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message 1: by Samantha (new)

Samantha (thoughtsontomes) | 53 comments Mod
Hey all! For the next few months, one topic a month will cross-over with the #BooktubeSFFAwards Book Babbles! If you aren't familiar with the awards, they are Scifi and Fantasy Awards voted on by the community and you can find all the info at! You still have a few days to nominate if you are interested :)

February 7th: Favorite M/M Couples
--Who are your favorite dudes loving other dudes? (Note: this isn't specifically cis gay couples, but also applies to couples that include bi men, trans men, pan men, ace men, etc.)

February 14th: Favorite F/F Couples
-- Who are your favorite ladies loving other ladies? (Note: this isn't specifically cis lesbian couples, but also applies to couples that include bi women, trans women, pan women, ace women, etc.)

February 21st: Favorite Romance Novels
-- Romance as a genre is very under-appreciated in lots of circles. So recommend your favorite romance books. These are books where romance is the main genre, not a secondary one.

February 28th: Favorite Urban Fantasy Books *Book Babble Crossover Topic*
-- Urban Fantasy tends to feature a heavy romance element, so I figured it fit in this month.

The technical urban fantasy definition is: a subgenre of fantasy in which the narrative has an urban setting. Works of urban fantasy are set primarily in the real world and contain aspects of fantasy, such as the discovery of earthbound mythological creatures, coexistence or conflict between humans and paranormal beings, and other changes to city life. A contemporary setting is not strictly necessary for a work of urban fantasy: works of the genre may also take place in futuristic and historical settings, real or imagined.

message 2: by Janina (new)

Janina | 27 comments Uh! Heavy on the Fantasy and Romance! I like it! Very excited for those! <3

message 3: by Azrael (new)

Azrael | 4 comments i haven't read romance novel in years T-T

message 4: by Tyler (new)

Tyler J Gray (wickedjr89) So excited for these topics! Especially the M/M and F/F couples, and Urban Fantasy.

I think I need to read more romance books.

message 5: by Rachel (new)

Rachel A. (abyssallibrarian) | 21 comments Not sure how well I'll be able to participate in this month's topics, to be honest. I don't know too many books with M/M pairings, and maybe a handful more with F/F pairings (and not all of those are necessarily books I would recommend).

message 6: by Silvia (new)

Silvia  (silviareadsbooks) I'm so excited for these topics, especially I can't wait to see everyone's favorite F/F couples!

message 7: by Tyler (new)

Tyler J Gray (wickedjr89) I have found out I have to read more M/M books, I have enough for all but that one. Still excited to see others recommendations then! And can't wait to do the rest and see everyone else's :)

message 8: by Alex (new)

Alex (HEABookNerd) (heabooknerd) So excited for romance topics this go around!

message 9: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Annelise (charlotteannelise) | 25 comments I LOVE these topics :)

message 10: by Addy (new)

Addy in Bookland (addynikitabooks) | 2 comments Not sure if I'll be able to participate in the first two topics. I haven't read many M/M or F/F books, but I'd like to see what others choose.

message 11: by Kate (new)

Kate (thenovelnomad) | 1 comments These topics are fantastic. So much love to share this month, it will be hard to limit myself to five.

message 12: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (harasnicolebooks) | 78 comments If only y'all could have heard my gasp when I saw that the first topic this month was 'Favorite M/M Couples' lol.

message 13: by Haley (new)

Haley Hughes (ireadinbed) | 2 comments Very excited to participate in a couple of these this month! It's my first time participating but this is a great month for me to try it because queer pairings are kind of my fave!

message 14: by Keriann (new)

Keriann (kad123) I haven't read much M/M and F/F romance however will be filming my favourite romance books!! :)

message 15: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (gorjessina17) | 34 comments Well, I'm probably out for this month. I don't much like romances, so I have nothing to contribute.

message 16: by Carly (new)

Carly (readingismykindofthing) excited that things are a little romance themed for feb, can't wait to write some of these posts 😍

message 17: by Linda (new)

Linda Martin (lindajm) I'm not a heavy reader of romance lit so looks like I'll have to skip February.

message 18: by Vikki (last edited Feb 06, 2018 11:42AM) (new)

Vikki P (meandmymundanelife) | 65 comments It's midnight on Wednesday, so here's my Top 5 M/M Couples! <3 https://meandmymundanelife.wordpress....

message 19: by Rhiannon (new)

Rhiannon | 31 comments Apparently I need a long hard look at my reading list because I did not have enough for this week! So I did a m/m TBR -

message 20: by Ellie (new)

Ellie | 42 comments Lol, like a lot of others think I'm going to have to sit out of these first couple of weeks as I think I only know two M/M couples in books I've actually read, and honestly no F/F couples. No hate on that community, just not really any pairings in a lot of the books I've read. Not especially looking for them, but it'll be interesting to see everyone else's choices.

message 21: by Kat (new)

Kat Mullen | 15 comments Here's my M/M Couples video! :)

message 22: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Annelise (charlotteannelise) | 25 comments My favourite m/m couples!

message 24: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra Pattinson (alexandra1912) | 83 comments Favourite M/M couples :)

message 25: by Alisha (new)

Alisha (iamageekingginger) | 50 comments Here's my post for the week: a little bit of a cheat though. Hope you enjoy:

message 27: by Tasya (new)

Tasya Dita (giselatasya) | 66 comments it's been a while since i do a t5w, but here's my top 5 m/m couple! https://theliteraryhuntress.wordpress...

Maddie (Stories and Spoons) (StoriesandSpoons) | 43 comments I loved today's topic, but it was so hard narrowing it down to my top 5 favourite couples! Here's my post for today!

message 29: by Jade (new)

Jade (jadesreading) | 60 comments Top 5 M/M couples --
book centric

message 32: by Acqua (new)

message 33: by Alex (new)

message 35: by Sionna (new)

Sionna (simplystrange) Here are my favorite m/m couples :)

message 36: by Tova (new)

Tova (toto21) | 3 comments My top m/m couples (with cute fanart).

message 37: by Clem (new)

Clem Chase (clemchase) Here’s my Top 5 for this week ☺️

message 38: by Sahitya (new)

Sahitya (ksahitya) Here’s my Top 5 for the favorite M/M couples...

message 39: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (harasnicolebooks) | 78 comments Just uploaded my video:

I went with the smut for four of them. ;)

message 40: by Reonie (new)

Reonie (thebibliotaph) | 19 comments T5W Favorite M/M couples:

message 41: by Sophie (new)

Sophie (sophiieelaine) | 61 comments There's no T5W this week as I'm a bad reader >

Nia •ShadesOfPaper• (shades0fpaper) | 81 comments Here’s this week’s topic: Favourite M/M Couples

message 46: by Helen (new)

Helen (capricioushelen) | 11 comments Top 5 (canon) M/M couples! :)

message 47: by Brin (last edited Feb 07, 2018 02:07PM) (new)

Brin (brinsbookblog) | 74 comments Here are my favourite m/m couples:

message 48: by Victoria (new)

Victoria  (vbooksandthings) | 26 comments I decided to focus on some lesser known m/m romances that I love. Enjoy!!

message 49: by Natasha (new)

Natasha (sapphicsolace) | 10 comments Here's mine! Mix of canon, non canon, and future canon

message 50: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin (caitstiel) | 33 comments Here are my fav m/m couples from books :)

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