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Vanessa (thehispanicbookworm) | 306 comments Prologue

There was once a music shop.

From the outside it looked like any shop, in any backstreet. It had no name above the door. No record display in the window. There was just a homemade poster stuck to the glass. For the music you need!!! Everyone welcome!!! We only sell VINYL! If closed, please telephone—though after that it was anyone's guess because, along with more happy exclamation marks, the only legible number was an 8 that could well be a 3; there were two other things that might be triangles.

Inside, the shop was cram-packed. Boxes everywhere, stocked with every kind of record in every speed, size, and color, and not one of them classified. An old counter stood to the right of the door and, at the back, two listening booths towered either side of a turntable, looking more like bedroom furniture than regular booths. Behind the turntable sat the owner, Frank, a gentle bear of a man, smoking and playing records. His shop was often open into the night—just as it was often closed into the morning—music playing, colored lamps waltzing, all sorts of people searching for records.

Classical, rock, jazz, blues, heavy metal, punk ... As long as it was on vinyl, there were no taboos. And if you told Frank the kind of thing you wanted, or simply how you felt that day, he had the right track in minutes. It was a knack he had. A gift. He knew what people needed even when they didn't know it themselves.

"Now, why not give this a try?" he'd say, shoving back his wild brown hair. "I've got a feeling. I just think it will work—"

There was a music shop.

Kriti (kriti01) | 1 comments The Music Shop is a musical love story of Frank and Ilse Brauchmann. Frank All his life he has been looking for, "normal" which he finally found in his music shop where sells Vinyl records. This shop is his life. Here, he isn't just a shopkeeper rather a music therapist. He has music for every occasion, be it to settle a dispute between two souls or to bring back life into the relationship that got sour or to heal the soul of those who had been cheated on their wedding night.“Frank had helped them through illness, grief, loss of confidence and jobs, as well as the more daily things like football results and the weather. Not that he knew about all those things, but really it was a matter of listening, and he had endless patience.”

He had grown up learning about learning about Beethoven’s silences, Vivaldi’s funeral, Bach’s eyes, and Miles Davis’ sly sense of humor from his mother but he couldn't relate Peg-like any other mother. He always missed warm and comfort of a mother, in her. Although, his life whole life was built around Peg's teaching yet his innermost dissatisfaction of not having a normal life created a hole inside him. Even though he was always surrounded by friends like Father Anthony, Maud, Kit(assistant) and many other customers, yet he was all alone but satisfied with his role as a therapist.“Frank was so busy loving other people he had no room to accommodate the fact that someone might turn around one day and love him back.”

His life is upturned when a German girl in green coat faints in front of his shop. Frank is smitten by her presence but the irony is that she is engaged and she doesn't listen to music. However, the love begins to triumph when “The Moonlight Sonata,” “Ain’t it Funky Now, Parts 1 and 2,” and even “God Save the Queen,” the Sex Pistols’ version become the lessons of the week.


It is a quirky musical love story by Rachel Joyce. The storyline is a bit slow but enjoyable with all the music in the background. I really liked that fact that the author has given a background story to all the characters without going into too many details. The author's research of old tracks and artist's stores is really impressive. Overall, it is a fun read but surely not a funny.

If you are looking for nothing too deep, yet enjoyable then this your book.

Suggestion: Read it while playing the songs mentioned in the book, in the background.

Have you read this book?

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