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Raven-Stephanie Ellis its amazing
the series is the best series i have ever read!
Derek Landy

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Skulduggery Pleasant books are the only books i have ever read in my entire life. Cross my heart and hope to die.
Well you dont have a heart and you are already dead!
Derek Landy I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!

Sporty No1 these books are filled with action and magic of differnt kinds what more could you ask for?

Zulaikah Read a sample for Skulduggery Pleasant Death Bringer (book 6)


Leon I LOVE SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT BOOKS!!! >.< I need the other books.. :3

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Red The new one Just came out!!! :D soooo fucking happy

Skullduggery Plesant is the best ever

message 8: by Red (new) - rated it 5 stars

Red I know right!!!

hunger games and K POP LAVA!!!! yeah I LIKE HIM TOOOO d:)

Kellan Actually love this books soo much, evan though i have only read 3 out of the 6 Skulduggery books i currently own (prays for more) :P but i have very much enjoyed them and can't wait to get into the next book and see what adventures and dangers Skulduggery and Valerie get upto :D
Derek Landy is a very talented athor and should keep the series alive, It will be a sad day when Skulduggery comes to a end!!! :D

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Leon I love Skulduggery Pleasant. The book is the best book in the world. I wish I had all the books in my house... :3

Kellan you need to get them xD
how many of them do you own so far?

message 13: by Jess (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess oh pls oh pls oh pls don't end!!! lov the books, ALOT, even had a skulduggery part (recomend it! Fun!) bout to read Death Bringer and KEEN!!!

Kellan ahh i brought death bringer on the weekend :D still need to read dark days and mortal coil 1st tho D: im soo far behind on them haha

message 15: by Jess (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jess Must read!!! they r sooooo good! Enjoy! I loved them sooo much!!!

Kellan Jess wrote: "Must read!!! they r sooooo good! Enjoy! I loved them sooo much!!!"

I deffinatly will be :D I'm on holiday now for a week so can hopefully catch up with all the books I have yet to read abit :)

Emin3m i am done the sreies and hoping for the next one that is coming out in 1 months time

hunger games and K POP LAVA!!!! i love skulduggery pleasat because there is alot of action

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Leon The first book made me think "Where is the 2nd book?!?!!?" And then I started to read the series over and over again! I love The books.

hunger games and K POP LAVA!!!! um is the sixth book out? or it there even a sixth book????

Zaheen yh there is but dont know if it out yet i wanna get it if it is cuz i <3 skulduggery pleasent!!!

hunger games and K POP LAVA!!!! me too its one of the first good book i have read.

hunger games and K POP LAVA!!!! i think there was going to be a movie but they diddnt make it because it was too hard of something

p.s not 100% sure

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Leon There is a 6th book, the author is still working on it. I have the first four chapters online!!! I'll give you guys the URL This is where I read the first four chapters. It is so good.

message 26: by Leon (new) - rated it 5 stars

Leon Your welcome.

Charlie I cant wait for the 7th book to come out, Death Bringer was fantastic and Skulduggery is really FUNNY! I loved the bit where Val first met Dexter Vex, she really liked him... and how Fletcher and Caelen have a fight over her in the end made it the best so far! But we wouldn't have Skulduggery Pleasant if the first book was never written which makes that one my favourite.

michelle mc auley yes !!! i agree
ahh but i want val and fletch to get back together <3
ohh i love these books and i canit wait to read the 7th book it sounds really good !! :D (;

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Sara Beara OMG! i LOVE this series! its to die for! <3

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Sara Beara Skulduggery is my character ;P

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I love the series

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Niámh I love skulldugery pleasant

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Leah OMT Saya suka kecurangan menyenangkan!!!! jajajajaja

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