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message 1: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy (the1germ) | 96 comments Mod
Discussion for Chapters 1 - 3 of Forest Mage. Spoilers for these chapters are abundant and unmarked.

message 2: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy (the1germ) | 96 comments Mod
So far, this is a very different Nevare from what we've seen so far. He's actually a participant in the scenes, which is refreshing. And uh, how about all that sex he just had? First the farm girl, then seeking out a prostitute the next night? Who is this man!

The stairs and the needle are standouts for these chapters that I'd forgotten all about. I loved to see him take action against the people making fun of him at the stairs, even if it's something he wasn't conscious of doing. The needle was very surreal, and I can't wait to see what impact this destruction of magic may have.

I love how the weight gain kind of sneaks up on him, just as it does to any person that's experienced it. It's not something you really notice happening, and you may dismiss the offhand teasing from your friends. It's not until you see people you haven't seen for awhile that it really hits you.

Really glad to be out of the Academy.

message 3: by Alfred (new)

Alfred Haplo (alfredhaplo) | 550 comments Took a sneak peak here. Yowza! Glad our boy's getting some.

On the weight gain, that reminds me I should have paid more on attention how Hobb had handled Gord in the previous book. BTW, does Gord ever appear again in this book? And Sil? I was hoping she would reappear.

message 4: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy (the1germ) | 96 comments Mod
Trying not to spoil much farther than these few chapters - but Gord is here! And honestly I don't remember if Sil comes back or not, my memory is so hazy.

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