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Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 394 comments 2017 Book a Day list

1. Ice Runner/Trained to Destroy/Sudden Storm by Viola Grace
2. Rain of Tears/Waking Dream/Walking Haunt by Viola Grace
3. Scorched Heart/Creating Harmony/Pilot in Command by Viola Grace
4. Seal the Deal/Wound Up/Harvest Hunt by Viola Grace
5. Ripped and Roar/Echo in Time/Shaken and Stirred by Viola Grace
6. Multiple Organisms/Psyche’s Caress/Tears of the Star by Viola Grace
7. Hardcore Green/Hard Hearted/Past Tense by Viola Grace
8. Guarding Pax/Celestial Storm/Armed and Armoured by Viola Grace
9. Dragon Summons/Wyt and Wild/Running Wyld by Viola Grace
10. Imperial Guard/Freak Factor/Oppose by Viola Grace
11. Timeless by Gail Carriger
12. Feather’s Blossom/Oppose by Viola Grace
13. Prudence by Gail Carriger
14. Panacea/Perfect/Looking at Trouble by Viola Grace
15. Called to Power/Crisis Management by Viola Grace
16. Prohibit/Defying Eternity/Binding Magic by Viola Grace
17. Monster Baiter/Knell/Chubby is the Night by Viola Grace
18. Time for the Stars by Robert a. Heinlein
19. Virtual Snow/Huntsman by Viola Grace
20. Poison or Protect by Gail Carriger
21. Romancing the Inventor by Gail Carriger
22. Pact/Pardon/Prohibit by Viola Grace
23. Entranced/Entwined/Enraptured by Viola Grace
24. Mercy Thompson: Homecoming Pt. 2 by Patricia Briggs
25. Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews
26. Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews
27. Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews
28. Entropy/Engage by Viola Grace
29. One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews
30. Ivy’s Tangle by P. D. Kalnay
31. Ivy’s Bind by P. D. Kalnay
32. Ivy’s Blossom by P. D. Kalnay
33. Knight’s Haven by P. D. Kalnay
34. Mystery in Old Quebec by Mary C. Jane
35. Numb/Obsolete/Draining Jayne by Viola Grace
36. Pact/Blood Proxy/Called to Power by Viola Grace
37. Chubby is the Night/Impractical Magus by Viola Grace
38. Grapes and Gravity/Guarding Forever by Viola Grace
39. Defying Eternity/Under his Claw/Noble by Viola Grace
40. The Warder’s Dragon/The Warder’s Djinn by Viola Grace
41. The Warder’s Wolf/The Warder’s Vampire by Viola Grace


42. Diva’s Don’t Knit by Gil McNeil
43. Flight #116 is Down by Caroline McKay
44. Needles and Pearls by Gil McNeil
45. Doctor Who “A History of Humankind” the Doctor’s Official Guide by Justin Richards
46. Flight and Fantasy/Micro Lena/Red Run by Viola Grace
47. The Warder’s Vampire/The Warder’s Dragon by Viola Grace
48. Night Broken by Patricia Briggs
49. Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs
50. Kota by C. L. Stone
51. Knit One Pearl One by Gil McNeil
52. The Warder’s Gryphon/Karma by Viola Grace
53. Saffy’s Angel by Hilary McKay
54. Freak Factor/Running Wyld/Hael’s Fury by Viola Grace
55. Seering Order/Star Breaker/A Drop of Blood by Viola Grace
56. The Zombie survival Guide by Max Brooks
57. Govern/Gaze/Garden by Viola Grace
58. Gamble/Gadget/Frisk by Viola Grace
59. The Only boy for me by Gil McNeil
60. Champions of Terra by Viola Grace
61. Nice Girls Don’t Bite Their Neighbors by Molly Harper
62. The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires by Molly Harper
63. A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses by Molly Harper
64. I’m Dreaming of an Undead Christmas by Molly Harper
65. Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews
66. Quit/ Lion Time by Zenina Masters
67. The Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire by Molly Harper
68. Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews


