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message 1: by Theodore (last edited Jan 03, 2018 01:23PM) (new)

Theodore Cohen (theodorejeromecohen) | 1429 comments Hahahaha...just received a Goodreads Giveaways Survey...not that many questions, but...BUT...they forgot to ask the one real important one: if you spend so much per book on advertising, why haven't you run a Giveaway in the last six (or twelve) months? That's a pretty glaring omission, and probably a question to which they did NOT want to hear my answer. (Hint: because it's a total and complete waste of time and money.)

message 2: by Carole (last edited Jan 04, 2018 05:11AM) (new)

Carole P. Roman | 4623 comments Mod
hahahha- should I hold up a tiny violin that their giveaways have fallen off?

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex Carver | 4628 comments I didn't waste my time filling it in. I stopped when they wanted to know how much I spend on promoting my books, I'm not telling the nosy bastards that.

message 4: by Carole (new)

Carole P. Roman | 4623 comments Mod
You won't have to- I think Amazon owns Paypal.

message 5: by Theodore (new)

Theodore Cohen (theodorejeromecohen) | 1429 comments I have a tiny violin downstairs on the shelf...about two inches long. I think I'll tune it up and play Hearts and Flowers for them. Their Giveaways should be called Ripaways, given the people who win them, for the most part, just sell them on Amazon. They win, Amazon wins, you lose, but two out of three ain't bad. (;>)

message 6: by Theodore (new)

Theodore Cohen (theodorejeromecohen) | 1429 comments Again, for the record and those that haven't read this before: I ran six multi-book Giveaways on Amazon a few years ago, Priority-Mailed the books to all winners (none was outside the US), and not one recipient posted a review. One book turned up for sale on Amazon at an address of a bookstore close to where one of the books was shipped less than two weeks after I had mailed it.

The best way I have found to sell books (Kindle editions) is using eReader News Today (ENT) discount sales. Have sold thousands of copies over the last three years.

message 7: by Marie Silk (new)

Marie Silk | 208 comments I did fill it in but was surprised when the survey stopped abruptly after the question about how much promotional money goes into my books. Also it was a sloppy question imo because it did not give a time frame, like how much do you spend per month or per year. Without asking how much one would spend on a Goodreads Giveaway, or how much value one puts in a GR Giveaway, how was there any point to that survey? Alex had it right by not filling it in!

message 8: by Dale (new)

Dale Lehman (dalelehman) | 1758 comments Theodore wrote: "Their Giveaways should be called Ripaways..."

It's hard to control, though, even when you try. I've listed my three mysteries on BookGobbler for giveaways. In their model, you can register for a giveaway, and if you get a book you're supposed to post an honest review of it. If you don't, they don't let you receive any more books. Sounds pretty good, right? I gave away 10 e-copies of The Fibonacci Murders and got 3 reviews for it, and 7 e-copies of True Death and got 2 reviews for it. They tell me that's a highly successful giveaway.

I've also offered 3 print copies of each, which have been raffled. I received the names and addresses of the winners yesterday so I can send them the books. I hope the recipients review them, but what's to stop them from turning around and reselling the books? Nothing. The only thing is, they might not get a second crack at it on BookGobbler, but there are no-brainer ways around that, too. Just get use a different email address, and register with a fictitious name and your brother-in-law's mailing address...

message 9: by Theodore (last edited Jan 04, 2018 06:02AM) (new)

Theodore Cohen (theodorejeromecohen) | 1429 comments Marie Silk wrote: "I did fill it in but was surprised when the survey stopped abruptly after the question about how much promotional money goes into my books. Also it was a sloppy question imo because it did not give..."

For an Amazon "product," the survey was quite amateurish. Clearly, they are experiencing a problem, but that survey is NOT going to give them the answer to whatever is ailing the program. What's ailing the program is that the premise--the winners will post reviews--is wrong. Follow the money. When people start writing you, asking you to sign only your name if they win the competition (as one person did), it's pretty clear people could care less about posting reviews and more about turning a buck.

I don't know how you ever could create a program such as Giveaways in such a way as too ensure winners will produce reviews. Hell, even after the thousands of books purchased during my ENT discount sales, I doubt readers of those books have posted TEN reviews on the novels they purchased from me. More and more these days (my opinion), people aren't stopping to do much more than the absolute minimum on anything before moving on to whatever is next in their life.

And it's not only in our world I see this. I subscribe to two communication/electronics magazines. Almost every month, I write one to three letters to the writers of articles published in those magazines, commending them on their work, commenting on a circuit they published, noting something about a quirk in ionospheric propagation they overlooked, or something other. And yet, not one person (NOT ONE) has even gone to the "trouble" to hit the REPLY button and said "Hey, Ted, how the hell are ya?!" (I'm very well know internationally in this community) in the last five years. So much for people taking time to do something many used to do as a common courtesy a decade ago. We have all these wonderful communication modes, these "social media," and the fact is, people are more isolated and unsocial than ever before. If you don't believe me, just watch any family, at any restaurant, today. Who are they talking to? If they ARE talking.

Okay...I am now retiring to my cave. It's snowing out, the wind is blowing at 40 mph, my daughter to the east in Princeton lost power a few minutes ago, and it's just another day in Paradise. (;>)

message 10: by Carole (new)

Carole P. Roman | 4623 comments Mod
Agree with you Ted-

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