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Jeremy (the1germ) | 96 comments Mod
Discussion for Chapters 7 - 9 of Forest Mage. Spoilers for these chapters are abundant and unmarked.

Jeremy (the1germ) | 96 comments Mod
Fuagh. These were some heavy chapters.

Dewara seemed like a lot of build up for nothing. I guess the takeaway is that Nevare has super healing powers? It is thematically nice for Dewara to die alongside the plains magic, but otherwise this chapter didn't do much for me.

Chapters 8 and 9... I was pretty vocal reading these lol. Even having some knowledge of what's going to happen, I was still gasping and "oh man"ing my way through. To be locked up, starving and forgotten in a room while the plague sweeps through the house is just... well, this is exactly why I read Robin Hobb, folks.

These chapters are strongest in my memory for how much I hated Nevare's dad, so I was really surprised in the SC re-read how much I liked him there. This shifted view has continued here, and I don't loathe him half as much as before. He is absolutely awful to Nevare, but I feel really bad for him. Burvelle Landing, the estate, his family - he worked hard and earned all of these things. In a world where you are literally handed things just for being born, it really means something to have something great that you didn't just inherit. And all of it, gone within a week. How devastating!

Jeremy (the1germ) | 96 comments Mod
Also, really appreciating the subtle, more "foresty" descriptions as Nevare's other half settles in. He's actively noting things he hadn't thought about before, and I thought it was interesting that he kept moving his bed to the sun in his room.

Parker | 74 comments I absolutely despised Navare's father in these chapters. I have lived with a similar attitude from my mum, so it was a bit like reliving my life.

Interesting that as his Speck self comes more to the fore, Nevare is becoming increasingly aware and in tune with things, including becoming increasingly self-aware.

Jeremy (the1germ) | 96 comments Mod
Parker, you've caught me by surprise! Glad to have you joining me. :)

I'll have to buckle in and get rolling on this book now that I'm not talking to myself!

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Alfred Haplo (alfredhaplo) | 550 comments What's wrong with talking to oneself?! I haven't started on the book, but have been taking sneak peeks to see what I'll be getting myself into.

Don't know what despicable thing the father did at this juncture*, but in the earlier book, I thought the father gave a lot passive-aggressive mixed signals. Like rigorously training Nevare to be the perfect, obedient soldier yet hoping he would also break the rules. *shakes head*

(EDIT *I'm ok with spoilers for this book)

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