69. One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews
70. Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
71. Magic Binds by Ilona Andrews
72. Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews
73. Essential Beginnings by Kennedy Layne
74. Hidden Flames by Kennedy Layne
75. Buried Flames by Kennedy Layne
76. Endless Flames by Kennedy Layne
77. Double Star by Robert A. Heinlein
78. Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs
79. Knowing/Deer Heart by Viola Grace
80. Caught by the Dragon by Mac Flynn
81. Driving Mr. Dead by Molly Harper
82. One Part Human/Under his Claw by Viola Grace
83. Two Parts Demon/Three Parts Fey by Viola Grace
84. Ritual Space/Defying Eternity by Viola Grace
85. Monster Baiter/Binding Magic by Viola Grace
86. Teen Idol by Meg Cabot
87. Burn by Suzanne Wright
88. Airhead by Meg Cabot
89. The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright
90. Size 12 and Ready to Rock by Meg Cabot
91. Rising Flames by Kennedy Layne
92. The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg Cabot
93. The Rare Stamp Mystery by Mary Adrian
94. Feathers, Fur and Fey/Bright Tail/Sealed With a Kick by Zenina Masters
95. Archer’s Goon by Diana Wynn Jones
96. Ghosts of Old Wilmington by John Hirchak
97. The Beast in Him by Shelly Laurenston
98. Ragnarok and Roll by Keith R. A. DeCandido


99. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
100. The Arrival by Nicole MacDonald
101. The Ogre Downstairs by Diana Wynne Jones
102. Uhura’s Song by Janet Kagan
103. One Wilde Night by Jenn Stark
104. A Good Year for the Roses by Gil McNeil
105. My Fair Assassin by C. J. Anaya
106. Cade: Le Beau Brothers by V. A. Dold
107. Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs
108. A School for Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin
109. Radium Halos by W. J. May
110. Simon by V. A. Dold
111. Stefan by V. A. Dold
112. Marine Biology by Gail Carriger
113. Badge/Frisk by Viola Grace
114. Thomas by V. A. Dold
115. Cade & Anna by V. A. Dold
116. Simon & Rose: Mark Anderson’s Story by V. A. Dold
117. Lucas by V. A. Dold
118. Richie by V. A. Dold
119. Wizard at Work by Vivian Vande Velde
120. Sioux Spaceman by Andre Norton
121. The X Factor by Andre Norton
122. The Quiet Gentleman by Georgette Heyer
123. Ithanalin’s Restoration by Lawrence Watt-Evans

message 2: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 394 comments
May 2017

