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message 1: by Sherily (new)

Sherily | 12 comments Belador Cosaint: Belador Book 9
by Dianna Love
This book should be included among the rest of the series since this is book 9. However, the way it is titled and listed makes it a stand alone book. Even when I do a search of the Belador series all 8 books come up in the list except for this one.
Can someone please refer to the Belador series and see how those titles are listed so this one can change to match so it will be included in the search list as well??

message 2: by Sam (new)

message 3: by Sherily (new)

Sherily | 12 comments Sam wrote: "Book added to series"

Great!!! Thank you. Now the whole series is together.
Happy New Year!

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