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Alex Because the one word story (I think I made that one up) annoys me. Post anything from a sentence to a novel, but you have to make it up yourself. You can use characters and settings from books or movies, you just can't copy things from books unless the character is quoting something. You are allowed to randomly change the plot by randomly saying something like, "Alice suddenly woke up. What a strange dream!"

Little Miss Curious was walking around town when suddenly she fell through the ground and through a bunch of layers showing all the other characters she had never met - Mr. Happy, Mr. Sad, Miss Bossy, and many more. Finally she fell to the ground and discovered she was three-dimensional(sp?) and on a planet called Earth. How she knew that, she did not know. People walking around on the busy sidewalk pointed at her and laughed. She felt sad. Little Miss Curious (Little Miss Library) by Roger Hargreaves ((this is the cover of her book, so you have an idea of what she looks like.))

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 256 comments One person in particular stopped to get a better look. "What a strange costume!" He exclaimed.

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★Maeden★ (her_randomness) | 79 comments "Thanks!" she replied. "I got it at BuzzlebeeMart. I just hate BuzzlebeeMart, don't you?"

((BuzzlebeeMart is like Walmart, only much worse.))

message 4: by Alex (new)

Alex ((Oh. We don't shop at Walmart unless we absolutely have to.))

"Um... I really wouldn't know," he replied, as Little Miss Curious began to turn into a normal person.
"That's rather magical," he said. "What is?" she looked down and screamed. "What happened to me! I'm so ugly!" although the person thought she looked perfectly normal.

message 5: by ESTHER *I Hate Being Bipolar, It's Awesome!*, RANDOMNESS dont avoid it embrace it!!!!!!!!!!!! (new)

ESTHER *I Hate Being Bipolar, It's Awesome!* (essie7198) | 911 comments Mod
((can you go to couting!!!!!!!!! they got out of the negatives!!!))

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 256 comments The man frowned. "I think you look pretty normal. Now. How did you get that costume to do that?"

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★Maeden★ (her_randomness) | 79 comments "I don't know! I've never done that before!"

((Neither do we. I've never been to a walmart. they ruin the local economy.))

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Alex ((I heard they told their workers who to vote for... I know my dad went recently to get canning jars from them but we needed them and they were less expensive there. And we kind of needed the less expensive price.))

"Oh well." The man was really rather young, only about 17 years old.

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 256 comments "So what's your name?" He inquired. Little Miss Curious giggled. "I'm Little Miss Curious. What's your name?" She asked, curious as always. The man laughed.

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