his army, he had tryed to fight the vampire king and lost, he had big cuts all over. He walked and walked, he finaly fell to the ground infront of a Mansion in the woods.

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Janice heard Phoenix collapse outside, then looked out the window, "Oh god." She ran out the mansion and kneeled next to her; "Hey you, can you hear me?"

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[[sorry, computer frozze on me. And I was planing on haveing Poenix be a new vampire, but what ever:]]
"I'm fine," He said trying to stand, "My whole army was just wiped out, and the vampire king still lives, pluse I'm almost dead, besides that I'm fine," he said.

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((oh sorry, I changed it))

"The vampire king??? You encountered the vampire king??? where's he???" Janice helped him stand, "Well... let's answer that in a bit... I should get you inside, don't worry... we're all vampires like you."

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Dawn stepped out, "Bring him in." she said softly.

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"Okay." Janice helped him inside, and put him down on the couch; "Does he need blood?"

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"Yeah, I have a small supply in here."

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"Where is it, I'll get it... you stay here with him."

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"Back room." She responded quickly. "Hold on?"

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Vaan was walking through the woods and smelled the vampire blood. He was pretty thirsty so he followed the smell to a Mansion. He snuck up silently and scaled the side of the house. He crept along the roof scoping the place out.

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Janice ran upstairs to the back room, as she was digging through she heard someone on the roof. She opened the window and stuck her head out the window, "Who's there?" She smelled vampire blood.

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"No one." Vaan said casualy.

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Janice growled and jumped to the roof, looking at Van, "What are you doing here?"

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"Nothing just sitting. I might ask you the same question." Vaan said.

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"Are you going to come inside or just sit out here? You look like you're up to no good." She moved to Vaan and got close to his face, snarling.

((is he good or bad?))

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Vaan snapped his teeth at her, "I wouldn't get too close. I love vampire blood and I'm pretty thirsty."

((neutral just likes to drink vamp blood))

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"Oooo I'm scared, like you could ever bite me." Janice laughed, and stood up straight.

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Dawn was becoming impatient

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Vaan appeared behind her holding her arms and had his teeth at her neck, "What was that you were saying?" he said laughing.

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"Go ahead, bite me then... you'll be dead before you can even take your first drink."

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Dawn went up to see what was taking so long. She heard a commotion on the roof. She appeared up there "What going on-" she paused suddenly, "Who are you?!"

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Vaan let her go, "Don't worry I wouldn't hurt you. Your too pretty."

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Janice rolled her eyes, "I think you need to go for a little trip..." She grabbed Vaan and dragged him to the edge of the mansion, "You ready to fall?" she whispered in his ear.

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"Yep, are you?" Vaan asked as he wrapped his arms around her and leaned back falling off the mansion and bringing her with him.

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Dawn starred and ran to the edge.

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Janice screamed and kicked Vaan, "What are you doing?!"

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Vaan smiled and flipped back. He landed on his feet with Janice in his arms, "I told you not to worry."

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Janice shook slightly still in shock, "Are you insane?!"

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"A little." Vaan said laughing.

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Dawn sighed and went back inside.

Liam walked outside to see Janice in Vaans arms. His eyes widened, "Oh sorry to interrupt." he turned the other way and went up to his room "Stupid!" he laid on his back


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Janice took a step away from him, "Stay away from me!" She ran inside after Liam, "Liam, wait!"

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His door was cracked open and Liam was playing his iPod loudly.

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"Liam!" Janice opened the door, and stayed in the doorframe, afraid to move inside. "Liam?"

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Vaan laughed and walked around to the front door, "May I come in?" he asked sticking his head in the doorway.

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"Haven't you done enough?!" She moved back to Vaan, moving just an inh from his face.

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Liam got up to get water and saw Janice so close to the new kid. He rushed to the kitchen.

[[Wrong Place Wrong time lol:]]

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"I didn't mean any harm. I was just having a little fun." Vaan said.

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"Well you caused it... why don't you just leave?"

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"Cause I don't want to." Vaan said.

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Janice sighed, "Do whatever you want..." She turned to go to the kitchen to go after Liam. "Liam? Can we talk?"

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Liam turned and smiled like nothing happened, "Sure, what is it?"

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Vaan entered and started looking around.

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"Liam, that vampire and I weren't doing anything... he had been sneaking around on the roof so I went to check it out... then we both fell off the roof."

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"It's okay, You don't have to explain anything." he said quietly

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Vaan sat on a couch and put his feet up and leaned back.

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((once again are all of your characters quiet?))

"Really? Great." She moved out of the kitchen, and froze when she saw Vaan. "You're still here?"

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