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message 1: by Dan (new)

Dan Schwent (akagunslinger) | 125 comments A Sherlock Holmes Hard Case?

Mohammed Abdi Osman | 142 comments Very interesting.

I remember being surprised by A Study in Scarlet how the part of the story set in America was so vivid,historical western gritty like.

Doyle didnt only write in proper Sherlock Holmes style.

I wonder if this story is really different from his regular Sherlock Holmes stories in tone.

message 3: by David (new)

David | 14 comments Difficult to figure why HCC would do this, given that there's no shortage of editions already in print.

message 4: by Kemper (new)

Kemper | 34 comments The Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. also comes out in December so I imagine a lot of publishers will be trying to find possible tie-ins.

message 5: by Dan (new)

Dan Schwent (akagunslinger) | 125 comments Kemper wrote: "The Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. also comes out in December so I imagine a lot of publishers will be trying to find possible tie-ins."

I stopped looking forward to the Downey Sherlock Holmes when I read that Holmes would be doing martial arts.

message 6: by Jim (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) Gag!

message 7: by Kemper (last edited Aug 15, 2009 04:59AM) (new)

Kemper | 34 comments Sherlock Holmes, now with kung-fu action grip!

Mohammed Abdi Osman | 142 comments Sherlock Holmes, Doyle dont ever need some movie with Downer JR.

The guy is too big and have had most films,tv shows made about him.

message 9: by Adam (new)

Adam | 43 comments What's wrong with Holmes doing martial arts? Wasn't Holmes a practitioner of some fabricated martial art in the Conan Doyle stories? Didn't he use one of its grappling techniques to snake out of Moriarty's grasp when they were both plunging to their death over the waterfall? Am I wrong, people?

message 10: by Adam (new)

Adam | 43 comments The real problem with the upcoming Sherlock Holmes film is that it's directed by Guy Ritchie. He's directed five feature films prior to this, and the two I saw were crummy. And nothing I read about the other three made me think they'd be any better.

Mohammed Abdi Osman | 142 comments Sherlock Holmes is the most cerebral famous fictional character there is. He can handle himself but he is interested about outsmarting criminals using his learned detective,science skills than breaking jaws.

Thats why this movie is a laughable idea. Plus Guy Ritchie has done two good movies and they were a decade ago.

The producer,actor is trying out to make this is the original Holmes just because Doyle mentioned his martial skills.

message 12: by Adam (last edited Aug 16, 2009 08:38AM) (new)

Adam | 43 comments If you're referring to "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch" as Guy Ritchie's "two good movies" I have to respectfully disagree, since those were the two I saw and was referring to.

I shudder to think what his movies that are worse that those are like.

And you're right about Holmes being a primarily cerebral character. But his great physical strength and prowess sometimes played a role in the stories. I don't think there's anything wrong with making a movie that emphasizes that side of the character. I just don't trust Ritchie to make a good Holmes movie.

Recently I've been watching the Holmes films with Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. They're so good. I especially recommend "The Hound of the Baskervilles," "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes," "The Scarlet Claw," "The Pearl of Death," "The House of Fear," "Sherlock Holmes Faces Death," and "The Spider Woman."

Mohammed Abdi Osman | 142 comments Imo action film Holmes will forever be pointless. He isnt Batman, Doc Savage. He is the protype for the detective that lives on his brain. Doesnt matter he could do martial things. Its not about the director.

There are million famous action heroes and few Holmes thats the point. Thats why there have 100s of film,tv shows about the real Holmes version.

I have read only the first Holmes novel so its too early to watch tv shows. I plan to watch that famous tv shows. I have heard great things about Jeremy Brett version.

First though i will read more Holmes stories. Right now its about Conan Doyle's quality Napoleonic historical stories.

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