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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments ((Yeehoo! The first one!! But not for long!))

Nami stood stark white naked in the middle of the darkened street. She looked around, but no one was around. A small smile lit her face and she started to walk off down the street, carefully taking a step forward and testing her capsules legs. Her wings had vanished and she huffed at the thought of no wings yet again and after she had just gotten them.
She continued down the street, looking over her shoulder and ahead again, gawking in astonishment as to the human do-hickeys all along the street. A large sign hung above abandoned shops and stores, foreclosure posters in the front windows. Nami walked up to the window, wiping her index finger through a thick coat of dust and mud that had accumulated over the days and years of the buildings position. A peculiar 'hmm' vibrated from her throat as she dipped her finger passed her lips and sucked on her finger.
She keeled over in gasps and chokes as she tried to spit up the taste. "Ugh! How can humans eat this!" She wiped her mouth and started to walk again, looking at the dead shrubbery that once was green and inviting but now looked as good as a bramble blowing in the wind from an old western movie.

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Kitiara | 96 comments Sitting at a bus stop no longer visited and sipping at a coffee, Leone watches the curious nude figure taste dirt. She must be new, he thinks to himself as she explores, why else would she act so irrationally? He raises his wrist to his face and checks his illuminated watch. 10:26 pm. For his first assignment, this one was particularly boring. He was supposed to sit here and wait for some pompous Demon Lord and show him around the city.
"I'm no steward," Leone sniffs, "there are much better things I could be doing." He looks up at the naked ditz of a girl.
"She'll have to do to pass the time," Leone finishes his coffee and approaches the pale girl.

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments Nami picked up a rock off the ground, blue hair flowing around her as she pulled the pebble to her nose. She sniffed, and looked at it curiously. "This must be what the humans eat called 'hard candy'." She smiles and shrugs, throwing the piece of gravel into her mouth. Her face contorted with pure shock and accidentally swallowed. Her eyes go wide and she releases an innocent whimper as her hands come up to clutch her throat. "That was... I'm not sure." She looked down at the ground. She gave a shudder and swung her eyes over the street lamps and benches lining the street on the sidewalk. She skips up and plops down on one and folds her legs looking around, smiling like the sun, blue hair polling around her shoulders and body.

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Kitiara | 96 comments Leone holds back a chuckle at the girl's stupidity. He walks up to the bench she sits at while fumbling in his pocket for that butterscotch he nabbed from the coffee stand. Finally grasping the hard candy, he pulls it from his pocket and clears his throat for the girl's attention.
"Perhaps THIS will be more to your tastes," Leone purrs as he hold out the candy to her. He made sure to unwrap it before offering it so she would not make the mistake of eating the wrapper.

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments She looks up at Leone, tilting her head. An eyebrow rose before she held out her hands in a cup awaiting the candy. She put the candy in her mouth a little hesitant, but placed it there in her mouth. Her eyes lit up with joy as butterscotch flavoring filled her mouth. "MMM!" She jumped up and hugged Leone, hands slipping around his waist and squeezing tight. "Thank you! It tastes lovely!" She released him and stood back, a smile mingling on her face. "I'm Nami!" She said gleefully, no sign of the candy which most likely meant she swallowed it whole.

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Kitiara | 96 comments Still in shock from being touched, Leone mentally curses himself for not expecting such a gleeful outburst.
"Leone," he replies, regaining his composure,"If i might ask, why have you no clothes?" he can't help but question, already suspecting the answer.

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments "Clothes? What are those? Is that the stuff human cover themselves with?" She looked up at Leone with that enigmatic face again, as if she was presented with an apple and told it was a lemon.

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Kitiara | 96 comments Leone tries not to choke at her response, but fails miserably, "Yes they are, and it's quite a taboo not to wear any," he can't help but to look her up and down,"Humans find 'no-clothes-in-public' to be quite undesirable."

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments She gave a little 'oh!' before looking down at herself, a sweet cherry pink flushed her cheeks as brought her arms around her chest, binding her breasts, and squeezing her thighs together, trying to get rid of the sudden uncomfortable feeling. "Hai! Can you help be find these...clothes, Leone?" She muffled, not being able to look up at him.

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Kitiara | 96 comments What sudden change in behavior, he thinks. Leone considers the possible repercussions of helping an Angel, and decides that the laughs will be worth the punishment.
"I suppose, but in the mean time, put this on," he takes off his black jean jacket and offers it to her.
It should be large enough on her to cover the important parts, he reasons.