124. Here Abide Monsters by Andre Norton
125. Sargasso of Space by Andre Norton
126. Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer
127. Freak Factor/Running Wyld by Viola Grace
128. Hael’s Fury/Seering Order by Viola Grace
129. Star Breaker/Ritual Space by Viola Grace
130. One Part Human/Two Parts Demon by Viola Grace
131. Three Parts Fae/Enthralled by Viola Grace
132. The Seventh Cousin by Florence Laughlin
133. Defying Eternity/Monster Baiter/Binding Magic by Viola Grace
134. Cotillion by Georgette Heyer
135. The Barrows by Annie Bellet
136. Winter’s Bite by Annie Bellet
137. Maya: Wisdom From the Queen by Celia Kyle
138. He Ain’t Lion by Celia Kyle
139. You’re Lion by Celia Kyle
140. Ball of Furry by Celia Kyle
141. Waking her Tiger/Calm/Keeper by Viola Grace
142. Encode/Jury/Karma by Viola Grace
143. Obsolete/Manifest/Knotted by Viola Grace
144. Lesser/Logic/Neutral by Viola Grace
145. Pardon/Molten/Mandate Viola Grace
146. Magnet/Naked/Baffle by Viola Grace
147. Liberty/Intensity/Oblige by Viola Grace
148. Perfect/Panacea/Determine by Viola Grace
149. Join/Astral/Jailed/Honour by Viola Grace
150. Jaded/Halt/Enraptured by Viola Grace
151. Micro Lena/Enforce/Enchanted by Viola Grace
152. Engage/Chaos/Impure by Viola Grace
153. Intact/Chain/Charm by Viola Grace
154. Intercept/Seal the Deal/Pilot in Command by Viola Grace
155. Call the Moon/Called to Power/The Starborn/Dragon Summons by Viola Grace
156. Geared Up/Looking at Trouble/Shape Shifting 201 by Viola Grace
157. Soul Casting 101/Overseer’s Chain/Touching Water by Viola Grace
158. Light of Battle/Walking Haunt/A Healing Caress by Viola Grace
159. Wrapped in Thought/Fire Dance/Bound by Law by Viola Grace
160. The Duty of Pain/Crisis Management/Dance of Time by Viola Grace
161. A Hunter’s Dream/A Limitless Sky/Thunder Struck by Viola Grace
162. Rain of Tears/Eyes in the Sky/Scorched Heart by Viola Grace
163. Burning Stone/Creating Harmony/Shattered Light by Viola Grace
164. Blue and Alluring/Fractured Darkness/Psyched Out by Viola Grace
165. Hunting a Soul/Blazing Serious/Ghosting the Hero by Viola Grace
166. Core Charge/Looking at Trouble/Arguing the Basics by Viola Grace
167. Arena Station/New Moon Howl/Touching Water by Viola Grace
168. Grace & Shadow/Tilting Rose/Wardstone by Viola Grace
169. The Warder’s Gryphon/The Warden’s Elf by Viola Grace
170. Raven Dexter Paranormal Midwife/Hotel Spectre by Viola Grace
171. Courting the Phoenix/Turning Night/A Nexus Wedding by Viola Grace
172. Impractical Magus/Chubby is the Night/A Nexus Xmas by Viola Grace
173. Gargoyles in the Round by Viola Grace
174. Gnomes of Suburbia by Viola Grace
175. Pixies in the Park by Viola Grace
176. An Honoured Wife/Query/Entwined/Echo in Time by Viola Grace
177. Frisk/Hellebore’s Holiday/Quick/Powered Up by Viola Grace
178. Gift of Wyora/Healer/Defender/Pact by Viola Grace
179. Judged/Quit/Quell/A Mermaid’s Wish by Viola Grace
180. Quick/New Moon Howl/Enthralled/Tech Tack by Viola Grace
181. Chain/Mind Strike/Waking Dream/Blood Proxy by Viola Grace

June 2017

182. Whyt’s Plea/Wound Up/Caress of the Stars/Wrath of the Stars by Viola Grace
183. Captive of the Stars/Emissary to the Stars/Sacrifice to the Stars by Viola Grace
184. Tracking/Under his Claw/Water and Power/The Starborn by Viola Grace
185. Seeing/Shattered Stars/Terra Form/Quiver by Viola Grace
186. Magus Shift/Numb/Obedient/Oppose/Jaded/Affinity by Viola Grace
187. Jill and the Genestalk/Knell/Liberty/Archive/Abandon by Viola Grace
188. Grapes & Gravity/Guiding/Heart of the Oracle/Hyde & Seek by Viola Grace
189. Bane/Bride of Death/BofFire/BofMidnight/Catalyst/Charm by Viola Grace
190. Designing/Hunting/Collecting/Conflict/Core/Crisis Management by Viola Grace
191. Defiance/Determine/Draining Jayne/Entranced/Going Under by Viola Grace
192. Factor/Fade/Feather’s Blossom/Scorcher/Wyt & Wild/Astral by Viola Grace
193. Avenging Enjel/Fire Wolf/Prohibit/Naked/Command by Viola Grace
194. Baffle/Astonish/Askance/Armed & Armoured/Logic by Viola Grace
195. Magnet/Molten/Mandate/Mission/Negative/Shaken & Stirred by Viola Grace
196. Multiple Organism/Harvest Hunt/Ripped & Roar/Fencer by Viola Grace
197. Imperial Guard/Ascent/Destined/Intercept/Impatient/Neutral by Viola Grace
198. He Ain’t Lion/You’re Lion/Ball of Furry by Celia Kyle
199. Head Over Tail/Fierce in Fur/Maya: Wisdom From the Queen by Celia Kyle
200. Like a Charm by Candace Havens
201. The Snow Ghosts by Beryl Netherclift
202. Baby’s got Bite by Candace Havens
203. Cat of a Different Color by Dana Marie Bell
204. Sweet Dreams by Dana Marie Bell
205. Indirect Lines by Dana Marie Bell
206. Figure of Speech by Dana Marie Bell
207. The Wallflower by Dana Marie Bell
208. Bear Necessities by Dana Marie Bell
209. Shadow of the Wolf by Dana Marie Bell
210. Cynful by Dana Marie Bell
211. Bear Naked by Dana Marie Bell
212. Sorry Charlie by Dana Marie Bell
213. Unexpected by Lori Foster
214. Written in Stone: The Medusa Files C. I. Black
215. Their Majesties Bucketeers by L. Neil Smith
216. Hard to fight/Manifest by Viola Grace
217. Something in the Heir by Jenny Gardiner
218. Timeless by Gail Carriger
219. Fairy Debt/My Sister’s Song by Gail Carriger
220. Ragnarok and Roll by Keith R. A. DeCandido
221. Getting Lucky/Haunting Hannah/Finding Fiona by Viola Grace

