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Forest Mage (Soldier Son, #2)
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SoldierSon #2: Forest Mage > Forest Mage 2018 > Chapters 4 - 6 ** SPOILERS **

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Jeremy (the1germ) | 96 comments Mod
Discussion for Chapters 4 - 6 of Forest Mage. Spoilers for these chapters are abundant and unmarked.

Jeremy (the1germ) | 96 comments Mod
5 - I can see how a lot of people think this is a chore to read, but I am LIVING FOR IT. The starving fat man at a wedding feast is high drama and I can't get enough! Of course the serving man showed up with two heaping plates of food, just as his parents and the hosts were there. What else could he do but gorge, after starving himself for days?

Honestly this whole chapter made me super hungry.

And Nevare is so sassy these days! Woo buddy, "You will crawl on your knees and beg forgiveness for what you've done to me today!" And snipping back at his father? I love the spine his other self has brought back with him.

So Nevare has deduced that he's become fat with magic, but he's still missing some pieces. He keeps saying that the uniform fit him fine when he left the Academy, his reflection didn't look this bloated at the Academy. What happened between then and now?

The spindle. It doesn't sound like he absorbed as much of the magic that was unleashed as he wished, but it was probably enough to make him grow considerably.

Also, the sacrificial bird trap was super creepy.

Jeremy (the1germ) | 96 comments Mod
6 - Man, this is super frustrating. I really liked Nevare's dad in SC, and it's sad to see him so unhinged here. How is the possibility that the weight is an effect of the plague so impossible for them to grasp? His family won't even entertain the idea, despite it being right there in the letters from Amica.

Nevare feels the magic in him working while he sleeps, doing something - I wonder if that has anything to do with his family's behavior? Duril seemed to have no problem with at least hearing him out.

I also found Nevare's contrasting stance on religion interesting. He seemed to have a rather atheist reaction to his mother's offerings to the good god, but took extreme offense at the family worshipping the old gods. Could that be his Speck self speaking?

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