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Hahtoolah | 464 comments Frog Music, by Emma Donoghue (2014)

It’s 1876 in San Francisco. The city is plagued by a small pox epidemic and a heat wave. Prostitution is legal, as is the farming out of unwanted babies.

Blanche Beunon is a French immigrant, burlesque dancer and “soiled dove”. She lives with her lover and his protégé. One day in the middle of August, Jenny, riding a high-wheeled bicycle literally runs into Blanche. Jenny has a mysterious past. She has, however, been arrested numerous times because of her habit of wearing pants and men’s clothing. It is illegal in Victorian San Francisco for a woman to wear such clothing.

Blanche and Jenny form a curious friendship. Within a month, however, Jenny has been shot and killed. [This is not a spoiler, as the murder occurs in the first few pages of the novel.] Blanche spends the next few days trying to bring the murderer to justice.

The novel goes back and forth in time, slowly peeling back the layers of Blanche’s life and her relationships with those around her.

The novel is based on actual historical events of the real-life murder of Jenny Bonnet who wore men’s clothing and caught frogs for a living, and Blanche Beunon.

3.5 Stars

LibraryCin | 9619 comments Awwww, I really liked this one. I can't remember if it made my favourites list that year or not (at 4.25 stars). I listened to the audio.

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Booknblues | 7651 comments This sounds good to me and I am keeping it on my radar.

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Booknblues | 7651 comments I just realized I have this on my TBR. That is when you have too many books.

LibraryCin | 9619 comments Booknblues wrote: "I just realized I have this on my TBR. That is when you have too many books."

I've done that quite a few times, I think! :-)

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