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Who do u guys miss ??!

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*Marla=) | 1 comments Hey guys please comment on the people and the things u guys miss the most ??=)

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i miss my grandma, grandpa, great aunt and great grandma that passed away i miss them lot and lots and my best friend samantha cuz i moved from my old town to here and so ya i also miss my other best friend, miranda, becuz she pretty much has ignored me and has been hanging out with someone else and she is really mean to me and miranda even tho they r friends

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ya i no wait y r u sayin wow

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

huh i said my friend miranda has this other friend that is mean to me and miranda
and it drives me crazy!

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miranda has a friend that is mean to her behind her back and she is also me to me

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

\not miranda but the other 1??

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i mean wich one is not a good friend miranda or the other girl i was talkin about

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good cuz she's not a nice friend

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ya thanks 4 bein on my side i mean the other girl said that miranda had weird teeth so im like y wood someone say that

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my friend or mirandas

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o i c i c

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how do u do that like the smily faces

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