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Everyone is living in the vibrant city of chicago. Where theres Art, Lights and always Romance.

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Isabelle woke up with a start as a car alarm went off near her apartment. She sighed and sat up.

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She grabbed her jacket and looked at the clock, 6AM. She walked out the door and headed to her favorite coffee shop, Cafe Chicago. She stepped in and the fresh smell of cookies and coffee bean took over. She walked up to the counter and grabbed a plan donught and a mocha latte. She paid and sat in her normal corner table.

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James put the money in the cash register, then watched Isabelle sit down; he sighed, then moved to clean up the freezer again.

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[[STALKER lol jkjk:]]

Isabelle pulled out her notebook and began to write more poetry. There was a huge poetry slam tonight and for once she was entering.

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((gee, thanks))

If he didn't get this cleaned out in time for tonight, he would be fired; and James couldn't afford to loose another job.

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She finally finished what would be her showcase poem, she shut her book and sipped her Mocha.

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"Finally..." James turned around, and cursed under his breath; the door had shut on him. He moved to the door and shook the handle, it didn't budge, he was locked in. James peered out the window, he was the only one woking there, "HELP!" He shouted banging on the door.

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Isabelle looked up at the sound of the noise. No one else seemed to notice. She stood up and looked for the sorce. It was coming from behind a large metal door next to the counter. She reached over and pushed the handle down.

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James fell out of the freezer as she pulled the door open, he hit the ground shaking with coldness. He tried to smile at her, "Th.... thanks......" He chattered.

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"No problem." she raised an eyebrow and headed back to her table

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James poured a coffee and handed it to her, "H... here...."

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She looked up, "Whats this for?" she asked softly.

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((both your characters talk so softly))

"O... opening..... the d..door."

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[[Lmao, habit:]]

She smiled and took, "I think your the one who needs a hot coffee."

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"I... I'm fine..... can't drink.... on work....."

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"I won't tell." she whispered.

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"Can.... I.. have a... sip then?"

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"Of course." She handed him the cup

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She smiled as he took it from her

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"Th... thanks...." He took a sip, his hands shaking terribly.

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Isabelle smiled, "Is that a little better?" she asked

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"V... very...... thank you....."

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She looked at him and held out her hand, "Call me Isa."

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"J.. James." He took her hand in his very cold one, then he looked at the papers; "Are... you entering the poetry thing tonight?"

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"HUh?" she looked down, "Uh. Oh yeah. I've always been to nervous to try but this year I'm determined"

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"Do you mind if I hear it?" James looked to make sure no costumers were at the counter, then sat down.

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She sat down, "Uh... sure."

She opened her notebook,

"She hides her pain from the world
She is stuck behind a mask
as she cries herself to sleep
she dreams her horrid past"

Isa began

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"That's really sad... is this poem about you?"

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She looked up, "UH no." she lied. "I'll be reading the rest tonight."

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"Okay..." He looked at her, "Are you SURE it's not about you?" He paused, debating on telling her this next part, "Because I went through the same thing..." He reluctantly pulled up his shirt sleeve to reveal an old deep scar on his wrist where he had attempted to kill himself two years ago. "If you want to talk..." He pulled a napkin from the dispensor then pulled out a pen and wrote down his cell phone number.

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She smiled and took the napkin, "How about we go out sometime...."

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"That also sounds good to me... what do you like to do?"

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"I love seeing the musicals over n main street."

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"Me too... how about we go tommorow night?"

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"Sure." she smiled, "I can meet you here."

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"Great... I get off at seven, how about you meet me then?"

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"Sure." she said softly.

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"Sounds great... oh the poetry thing is about to start... better get ready..."

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"Oh, yeah." she got up and walked over.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 12 comments Kina walked around alone, as usual.

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IsaBelle read her poem, It was riviting and heart wrencing. A loud applause erupted over the room as Isa walked off stage.

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