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Lana  (Bibliomedico) (bibliomedico) | 47 comments Mod
Chapters (21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30 )... :P

Lana  (Bibliomedico) (bibliomedico) | 47 comments Mod
Wow! This novel is getting more and more interesting, Vianne started to understand that in war, you should always give more, in order to save yourself and your loved ones, You can't just set there and wait for others to do the work. Isabelle also started to understand herself truly, she fall in love and there is literally no time for them 😭😭😭.
I felt sad a lot those chapters, I loved Sarah and Rachel 😭😭. Ohhh, this novel is going to kill me ❤️

BMAD_addicts | 7 comments Both of the characters are changing and i like that. Isabelle finally understand the consequences of her actions and Vianne is finally doing something against the war; this chapters are so heartbreaking yet admirable. Im so sad for the loss of Sarah, and Rachel wherever you are i hope you will stay strong 😭😭. The relationship between Gaetan and Isabelle is so heartbreaking.... They both found each other during the war and yet the war is breaking them apart 😭. This novel is breaking me apart chapter by chapter...

Amera (artimies) | 3 comments This book is getting more dark and heartbreaking..
I like how Vianne and Isabelle characters developed and grown so much .. They both suffered and they both learned about how brutally war can hurt and change us ..
I was sad for Sarah , Rachel , Beck _he wasn’t a bad person_ the children who lost their mothers ..

Rianne (bouquetofbooks) | 6 comments This book is really playing with my emotions! I have grown attached to so many characters and couldn’t believe what happened to Sarah and Rachel. Ugh my heart goes out to them. It’s amazing to see how Isabelle and Vianne are both growing so much! I cannot believe Beck is dead! I grew a soft spot for him after all he did for their family. But I am proud of Vianne for standing up to save Isabelle. Things are taking an interesting turn and I can’t wait to see how it ends. My heart is already breaking though! 💔

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