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message 2: by John (last edited Jan 16, 2018 08:37AM) (new)

John | 73 comments Really enjoyed her story. Interesting how multiple aspects align with the fictional story "Thousand Splendid Suns." Personally this culture is far from my own multi-cultural experiences so it had been nice to get more insight to Malala's world. I know ever story has a "side," but her experiences mingled with my little insight about the area sure do raise questions about the power struggles in her homeland. In our modern world it is easy to take freedom for granted. She lives in fear daily just because she wants to learn and supports other girls learning.

message 3: by Kailey (new)

Kailey P (by_kailey) | 22 comments Just finished and I also really enjoyed her story. Very inspirational and intriguing. I love biographies because it's a real life look into the lives of other people. Pakistan sounds beautiful from her descriptions of the scenery and nature. I do hope that one day she will be able to live at peace in her homeland again.

message 4: by Calvin Tower (new)

Calvin Tower (calvintower) | 3 comments As a new Dad I was stuck by how much her father and his works influenced her. In many instances she imitated him going completely counter to her culture and it sounded like it never occurred to her to do anything differently.

message 5: by John (new)

John | 73 comments Ok, so I see that there is some negative feedback about this book. I haven't taken the time to read any of it, but does anyone know why?

message 6: by Lana (new)

Lana Jackson | 48 comments I believe there is some controversy about the book, where people who live in her town and surrounding areas believe it to be not the whole truth.
I think we have to remember that it was written by a young girl and no matter what, every story told will be told differently through the eyes of each individual person.
I enjoyed reading the book and travelling to Pakistan through the pages and the reality of the story is that she was shot in a callous way. It's her life through her eyes.

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