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments She looks at it strangely, not sure how to were this garment. With his help, she slipped into the jacket, zipping and snapping all the buttons together. She looked down, seeing that it came to mid-thigh on her she looked up at Leone and laughed. "Heehee! It fits!" She leaned over and touched her toes so fast and fluidly that it caused the back of the fabric to ripple up to the small of her back. She looked around her legs at the side of her butt. Nami jumped up, fixing the jacket, entire face red as she continued to pull at the hem of the garment to keep it from riding up. "Eh..Gomen, gomen!" She whispered, afraid to look at him again, cheeks and neck now a scarlet because she knew that she had just flashed him.

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Kitiara | 96 comments Really? He asks himself, you've lowered yourself to helping this....there's no word for it.
"Try not to do that again, especially with humans around" Leone says sternly, you could get yourself in a lot of trouble doing that." He turns away from her and starts down the sidewalk, "Come on, it shouldn't take that long to find you something decent to wear."

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments She smiles up at him, skipping behind. Nami grabs his sleeve when she caught up, not pulling on it, just holding on it as they walk down the sidewalk, every block getting more and more livelier. Nami gazed up at the neon signs and glittering windows in awe, the lights reflecting in her eyes. She looked up at Leone, her mouth in a little 'o' as they walked down the boulevard. Hardly anyone saw or noticed them, as most of the scene was very similar: Men in suits or top-of-the-line apparel and girls walking next to them or hanging off their arms.
Nami didn't seem to notice the people around her, just looking at every sign and window. "Why do humans use such harmful things as bright lights to attract their kind?" She leaned into his arm as the pass a particularly bright cathouse, with a large arrowed sign reading: Pussy-XXX in pink neon and a thin woman dressed in a skimpy pink kitty suit, fitted with nose, ears, and tail, leaning against the sign above the door.

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miranda saw nami. she rushed over and poofed some cloths on her. "nami!" "have some angle food!" she looked at leone in shock. then regained her dignety,"im miranda." she looked fondly at nami,"oh nami,"she said shaking her hair and kissed her on the cheek.c(( can nami and miranda be sisters?))

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments ((O.o...Sure. But you read her pro right?))
"Miranda? Keeya!" She releases Leone and hugs Miranda tight around the waist, squeezing tightly. She pulls back, blinking. Excitment illuminates her eyes and she leans back to Leone, holding onto his sleeve again. "Hai! Miranda, this is Leone! He helped me! He's very kind and sweet! And was taking me now to get clothes! What are you doing?" Nami looked at her, confused to her location and not what she was actually doing.

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((no)) miranda covered nami with kisses. she looked like she was about to burst from happiness. "thank you for finding her, how can i ever repay you?" miranda kissed leone on the cheek, then looked at nami with such passion.

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments ((You go read it so you know who she is...and you'll know why she was in the street))
"But Miranda, I'm-I'm..new. Remember. And what's a bed? I just got my wings a week ago! And Leone wanted to take me shopping!" Nami looked confused, stepping slightly behind Leone and clutching his sleeve tighter.

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miranda sighed."u have a lot to learn." ((kay, ill edit))

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments ((Thanks. And we're not fast RPers. We like the story to gradually move. So yeah...Sorry..But I need to wait for my sister to wake up. She's playing Leone, so obviously we can't move forward yet))

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((whos ur sister?))

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Athena ((Can I join???))

message 22: by Jordyn (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments ((Go ahead Greek Goddess. And my sister is playing Leone. Its unfair for her to be asleep while we're moving the story along...))

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Athena ((When she gonna get up??))

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments ((We already ate breakfast and she is getting on now))

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Kitiara | 96 comments Leone's silence this whole time was due to his confusion about the sudden outburst from this other girl, especially the kiss on the cheek. He shakes himself from his shock and looks down at Nami.
"This girl obviously knows you, so why don't you go with her and get to know the world that way?" he suggests, trying to riggle his arm free of Nami's grasp.
Being caught with one fledgling Angle would've been funny, Leone considers, but with two is far too much punishment for my tastes.
"Besides, I have an errand I need to run," Leone flashes a smile at the Angels. I need to get out of here before I'm caught, he worries.