July 2017

222. Prudence by Gail Carriger
223. Chasing Caro/Tricking Tara/Holding Holly/Forbidden Summons by Viola Grace
224. The Christmas Dragon/The Oldest Elf/Wood be Magic by Viola Grace
225. Someone Else’s Fairytale by E. M. Tippetts
226. Nobody’s Damsel by E. M. Tippetts
227. The Hunt for the Big Bad Wolf by E. M. Tippetts
228. Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich
229. Jaded/Honour/Warlord’s Prize/Dreams of Fire by Viola Grace
230. Dancing for the Skylord/A Hunted Darkness/Broken Ties by Viola Grace
231. Turbo Twenty-three by Janet Evanovich
232. Forever Dreams by LeeAnna Morgan
233. Flight of Vengeance Andre Norton et. al.
234. Heart of Steel by Meljean Brook
235. Forever Changed by Mona Ingram
236. Full Circle by Mona Ingram
237. Tethered by Meljean Brook
238. Essential Beginnings by Kennedy Layne
239. Hidden Flames by Kennedy Layne
240. The Kraken King by Meljean Brook
241. Buried Flames by Kennedy Layne
242. Endless Flames by Kennedy Layne
243. First Contact by T. Jackson King
244. The Accidental Duchess
245. Retread Shop by T. Jackson King
246. Gargoyles in the Round by Viola Grace
247. Gnomes of Suburbia by Viola Grace
248. Turning Night/Chubby is the Night by Viola Grace
249. Raven Dexter: Paranormal Midwif

message 3: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 394 comments 249. Raven Dexter: Paranormal Midwife by Viola Grace
250. A Nexus Wedding/Hotel Spectre by Viola Grace
251. One Part Human by Viola Grace
252. Two Parts Demon by Viola Grace
253. Three Parts Fey by Viola Grace
254. Exit Strategy/Impractical Magus/A Nexus Wedding by Viola Grace

August 2017

255. Silence Fallen by Patricia Briggs
256. A Study in Sorcery by Michael Kurland
257. Blood Proxy/Breaking Gods/Bride of Death by Viola Grace
258. Call the Moon/Burning Stone/Calm by Viola Grace
259. Catalyst/Blazing Serious/Called to Power by Viola Grace
260. The Barrows by Annie Bellet
261. Brood Mother by Annie Bellet
262. Into the North by Annie Bellet
263. Magic Breaks by Ilona Andrews
264. Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews
265. Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs
266. Lord Darcy Investigates by Randall Garrett
267. Ten Little Wizards by Michael Kurland
268. Too Many Magicians by Randall Garrett
269. Murder and Magic by Randall Garrett
270. Sarazen’s Vengeance by Isabel Wroth
271. Sarazen’s Claim by Isabel Wroth
272. Affinity/Arcane by Viola Grace
273. Single Weretiger DILF by Lizzie Lynn Lee
274. Lone Tiger and Cub by Lizzie Lynn Lee
275. Invitation to the Game by Monica Hughes
276. The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley
277. The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley
278. Sarazen’s Betrayal by Isabel Wroth

