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Ƒᴀվᘔᴀ... {Iɱ Ꮗҽíཞᗪ} (lovefayfay) Deep in the woods, a cabin thats been long abandoned stays hidden. Sometimes teenagers looking for trouble, or hook ups, go to their. But in it the floors creek and things drop. Here the ghost come to hide or seek shelter if they have no other place to go to.

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) Belle padded through the trees, swatting away stray branches and bugs. She truly loathed bugs. But she was running low on ingredients for her spells. Specifically herbs, fresh from the ground. She was working on a sleeping spell, and was running considerably low on thyme and spearmint. She heard a voice and froze as she broke through the clearing, where an old cabin sat.

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) Belle whipped out her wand, carved from a blackthorn tree. The voice had come from the other side of the house. She pulled out her travel spell-notebook and flipped through the pages until she found an invisibility spell. She whispered it under her breath and her wand briefly glowed. Then she tiptoed around the house to the front, where she'd heard the voice coming from. She was nearly to the front when she tripped over a stray wood board, and tumbled to the ground, followed by a string of loud curses.

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) Belle sucked in a breath as her invisibility spell wore off because of her lack of focus. She heard a man, or boy maybe, she wasn't sure, from inside the cabin. They sounded frightened. "I know the dark arts too!" She groaned, standing and brushing herself off. Stupid old house. She picked up her wand that she'd dropped and shoved her notebook back into her backpack. She needed it for white magic and simple invisibility spells, but dark magic and fighting spells were her thing.

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) He didn't look like he wanted to pick a fight. Belle would be lying if she said she wasn't a tiny bit disappointed. Sighing, she held up her hands indicating that she wasn't looking for a fight either. She looked down and cocked her head at the roses a few inches from her black boot. "Impressive, actually. Is it an illusion spell or are they actually roses now?"

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) She bent down and gingerly picked one up. She twirled it between her fingers and sniffed the flower. It was definitely real. "That is actually pretty impressive," she complemented. Belle wasn't typically a people person, but judging from the neck scratching, neither was he.

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) Belle placed the flower back down with the others. "Not one for conversations, huh?" she chuckled. He was clearly talented, therefore, he had her respect. She pushed stray pieces of blue hair that'd come out of her twin buns behind her heavily pierced ear, and held out her hand. "My name is Belladonna, but you seem pretty okay, so I guess you can call me Belle."

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) She smiled a little s shook his hand. “Most of the time neither do I, if that’s believable.” She looked down at the roses again. “Where’d you get your spell book from? I’m not familiar with that kind of magic,” she said, nudging one of them with the tip of her boot.

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) “Oh, my parents taught me. I, uh, I never learned much white magic, other then the basics. Black magic is more of my thing, I guess i’m just not one of those do-gooders,” she smiled bitterly. Good things never exactly worked out well for her anyway.

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) Belle snorts. "Not me. I gave up on that shit a long time ago." It wasn't really the best attitude on life, but it was true. "Doing good never got me anywhere in life, anyway," she adds quietly.

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) "Mint oil... I might actually," she murmurs, rifling through her bag. She found it, a small vial of spearmint oil. It was the last of it, but she came here to find some more, anyway, so she supposed he could have it. She held out the vial. "Will this do?"

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) Belle felt heat rise into her cheeks when he bowed. He clearly was raises to have manners. She supposed it was charming. “Oh, you don’t happen to have any thyme do you? I, uh, need it for a sleeping potion,” she said.

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) “Oh, um enough for one potion I guess, so not too much,” she said, rubbing the back of her neck. She didn’t like asking people for things, it made her self conscious for some reason. “What spell did you need the mint oil for?”

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) Belle let out a low whistle. “That sounds pretty advanced. What are you saving the roses for?” She tucked the thyme into her bag. “Oh, thank you, by the way,” she said, trying to shove down her self-consciousness. ((nice pun lol))

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) “Oh, yeah I got it...” she trails off, absently touching the pendant around her neck, a reminder of the last time she’d let herself fallen for someone. “Still, that’s pretty advanced stuff there. Well, at least from what I know. But I only know dark magic and stuff, and clearly light magic is your thing, so maybe it’s not advanced to you,” she said, not even realizing she was kind of rambling.

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❀eja❀ (eja-the-breadstick) She smiled back, warmly. "That's really cool. The receiver of those immortal flowers will be a lucky person." Truly, they were. He was charming, polite, and not so bad on the eyes either.

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