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The Red Garden
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical Fiction: apples, apple planter, 1700s N.E. US. [s]

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Rebecca Severtsen-Rea | 4 comments The novel was set in the 1700s, in a NE part of the country - the weather was cold. The book spanned several generations, and featured apples, a fenced garden, and someone who planted apples like Johnny Appleseed. The titles "Red Lantern" and "Red Garden" stick in my mind, but that's not it. I read this book 7-ish years ago and want to recommend it to a friend who grows heirloom apples as a hobby. Thank you so much!

Melanti | 333 comments Just to double check, it's not The Red Garden?

Because that fits almost every thing you mentioned, and it was released right about the time you think you read this...

It even has Johnny Appleseed in it - though she uses the guy's real name.

Rebecca Severtsen-Rea | 4 comments Good grief, that's it. Thank you so much!

Melanti | 333 comments You're welcome!

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