September 2017

280. Defender/Crisis Management/Conflict by Viola Grace
281. Chase/Charm/Chaos/Chain by Viola Grace
282. A Mermaid’s Wish/Honour/Harness by Viola Grace
283. Courting the Phoenix/Geared Up/Scorched Heart by Viola Grace
284. Feel the Burn by G. A. Aiken
285. The Accidental Sire by Molly Harper
286. How to Drive a Dragon Crazy by G. A. Aiken
287. Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs
288. Called to Power/Blazing Serious/Catalyst by Viola Grace
289. Calm/Burning Stone/Call the Moon by Viola Grace
290. Bride of Death/Breaking Gods/Blood Proxy by Viola Grace
291. A Study in Sorcery by Michael Kurland
292. Defying Eternity by Viola Grace
293. Grim by M. K. Eidem
294. Wray by M. K. Eidem
295. Ynyr by M. K. Eidem
296. Yule be Mine by Viola Grace
297. Eleventh Hour by Fawn Lowery
298. Ghost of a Chance by Regan Taylor
299. The Writer and the Warrior by Courtney Breazile
300. Pool Party by Jojo Brown
301. Twin Seduction by Paul Calloway
302. Kameoth by Erin Sinclair

message 4: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 394 comments 303. Raven Dexter Paranormal Midwife by Viola Grace
304. Escaping Lightning/Warder’s Unicorn by Viola Grace
305. The Wench and the Giant/Liquid Heat/Washed Up by Viola Grace
306. The Rapunzel Factor/Red Run/Mask of the Overlord by Viola Grace
307. The Master Shark’s Mate by Zoe Chant
308. Beast Master by Andre Norton
309. Valentine’s Victory/Frost and Fyr/Earth and Ayr by Viola Grace
310. Feather’s Blossom/Grace and Shadow/Going Under by Viola Grace
311. All Cats are Gray by Andre Norton
312. Blizzard of Heat/Logic/Sealed With a Kick by Viola Grace
313. Floating Alone/Running for Home/Naked by Viola Grace
314. Join/Hiding/Grapes and Gravity by Viola Grace
315. Halo/Heart of the Oracle/Jury by Viola Grace
316. Judged/Impatient/Imperial Guard by Viola Grace
317. Ice Runner/Karma/Keen by Viola Grace
318. Logic/Magnet/Liberty by Viola Grace
319. Laser/Knowing/Knell by Viola Grace
320. Looking at Trouble/Mandate/Manifest by Viola Grace
321. Mission/Molten/Mauled by Destiny by Viola Grace
322. One Part Human/Neutral/Object by Viola Grace
323. Whyt’s Plea/Rhoe’s Request/Intensity by Viola Grace
324. Fire Wolf/Oblige/Ripped and Roar by Viola Grace
325. Quiver/Oppose/Obsolete by Viola Grace
326. Obedient/Numb/Noble by Viola Grace
327. Impatient/Oppose/Altered Design by Viola Grace
328. Wrapped in Thought/Wound Up/Walking Haunt by Viola Grace
329. Untrained Fascination/Twisting Souls/Turning Night by Viola Grace
330. Tracking/The Duty of Pain/Terra Form by Viola Grace
331. Soul Keeper/Fractured Darkness/Shattered Light by Viola Grace
332. Seeing/Psyched Out/Past Tense by Viola Grace
333. Lost & Sound/Keeper/Hyde and Seek by Viola Grace
334. Hunting a Soul/Draining Jayne/Chase by Viola Grace
335. Three Parts Fey/Two Parts Demon by Viola Grace
336. Hung by the Fire by Viola Grace
337. Working for Bigfoot by Jim Butcher
338. Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrew
339. A Girl’s Guide to Guns and Monsters ed. Kerrie Hughes/Martin H. Greenberg
340. The Mystery Egg by Jean Bothwell
341. Alien and the Wedding Planner by Lizzie Lynn Lee
342. Grim by M. K. Eidem
343. Kiss and Kin by Kinsey Holley
344. The Nanny Years by Kinsey Holley
345. Yours Mine and Howls by Kinsey Holley
346. Exit Strategy/Scorcher by Viola Grace
347. Snowdrift and Other Stories by Georgette Heyer
348. Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie
349. Essential Beginnings by Kennedy Layne
350. Hidden Flames by Kennedy Layne
351. Buried Flames by Kennedy Layne

