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A.F. (scribe77) | 369 comments Mod
Your Western Daisy Chain (Continue the Adventure) Story.
The Story Begins March 23rd...

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Richard White (richardwhite) | 9 comments The gravel under his feet crunched, as he walked to the barn. He looked to the horizon for an eagle, or something to catch his eye to say good morning to him.
It was never just the fact of a ranch and vast open land that he loved about being a cowboy and a rancher, it was the beauty in the land, the freedom for miles on his family 5000 acre spread. It was the wildlife and the danger. Since he was a kid his idea of fun, was never a video game. Chasing wolves off of the property, or healing a dying eagle with broken wings. The pure outdoors and the freedom, is what drew him in, and that is what made him love mornings like these.

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