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Break the Ice - Introduce Yourself (Winter 2018)

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Welcome to the Online Book Club! We're excited to have you join us for our Winter 2018 discussions on The Death Class, a true story about life by Erika Hayasaki. As well as our live Q&A event with the subject of the book, Dr. Norma Bowe. Take a minute to introduce yourself!

-Grad year (class of...)
-Have you ever participated in an Online Book Club discussion before?
If yes - any tips for newcomers?
If no - any questions? What are you most looking forward to?
-Anything else you'd like to share!

message 2: by Khali (new)

Khali Raymond | 15 comments Hello. My name is Khali Raymond, and I attend Berkeley College, at the Newark campus. I graduate in 2020. I have participated in the discussion for last semester when we were discussing the book, Naked Jane Bears All. I am looking forward to the next read that is going to be for this semester, and we should have a great time discussing it.

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Sheelia (sheelia_b) | 13 comments Hello once again my name isSheelia Brascomb I go to the Newark Campus. My major is Business Management with a special in Entrepreneurship && I’m scheduled to graduate in 2020. This will be my second time participating in the online discussion. Last semester we had Naked Jane Bares All and it was a very interesting read. So I definitely look forward to this semester choice of book.

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Yulonda (yula45) | 2 comments Hello. My name is Yulonda Dennison, and I attend the Brooklyn Campus. My Program is Information Technology Management and I am scheduled to graduate in 2019. This is my first time participating in the Online Book Club and I am looking forward to it. It seems to be a very interesting read. Happy New Year to everyone!

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Sanela | 10 comments Hello and Happy New Year. My name is Sanela Dervisevic and I am a Financial Services Major expecting to complete my Associates Degree by the end of summer. Won’t stop there. It at least it’s a start. I am not new to the book club, this will be my third participation. This actually motivates me to read more and it’s something I lost as my goal. I actually enjoy it because you learn new things actually that maybe you didn’t think of. Thanks. Sanela

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Adrianna | 2 comments Hello I am Adrianna Young.I attend Berkeley College Newark.My major is Health Service Administration.I participated in the book club last semester and is looking forward to reading and discussing the book with everyone.

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Stella Hi I’m Stella - I’m a librarian at the White Plains campus. I have been apart of in real life but not on an online platform. I’m hoping to get know the different campuses better (students, staff and faculty) - plus read a great book!

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ANJELENE CRUZ (anjelenec) | 6 comments Hello,

Happy New Year! My name is Anjelene Cruz, my major is Criminal Justice expecting a Bachelor's Degree next year. Extremely excited and made a decision to attend law school after receiving a Master's Degree. This is my second participation within the book club and I loved the first book given. I was a bit overwhelmed with all the work and clubs so I was not as active within the book club this semester and I am excited to participate again. The book club motivates me plenty more to read and I feel as if it gives plenty of things to do. I do not have any tips but enjoy the book club and enjoy meeting new people!

Anjelene Cruz

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Alain Scott (poshalain) | 13 comments Greetings. I am at the Brooklyn Campus, class of 2018 majoring in Admin-Management. I have actively been a part of the online book club for just over a year. The choice of books so far have been amazing, from time management to life and everything in between. For the new comers to the book club, be prepared to be engaging and open to sharing. I've found that it's been great to not just post and respond to comments on your own post, but to actively engage others in their posts as well.


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Juan Vargas | 2 comments Hello, my name is Juan C. Vargas, I am an online student with some classes at the Woodland park campus. My major is Information Technology Management. I find the online club discussion very interesting since we can share different point of view.

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Renée Penny (penny_renee) | 4 comments Hi everyone,
My name is Renée and I am a Business Management major. I currently work for SDCL at the Brooklyn campus, however I am an online student. I am a first time mom to a beautiful 6 month old baby boy, who teaches me something new each and everyday.

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Simmy Boby (aboby97) | 2 comments Hello Everyone,
My name is Agnes, I am from Paramus Campus. My major is Marketing Communication class of 2019. I have participated in online book club discussions before, one thing I really enjoy is the face to face interview we get with the actual author. So if we have any question about the book we can just ask the author.

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Shantayah Murray | 3 comments Hello everybody,
My name is Shantayah Murray. I attend my classes at the Woodland Park campus. My major is Graphic Design. My grad year is 2020. I have never participated in an Online Book Club discussion. I don't have any questions at the moment, but if any come up, then I will be sure to ask. I am most excited about reading interesting books and engaging with the community.

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Yronely Estevez (yronelye) | 2 comments Asalam'alaykum to all,

My name is Yronely Estevez, pronounced Ear-ah-Nelly and I am a student at the Manhattan campus. InshAllah, this is my last semester at Berkeley College (sad face) and I have never participated in an online book club. However, I do enjoy reading books, in fact I get crazy and super excited about them, and I am looking forward to learning from this discussion and the selection of book as well. I am also looking forward to the interview.

