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Predictions for Smoke and Iron
Cat (Tackfiction) Cat (Tackfiction) Jan 03, 2018 09:26AM
All of this is going to be spoilery if you haven't read Ash and Quill -
you have been warned! (view spoiler)

Cassandra, I agree with you about the platonic friendship representation. I think it's cool that they are similar to Wolfe/Santi but not quite the same. It would be boring if they were anyway. :) After re-listening to Ink and Bone I think I understand Jess/Morgan more, but I'm still not much of a fan. Jess and Thomas' friendship brings me much more joy - they're such a great duo.

I hadn't thought about Thomas/Jess being a couple, but it would be adorable. However, I do like strong platonic friendship rep and I kinda like Morgan. Well, I did until reading these comments!

I think that the Jess/Brendan switch will hold for a while at least, I think it'll be hardest for Brendan because he just doesn't know nearly as much about the Library's workings - can he even send tags etc?

I'm currently listening to Ink and Bone (and then the others) to prepare for the release of Smoke and Iron. I read them on my Kindle the first time around, so listening is a new experience. All that to say: I need to listen to Ash and Quill before I have any solid theories. I've forgotten some of the details.

Thomas definitely knew that Jess and Brendan switched places - he could tell, I'm sure of it. Jess is his best friend and very protective of him. Speaking of Thomas and Jess: I've noticed (what seems to me) a very obvious parallel between the two of them and Wolfe/Santi. I guess this time it's meant to be platonic in nature because of Morgan (although I really don't buy that ship tbh).

I'm so sad that this series is kind of underrated and not as popular as, let's say Six of Crows. There's almost no fanworks or discussion! Unless I've just not been looking in the right place. (Help!)

I find the same thing with this series tbh, there is nowhere near enough discussion online and I can’t understand why there isn’t a bigger fan base for it!
Can totally see what you mean about parallels between Wolfe/Santi Thomas/Jess - they’re very similar pairings. And I don’t ship Morgan much either - I find her a little uninteresting.

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