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The Echo Deserts

A large sandy desert affiliated with war. This is Kolechias Man Warground. Perfect for Rifle and Gunning missions.

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Blaze ran lightly, making as little noise as possible. There was no camouflage other than the orange sand beneath her, so she was wearing clothes to match it. The black glass of her sunglasses stood out the most and were the only thing, other than her weapons, that people might spot about her. She cursed being blind quietly under her breath.

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Iris trampled across the desert with a smile and closed eyes. She was wearing her usual tan shorts with her blue button down shirt and white undershirt. She heard someone coming near her as she hid under the sand.

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Blaze sighed and slumped her shoulders from the heat. If anyone is out there, they better not be watching she thought. She took off her shirt and whipped out a blue tank top with a yellow lightning bolt pattern which she slipped on and then took off her trousers and swapped them for denim shorts. She swung her uniform on her finger and carried on walking with her pistols in her pockets.

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Iris jumped up from the sand in front of Blaze. She screamed as she started to laugh.

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Blaze stared with an unimpressed expression on her face. She drew her pistols from her pockets. "Let's get this over with..." She yawned.

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Iris sighed as she pulled her pistol out. "Are you sure you want to go this way. I wasn't planning to kill you, but if you are trying to kill me I guess I'll consider it." She said as she smiled.

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"I think you'll find it's the opposite. When you jump out on a person in a war, it usually means it's a sneak attack, not like you could surprise me anyway." Blaze raised her eyebrow and lowered her gun slightly. "If you aren't going to try and kill me, then I'm not your enemy as far as I know."

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"Well I guess we're on the same page." Iris said as she lowered her gun. "Hi, I'm Iris." She said as she put her hand out.

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"Blaze, nice to meet ya." Blaze lowered her gun fully and shook Iris' hand.

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"So what are you doing far out here in the desert?" Iris asked as she took off her blue button down shirt, revealing her white tank top.

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"Apparently there's this massive missile firing system buried somewhere and of course I got sent out here to find it" Blaze rolled her eyes "no one takes into account wether I actually WANT to look for an ancient missile system! But anyway, what about you?"

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"Well you don't HAVE to." Iris said looking at her.

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"Yeah! Your right!" She grinned "I like you! Your really nice!"

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Iris smiled. "Hey we can stick together." She said as she put an arm around her.

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"Sure! BFFs!" Blaze's grin got wider.

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"Yep." Iris said as she smiled. "We can take on anything!" She shouted through the desert.

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"Anythiiiinggg!" Blaze sang with her hand in front of her.

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Iris giggled as she looked at her new best friend. "You hear that world there's nothing we can't do together!" She shouted pumping her fist in the air.

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"YEEEEAAAAH!" Blaze yelled with both fists in the air.

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Iris looked around the desert and noticed that they didn't have anywhere to sleep. "So where are we gonna stay?" She asked her with a smile.

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"Well the angel on my shoulder is telling me to stay by an oasis." Blaze thought out loud. "And I hardly ever listen to the devil. So lets find water!"

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"Haha! Okay." She said as she put her arm around her bestie and started walking with her.

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"Blegh! Do you have any water? Mine ran out ages ago." Blaze laughed nervously (I gtg now goodnight!)

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Iris looked at her. "Of course anything for my bestie." She said rummaging through her backpack.

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((You woke?))

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