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Name ||

Actual Age ||

Appeared Age ||

Personality ||

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Name || Janice

Actual Age || 108

Appeared Age || 21

Personality || tba

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Name || Dawn

Actual Age || 187

Appeared Age || 22

Personality || Kind, soft, gentle.

Other || Her brother is Liam and them two own the mansion and opened it to other vampires.

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Name || Liam

Actual Age || 187

Appeared Age || 22

Personality || Secluded and mysterious, Shy.

Other || Him and Dawn are actually twins

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do you like the color purple?

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My Favorite color! How'd you know :P

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hmm, I wonder!

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[image error]

Name || Phoenix black

Actual Age || 350

Appeared Age || 25

Personality || trys to make othersd happy, even if he gets hurt in the act of doing it.

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Very Nice, I got to go, be back at like 8:30 - 9pm

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love the pic!

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you talking about mine, because if you are, then thanx.

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yeah yours, and yw... wanna rp?

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I was just about to post something in the rp.

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cool, I'll wait... ladedada.

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Name || Vaan Liadon

Actual Age || 256

Appeared Age || 24

Personality || not sure yet

Other || Hunts vampires and feeds off their blood

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changed pic

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VERRY nice >.<

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eeksters nice.

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evangeline (EvangelineRose) Heyy there. (:

Name: Bonnie La'Heart

Actual Age: 45

Appearance Age: 17

Personality: Social, can be stuck up, defensive, supportive, you could trust her with your life, loving, and other stuff. (:

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welcome.... they these pics kinda look the same (I mean the one in HS), is that you?

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evangeline (EvangelineRose) The one in highschool is me but not this one.

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oh, I like the one in highschool, you're really pretty.

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evangeline (EvangelineRose) Awe thanks. (:

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Fwit [image error]
Actual age:238
Appearance age:10
Personality:happy, can be vicious, likes awkward moments

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[image error]

Name || Z

Actual Age || 106

Appeared Age ||24

Personality ||tricky,strong,smart,cunning,sly,not trusting

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the picture doesn't work for me, does it for anyone else?

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Which picture?

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evangeline (EvangelineRose) They all work for me...

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okay, now "Z"'s pic works... I guess my comp was messing up.

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Name || Sam

Actual Age || 120

Gender || Male

Appeared Age || 19

Personality || In all depends on who he is with

Name || Danyal ((everyone calls her De))

Actual Age || 20

Appeared Age || 10

Personality || Shy and sweet

Other|| Sam is her brother

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