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message 1: by Jayda (new)


That is the link to my group, Clean Reads for Mormon Teenagers. We have 60 group members and are pretty active, but would like more members to join! I hope that you will be active, however, since we need more activity :)

Feel free to invite non-member friends - we have a bunch of parts of the site dedicated to information about the church where they can come to ask questions and get information.

Just read the rules and have fun! :)

message 2: by Lindsey (new)

Lindsey | 32 comments Hey, my brother made a group called 'lds guys' if there are any guys on here that would like to become a member he would love that. You can look it up if you want. He is just getting started and dosn't have any members yet, so thanks! Or for girls even if you have any guy friends on here you could tell them about it.

message 3: by Miranda (new)

Miranda | 7 comments I could always use a clean book. It's sad that more than half of the books I check out from the library, I have to take back because the author didn't watch their language.

message 4: by Lea (new)

Lea Carter (klcislc) | 20 comments Have you tried Silver Princess? It's short, but clean. I'm working hard to get the sequel finished, too.

message 5: by Miranda (new)

Miranda | 7 comments Lea wrote: "Have you tried Silver Princess? It's short, but clean. I'm working hard to get the sequel finished, too." I'll be sure to look for it :) Can you tell me a bit about it?

message 6: by Lea (new)

Lea Carter (klcislc) | 20 comments That's great!
It's the story of a young fairy Princess named Rebecca. She doesn't paint flowers or carve snowflakes, but she does ride a dragonfly. In fact, we first meet her after she falls off her dragonfly. She's barely recovered from that when she gets kidnapped by rebels. And on top of her other adventures, she realizes that she's falling in love.

message 7: by Miranda (new)

Miranda | 7 comments That sounds like an amazing read! I'll definitely try it out!

message 8: by Lea (new)

Lea Carter (klcislc) | 20 comments Awesome! I also highly recommend Traci Hunter-Abramson's "Royal Target"s and "Royal Secrets." CIA meets Cinderella, with chuckles throughout.

message 9: by Lea (new)

Lea Carter (klcislc) | 20 comments Miranda wrote: "That sounds like an amazing read! I'll definitely try it out!"

I thought you might be interested in continuing the series? Free downloads start for #2 Silver Majesty tomorrow, July 20th.
But if you don't already have your copy of Silver Princess, it's also free until Sunday.

A good/clean book is always appreciated, and free makes it even better. ;-)

message 10: by Grace (new)

Grace Wride | 2 comments Well there's this book called Pivot Point it's totally clean and really interesting! It's kind of complicated to explain but just take my word for it it's great :)

message 11: by Ronda (new)

Ronda Hinrichsen | 8 comments Hey, teens,
I have just written my first YA fantasy novel and am wondering if any of you would be interested in being a beta reader for it? That means you'd read the manuscript and let me know your thoughts on it, including if you saw stuff that bugged you or was boring or a problem in any way. It would be in electronic word format so you could include notes for me as you read. Is anyone interested? It's written for a female audience and includes romance and adventure. If you are interested, please email me at

message 12: by Grace (new)

Grace Wride | 2 comments I emailed you :)

message 13: by Ronda (new)

Ronda Hinrichsen | 8 comments Grace,
This is just a quick note to make sure you got it?

message 14: by D.R. (new)

D.R. (woodhawk) I started searching Goodreads for an LDS group I could follow and participate in. So far they don't appear to be very active (no pun intended.) I know the group is for LDS teenagers, and since I was once a teenager eons ago, I felt that I still have the credentials, sorta. I wrote a book a couple of years ago that is tended to be for anyone from teens to "old" people and since it has not been read much, I want to get some feedback from an LDS point of view. The book is a "Science Fantasy" novel with a touch of spirituality. The principle character is Evelyn, a very unusual nineteen-year-old teenager. The main storyline takes place over a two month period though there are several flashbacks to her past. Since this is my first book, I need to find out what I am doing wrong before going on to the second book. I haven't found anyone that doesn't like it, but then again, all my readers have been friends and family, so... you understand. Contact me if you would like to help, or I would be glad to talk to you about it here. I've joined the group but may have to wait until it is approved. I'm not sure how that works.

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