message 5: by Ann aka Iftcan (new)

Ann aka Iftcan (iftcan) | 394 comments 352. Ready to Run by Kinsey W. Holley
353. Endless Flames by Kennedy Layne
354. Rising Flames by Kennedy Layne
355. A Grim Holiday by M. K. Eidem
356. Christmas Grift by Sam Cheever
357. WereEagles Fear to tread by Lee Hayton
358. The Witch’s Halloween Hero by Kristen Painter
359. Her Alien Lord by Mina Carter
360. With This Click, I Thee Wed by Bonnie R. Paulson
361. by Bonnie R. Paulson

November 2017

362. His Christmas Miracle by Dani Collins
363. Death Retires by Cate Lawley
364. Flight #116 is Down by Caroline B. Cooney
365. Oryon by M. K. Eidem
366. A Grim Holiday by M. K. Eidem
367. Finally Dead by P. S. Powers
368. The Wild Turkey Tango by Ann Charles
369. Carl Sagan’s Hunt for Intelligent Life in the Universe by C. Gockel
370. A Tale of Two Dragons G. A. Aiken
371. Hardcore Twenty-four Janet Evanovich
372. Claiming her Alien Warrior by Mina Carter
373. Soul Casting 101/Shape Shifting 201/Sky Breaking 301 by Viola Grace
374. King Hall by Scarlett Dawn
375. Black and White/Floating Alone/New Moon Howl Zenina Masters
376. Ghost of a Chance by Cate Dean
377. Written in the Wind by Cate Dean
378. Spirit of the Season by Cate Dean
379. Dancing on her Grave by Cate Dean
380. Maid in Stone by Viola Grace
381. Accidental Rock Star by Emily Evans
382. Accidental Billionaire by Emily Evans
383. Accidental Movie Star by Emily Evans
384. Accidental Action Star by Emily Evans
385. Accidental TV Star by Emily Evans
386. Accidental Cinderella by Emily Evans

December 2017

387. Accidental Heiress by Emily Evans
388. Maid in Stone/Scarlet’s Dilemma by Viola Grace
389. Hidden Body by Norma Huss
390. A Fashionably Dead Christmas by Robyn Peterman
391. A Good Year for the Roses by Gil McNeil
392. The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie
393. A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses by Molly Harper
394. Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway
395. The Blonde Before Christmas by Anna Snow
396. Ruwen by Kate Rudolph
397. Tyral by Kate Rudolph
398. Fangs for the Memories by Molly Harper
399. Big Vamp on Campus by molly Harper
400. Flipped Off/Bright Tail/Floating Alone by zenina Masters
401. Sealed With a Kick/Flying Fur/A Life Less Pink by Zenina Masters
402. Waking Dream/Impatient by Viola Grace
403. Pathway to Love/Laughing at Danger/Batty for You by Zenina Masters
404. Butting In/Running for Home by zenina Masters
405. Save a Truck, Ride a Redneck by Molly Harper

Must have read 135 books by the end of the month to be on target for 183 for the year or 335 for one a day

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