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message 1: by Carla (last edited Jan 02, 2019 04:12AM) (new)

Carla Johnson-Hicks (carla1957) | 928 comments Trying to finish those challenges with no timeline and do the monthly one only for 2019.

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Carla Johnson-Hicks (carla1957) | 928 comments I have tried this one a couple of times and not managed to complete it, let's give it another go.
Message #27


Alabama - Double Dip 06/20/2018
Alaska - Before I Let Go 01/14/2018
Arizona - Wedding Cake Crumble 04/06/2018
California - Decanting a Murder 02/18/2018
Colorado - Of Murder and Men 05/09/2018
Connecticut - Watching Glass Shatter 04/11/2018
District of Columbia - Color Me Murder 04/28/2018
Florida - Etched in Tears 02/17/2018
Georgia - High Noon 02/16/2018
Hawaii - The Burning Island 12/31/2018
Idaho - Who Moved My Goat Cheese? 03/31/2018
Illinois - Die Me a River
Indiana - When the Grits Hit the Fan 02/15/2018
Iowa - Go Away Home
Kentucky - Fixin' To Die 03/08/2018
Louisiana - Body on the Bayou 07/08/2018
Maine - Stowed Away 02/06/2018
Maryland - Death Is Like a Box of Chocolates 02/24/2018
Massachusetts - Look For Me 02/02/2018
Michigan - Oh, Fudge! 01/16/2018
Minnesota - Booked 4 Murder 07/29/2018
Mississippi - Claws for Concern 01/21/2018
Missouri - Cold as Ice 02/07/2018
Montana - Crime Rib 01/11/2018
Nevada - Pumpkins in Paradise
New Hampshire - A Christmas Flower 01/06/2018
New Jersey - Class Reunions Are Murder 09/27/2018
New Mexico - Sweet Masterpiece
New York - The Rules of Magic 03/03/2018
North Carolina - Dangerous Alterations 01/16/2018
North Dakota
Ohio - Kernel of Truth 02/28/2018
Oklahoma - The Cemetery Club
Oregon - Another One Bites the Crust 02/08/2018
Pennsylvania - With a Vengeance 06/05/2018
Rhode Island - Murder at Rough Point
South Carolina - Plum Tea Crazy 03/10/2018
South Dakota - Better Off Dead in Deadwood
Tennessee - Brew or Die 06/09/2018
Texas - Dang Near Dead 05/03/2018
Utah - Deadly Arrangements
Vermont - A Treacherous Trader 06/18/2018
Virginia - Breakwater 01/06/2018
Washington - The Crêpes of Wrath 03/16/2018
West Virginia - Cropped to Death 10/07/2018
Wisconsin - Survival of the Fritters 03/24/2018
Wyoming - Sign Off

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Carla Johnson-Hicks (carla1957) | 928 comments A-Z Title Challenge
January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

I am going to see how many I can get just using cozy mysteries.
Messsage #26

A - Another One Bites the Crust 02/08/2018
B - The Bluebonnet Betrayal 04/18/2018
C - Crime Rib 01/11/2018
D - Dangerous Alterations 01/16/2018
E - Etched in Tears 03/08/2018
F - Fatality by Firelight 05/08/2018
G - The Garden Plot 08/22/2018
H - Hospitality and Homicide 05/10/2018
I - It Takes a Coven 07/30/2018
J - Just Add Water
K - Kernel of Truth 02/28/2018
L - Lowcountry Boneyard 05/12/2018
M - Miss Seeton Rocks the Cradle 01/28/2018
N - No Way Home 06/05/2018
O - Oh, Fudge! 01/16/2018
P - Plum Tea Crazy 03/10/2018
Q - The Quiche and the Dead 09/24/2018
R - Rockets' Dead Glare 08/10/2018
S - Stowed Away 02/06/2018
T - Treble at the Jam Fest 06/10/2018
U - Uncorking a Lie 07/31/2018
V - Vanilla Bean Murder
W - When the Grits Hit the Fan02/16/2018
X - X Marks the Scot
Y - Yule Log Murder 11/08/2018
Z - A Zen for Murder

message 4: by Britney (new)

Britney (tarheels) | 142 comments Is your states challenge all cozy mysteries?

message 5: by Carla (new)

Carla Johnson-Hicks (carla1957) | 928 comments Britney wrote: "Is your states challenge all cozy mysteries?"

Not at this time, but if i read a cozy and the book listed is not a cozy, i switch it.

message 6: by Carla (last edited Oct 01, 2018 06:09AM) (new)

Carla Johnson-Hicks (carla1957) | 928 comments I am going to try to be Quick as a Bunny and reach either Cagney and Lacey or Sherlock Holmes

Start Date will be today July 20, 2018.

The Twelve Towers

message #57

12 books that you've acquired most recently (from start date).
Deadly Dram
Plain Discovery
Double Blind 08/08/2018
Pawprints & Predicaments 07/29/2018
It Takes a Coven 08/01/2018
Dead Calm
Burning Ridge
The Ex-Wife
A Toast to Murder
A Fatal Collection
The Perfect Friend
A Gathering of Secrets 08/07/2018

11 books that you never find time to get around to or that have been on your shelves the longest (pre-choose these).
Blanche Among the Talented Tenth
Miss Seeton Draws the Line
Witch Miss Seeton
Pumpkins in Paradise
Other People's Baggage
Booked for Trouble
Truth or Die
Die For Me
The Last Moriarty: a Sherlock Holmes Thriller
Blanche Cleans Up: A Blanche White Mystery #3
Destined for Trouble

10 books you randomly select from your shelves (such as by using -- as you go, or pre-choose.) For a little extra bit of random fun, let someone else pick them for you off your shelves. If you've already read them, they can go on category 3, or have them choose again.
Cry Wolf
Shadow Dancing
A Ghostly Mortality
Cat Shout for Joy
Designed For Haunting
A Riesling to Die
Hummus and Homicide
Historically Dead
Dial Meow for Murder 07/24/2018
The Final Vow

9 sequels, series continuations, or spin-offs.
The Battered Body 07/21/2018
Black Beans & Vice
Pasta Mortem
Knot My Sister's Keeper
Last Call
Ax To Grind
Six Feet Under
Till Death Do Us Tart
Say No Moor

8 novellas or short-stories - they can be part of anthologies, you don't have to read the whole book in this case.
Rockets' Dead Glare 08/09/2018
Hairball Hijinks 08/09/2018
A Deadly Brew

7 books that everyone seems to have read but you.

6 anticipated releases (release dates after your start date).
Chardonnayed to Rest
Tear Me Apart
Goodbye Cruller World
Shattered at Sea
Stabbed in the Baklava
Royally Dead

5 books that were recommended to you via Goodreads.

4 books that you started but never finished.

3 book that you've already read before.

2 books with covers that you don't think fit the storyline or that you don't like the covers of but everyone raves about the books.

1 book that intimidates you.

message 7: by Carla (new)

Carla Johnson-Hicks (carla1957) | 928 comments My 2018 Challenge Round up

Monthly Challenges: 11/12 completed (Nov. only 4/5)

A to Z Challenge: Only used cozies and finished 22/26

State Challenge: Stopped updating, will update and finish this year (2019)

Twelve Towers Challenge: To be completed by July 20 2019

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Carla Johnson-Hicks (carla1957) | 928 comments January Mini-Challenges

1. Read a book about your favorite hobby/pastime.

2. Read the first book in a series you have never read before.

3. Read a book with “stairs” or “step” in the title or on the cover.

4. Read a book that features “chocolate” in the title or depicted on the cover.

5. Read a book with a time of day in the title or, a book with some sort of timepiece on the cover.

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