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Lana  (Bibliomedico) (bibliomedico) | 47 comments Mod
The last chapters Discussion ....
:D Spoilers Alert :D
Thank You

Shela Anggeria | 8 comments omg...😭😭😭😭 i don't know what to say. i can believe that isabelle was died, she was my fav 😭😭😭

Aisyah Maulidina (aisyahmldn) | 3 comments Actually when I read the modern era, I had a strange feeling that one of these girls will die. At first, I thought the woman in the modern era is Isabelle because Vianne first born is Sophie then Daniel. But at the middle of the story I began to doubt when she talked about a man that she killed and a man that she's supposed to kill. They both killed Captain Beck, right? And it turns out Isabelle dies after everything that she's done, after she's freed. It's broke my heart but I wasn't crying because I knew, after that war Isabelle won't be the same anymore. Maybe it was the best for her. I was crying when they took Daniel from Vianne. I slightly hope Vianne will keep Daniel forever. He's just a little boy and separated from his mother twice will broke his heart. But, it's the best for him and for everyone.

Mariana | 7 comments OMG I havent cried like this over a book for solo long! The worst part for me was the moment Vianne said goodbye to Daniel! I get that his biological family wants him and needs him, but, come on, Vianne and Sophie where the only family he new! And being apart from them and later having this strangers telling him to forget them! Thats was super sad! Im just glad he found her in the end, that part was beautiful! And seeing Vianne be at peace with everything and seeing how her sister changed so many lives! Im proud of both girls! I normally don't like war books, but this book was amazing!

Lana  (Bibliomedico) (bibliomedico) | 47 comments Mod
I actually haven't cried, even while reading the last chapters, but I felt a terrible sadness, worse than crying πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
I loved them all, Vianne, Isabelle, Sophie, Daniel.. All of them, every one fought the war in their own way.
I'm really glad that I got the opportunity to read this great novel.
I knew that wars are bad, but haven't thought of all those events before πŸ˜₯.
I thank God that we live in more peaceful places than before 😭

BMAD_addicts | 7 comments I just finished this book and i cried so much reading the last few chapters. I felt so sad for all Isabelle, Vianne, Sophie, Antoine, Gaetan and Daniel been through. I feel so proud that they have all survived those suffering and to those who don't will always be remembered. This book is just so good in a lot of ways. It shows the good and bad sides of war and how it affects after. It's my first historical fiction and this book make me to want to pick up more books from this genre.

Kritin Hannah did such a great job writing this book and it will always be in my favorites shelve. This will certainly be a book that i will re-read. Lastly, I want to thank this bookclub, Reading by Moonlight for giving me the oppurtunity to come across this book, without you guys i wont found this amazing book. Thank you!! ❀❀

Veronica (OnWednesdaysWeRead_) | 1 comments Just finished. I cried so many times 😭 One of my favorite books ever! Wow wow wow!

the bookish lover (the_bookish_lover) | 7 comments OMG i finished it last night and i was DEAD :( i loved this book soooo much, it was heart breaking in so many sure i will be picking it up again to read it. Thank you so much for showing me this book, <3 forever grateful

β€” ban✨ (beaslaysah) | 4 comments i was reading chapter thirty eight in history and was about to cry, but i held it in. then my teacher comes and asks me, are you okay? and im like yes (nO IM IN TEAR BC THIS BOOK IS SO. DAMN. GOOD) im so glad i got to read this book, its crazy good and i love it so much

Riley (rsuntken12) So I just finished the book last night and I am actually dead. I cried so hard during the speech at the end and when Ari/Daniel came back. I don’t usually read historical fiction but I loved this book!!

Rianne (bouquetofbooks) | 6 comments I can honestly say that a book has never made me cry as much as the ending of this book did. Isabelle dead, after all she has been through. Vianne carrying that horrible Nazis baby. The intensity of what these woman have gone through is hard to swallow and left me feeling sad but proud of how strong they were and all that they risked to protect the ones they loved and to protect as many others as possible at whatever risk to them.

At the reunion in Paris when Vianne sees Gaetan and recalls Isabelle dying in her arms... I lost it. When he introduces his daughter as Isabelle the water works really came! Finally, when Vianne sees Ari again, I was in full blown sobs.

I could not recommend this book enough, an automatic five star read for me. It was beautifully written with many twists and turns and the reality of what ordinary families go through in war was portrayed perfectly. It shows that no matter how hard war beats you down, it cant touch your soul and the love you have for others, as Isabelle said. So thankful I ventured into this new genre and fell head over heels in love with this book!

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