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Candy Salcedo (BrooklynsCoffeeAddict) | 1 comments Hello All!

My name is Candy (Birth Certificate legit and everything) Salcedo and I am a student at the Brooklyn Campus!! I am Majoring in Business Administration and Management and looking forward to being part of the graduating class of 2020!

As much as I Try to participate in online forums, I have not yet been part or participated in a Book Club Forum. Im very excited to be part of this one and finding myself meeting you all through a new reading venture.

I look forward to this being the start of a new way of sharing, learning and communicating! Reading after all is fundamental!

P.S. A little fun fact, I am a Coffee Junky and very proud LOL and virtual coffee is something I really enjoy!!!

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Jaidah (jaidahlovesyou) | 1 comments my name is jaidah i am a student at the woodbridge campus my major is the medical assistant associates degree program i graduate this year 2018 in the spring i love reading books it's always been a hobby of mines i participated in a lot of book clubs online and in the real world so excited!!

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Lissette Rosado | 1 comments Julie wrote: "Welcome to the Online Book Club! We're excited to have you join us for our Winter 2018 discussions on The Death Class, a true story about life by Erika Hayasaki. As well as our live Q&A event with ..."
Hi everyone, my name is Lissette Rosado. I am an online student, my major is Legal Studies (Class of 2020). No, I did not ever participated in an Online Book Club discussion before. One of my favorite things to do is read so I think this club is going to be like a fresh air among all my daily duties. Of course, I would like to make new friends!

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Chanele | 2 comments Hi everyone,

My name is Chanele Stockling. I am an online student and my major is Legal Studies. I plan to graduate this year. I have not participated in an Online Book Club Discussion before but I look forward to this book and everyone's insight going forward.

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Kristina Jeffries (geminimixx) | 6 comments Hi, my name is Kristina and I am in school for Marketing Communications on,one. I already have a Masters in Psychology and many of my credits already transferred so I am hoping to graduate in two years. (Winter 2020). I have never participated in a book club before because I am a very slow reader and just never thought I had time. I realized that I need to make time for other things. I can’t let home work consume me.

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Nefertari Galeta | 6 comments Hi! My name is Nefertari! I am currently a Marketing Communications Major at the Brooklyn Campus, due to graduate in 2021. I am an avid reader but have never participated in an online book club before! Lovely to meet you all.

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Jacqueline Gray | 12 comments Hello Nefertari

Welcome to Berkeley College Online Book Club, I hope you will enjoy the readings given each semester that you're here. AAgain welcome.


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Primrose Elisma | 1 comments Hello I am a transfer student in my third semester at berkeley both at brooklyn and manhattan location. I am studying to be medical administration and hope to work in the medical field. I am also a mother to a 2.5 year old girl and hope to graduate and have her see me receive my bachelors degree. I am hope to continue to do well and be on the deans list and hopefully one day be on the presidents list

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Jacqueline Gray | 12 comments Hello Primrose, congratulations on your baby girl. Reading is always one of the ways you can be successful in your studies especially in college. If you continue to make your readings count you will be on the President's list soon.


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Erica  (EricaXicara) | 2 comments Hello Everyone! I am on my second semester at Berkeley. I go to the Newark Campus. I just had a beautiful baby girl who just turned one month. And a one year old son. My major is Health Sciences with a specialty in Patient Care. I will graduate in 2020. I have participated in last semester's book discussion, and on the books that I have read. I have a goal of reading at least 15 books this year, having two kids, time is rough. I also wish to continue to do well in this semester and keep up my grades. I hope everyone has a wonderful semester!!

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Rosa Andrade | 77 comments Hello everyone,
I'm Rosa Andrade and I love being a part of Book Club!
I am actually a Berkeley Graduate - class of 2016!!
I got my Bachelors in Marketing Communications from Berkeley after transferring from Essex County College.
I lost count of how many semesters I have participated but I know it's one of the best decisions I made.
As a returning participant, all I can I advise you to do is share your thoughts with people and use this as a learning experience!!

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Aleah (aleah_perez) | 5 comments Hello everyone! My name is Aleah Perez and I am with the Paramus campus in New Jersey. I am majoring in Health Services Administration. I did participate in the online book club last semester. I truly enjoyed the discussions here and the novel chosen was amazing. I tip I'd give is to have fun and keep an open mind while reading the novel as well as others comments. You will be surprised at the things that come to you when keeping an open mind rather than be closed minded. Enjoy!!