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments "EH!" She shakes her head and grabs Leone's arm in a death grip. "Please don't leave. I don't know where I'm going.. I was sent to find someone, but I don't know who! Please please please please please please!!!" She lowers her head, shoulders quivering. "That pebble you gave me earlier was scrumptious. And I want more!" She looked up at Leone with tears in her eyes, gently shaking his arm, body still trembling.

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Kitiara | 96 comments "That's because the other things you were eating weren't food!" Leone growls, feeling his temper rise in the urgency of the moment, "and it's not a pebble, it's butterscotch!" He starts to try to pry Nami's hand off his arm.
"And for all you know, this Miranda is who you're supposed to meet," he nods towards her,"now, I really need to get going."
This is really bad, he thinks as his eyes start to dart around for any other demons.

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments "Butterscotch?" She looked confused. "Butterscotch." She tried the word again. "Hai! But- But I want to come with you! I think you were my mission! Please!" She looks at him with dazzlingly clear eyes, crystal white orbs looking up at him from his side in nothing but his jacket.

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Kitiara | 96 comments "No, i can guarantee you I was not your mission, or I would've been informed," he assures,"And trust me, if you knew where i was going, you wouldn't want to come with me." Leone scans the people walking by them for any possible demons, "I REALLY need to get back to my job, Nami, so why don't you go with this Miranda and find some clothes," he gives Nami an uneasy smile, "Don't worry, we'll meet again when you return my coat, okay?"

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments "No. I will come with you. I know I will meet Miranda later. But in the mean time I can come with you." She stepped back, a stubborn look now on her face. "And anyway, I'm going to follow you no matter what!" She crosses her arms, causing the jacket to ride up hips a little, but Nami didn't notice.

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Athena Red walked around looking for something to do. She ran into a amn. She was in her human form at the moment. Anyway she ran into his and noticed he was a demon. She noticed he was atlking to an Angel. "Sorry about that." she said before walking on. She changed into her demon self for a moment then her human form and kept walking.

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((can i join?))

message 33: by Athena (new)

Athena ((Idk. Ask...um...Jordyn))

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments ((I is here!!! And no you can't join...if you get my sarcasm...XD Oh course you can!! What you think it is illegal?!))

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((haha thanks))

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Athena ((Is your sister on??))

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments ((cough cough...anyway))

Nami gave Leone her look of pure persuasion, concentrating on one think: to continue on walking with him. She didn't even notice the woman pass as she had her eyes screwed shut in heavy concentration.

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Athena Red turned arouns feeling the magis. "That's some strong stuff. For a new Angel." she said turnng around and stopping.

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Jade walked along in his human form with a leather jacket on.

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Athena ((Is Jade a demon? Oh he's the fallen angel.....?))

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Kitiara | 96 comments Leone's attention is caught by the woman with the red hair. Please god don't let her report me, he thinks, staring after her. In the attempt to make it look like he was simply passing the angel by, he turns to Nami with the plan to do the first cruel thing that comes to his mind.
Seeing the angel concentrating hard, he suddenly feels reluctant to leave her.
"Perhaps for another 10 minutes," he utters for only Nami to hear, once again glancing at the red-head.

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Athena Red chuckled. She started walking away again curious as to what the other demon will do next.

message 44: by Kitiara (new)

Kitiara | 96 comments Leone sighs in relief when he notices the red-head turn away

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Jade continued to walk

message 46: by Athena (new)

Athena Red smiled and switched forms again. She turned her head and smiled evily just to....aggriovate him then turned human and kept walking.

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Athena ((Hello. sorry.))

Red sighed in bordom and walked right by someone who wasn't human.

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Jordyn (sessykai) | 105 comments ((okay))

Nami looked up, still only in a jean jacket and smiled lovingly. "Hai! Where were you going before?" She looks around now, sensing something...different. There was a strong smell of demon, a smokey smell - as if meat had been cooked for too long on too high of heat with too much spice. Suddenly the thought caused a strange reaction to Nami's stomach; a loud GROWL spread to everyone's ears. Nami's eyes pop out of their sockets as she swings her head around in rising alarm. "Keeya! What's that! It hurts! That sound is causing my tummy to be in pain!! Leo~~~ne!"

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Jade was staring at the ground as he walked, deep in thought and didn't realize it until he walked right into someone. "Oh!" he said surprised looking up "Excuse me, I'm very sorry."

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