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Jamacia Austin | 1 comments Good morning everyone Im very excited about being apart of this group ,

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Julianna Tamba (jylie29) | 8 comments Hello my name is Julianna Tamba. My major is Health Service Management. I use to participate, but was under a lot of stress so I couldn't participate. I want to participate in this book discussion because I find the book to be interesting. I will do my best to add to the conversation or book discussion my honest views on what I read and thought about the book, and I will make sure I ask any questions that I need to clarify what I didn't understand or comprehend.

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Chelle Rose | 19 comments Hello my name is Michelle Skyers. My major is Legal Studies, this is my first time joining any type of book club. I attend classes online because it's more convenient for me especially since I have a busy schedule. I enjoy reading a lot and I'm looking forward to discussing New topics with everyone.

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Alexis Pierre (Lexylex1214) | 1 comments Hello everyone, My name is Alexis Pierre. I'm Majoring in Business Management and Administration. This is my first time participating in an online book club but its not my first time being in a book club. My mom hosts book clubs in the spring. My favorite genre is urban books. I am looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and reading different genre's. I cant wait to read and discuss our books

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Cristina Rivera (cristinadonovan) | 2 comments Hi everyone my name is Cristina Rivera and I'm a student at the Woodland Park Campus. I am going for my LPN license and eventually going back for my BSN. This is my second to last semester. My first online Book Club discussion was last semester. I am hoping to be able to participate more this semester than I was able to last semester given how busy they keep us with studying.

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Yulissa Sosa | 1 comments hello everyone my name is Yulissa Sosa I'm from woodland park campus, my graduation year will be or 2019 or 2020 not sure , also this will be the first time in any type of book club, I'm doing this because one of my golds for 2018 is to read more and learn as much as can from each book.

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Prerna (prernajoshi) | 2 comments Hello everyone, I'm Prerna studying ITM at Berkeley College New York City campus as a Freshman. This is the first time I'm participating in a book club. I love to read and have read many novels so far.
I'm looking forward to read 'The Death Class' by Erika Hayasaki.

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Avianca Whiters (awhiters) | 2 comments Hello,
My name is Avianca and I'm doing online classes to receive my bachelors in Health Care Administration. Even though I'm online I am very close to the Woodbridge campus. My expected graduation year is 2020. This is my first time in a online book club. I was apart of book club in high school but that was 10 years ago. I am excited to step out of my comfort zone and interact with new people.

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Chelle Rose | 19 comments Nice to me you

message 36: by Chelle (new)

Chelle Rose | 19 comments Nice to meet each and everyone of you

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Nicole Labar | 2 comments Hello Everyone,
My name is Nicole and I am currently taking online classes only. I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Management and will be graduating this August 2018. I've never participated in a book club of any kind before but am excited to do so as I've recently been wanting to push myself to read more books. I truly enjoy reading, however, I put it off as it's easy to get distracted by so many things in everyday life. I'm most looking forward to expanding my thoughts when reading and seeing what other people have to say as well from their own point of view. I look forward to discussing and sharing ideas with everyone!


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Neolis Valenzuela | 5 comments Hello, I am Neolis Jazmin Valenzuela, I am an International Business major at the Midtown Campus NYC. I am expected to graduate December 2018. I had participated once before last year when we reading Kevin Kruse's book on time management.

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Shayquana (shayquanaa) | 37 comments Mod
Hello to you all, my name is Shayquana and I am on the online Campus. My major is Business Management and Administration. I look to graduate this year in May. I also have several books by participating in the many Berkeley Online Book Club discussions. For all newcomers, give your honest opinion about the book so that others can have a better understanding of the different viewpoints that others have. Honestly, I am looking forward to learning the author’s insight on death in the hopes of accepting death more now than I ever have before. I am actually sad that this would be my last book and discussion. Good luck to you all in the future.

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Celina Huaman | 4 comments Hello my name is Celina Huaman I am part of woodbridge campus. I am studying legal studies and graduate in 2020. I took part of last semester book read and am looking forward to this semester book. Make sure that you read what everyone else posts to get a better understanding of what is going on with people when they read. This gives you a chance to understand and view the group members point of view. I hope everyone enjoys.

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Tashawna Bryant | 4 comments Hello All,
My name is Tashawna Bryant. I am an Online student majoring in Financial Services. I am a new student set to graduate in 2020. I have never been in a book club before. Id like to know how this would work and how we are able to engage with one another about our reading. Does this have a time limit as to when we have to finish the book, ideally so that we can have the discussion or is it ongoing?

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Vincent Speaks (VCspeaks) | 3 comments Greetings!
My name is Vincent Speaks you can find me at the midtown campus. My major is Legal Studies, which works out great since I'm an avid reader of all genres. I have a bout 1 1/2 year to complete my degree. I have never joined a book club, because I never thought I'd have time so I am excited to participate.

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