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Paula | 532 comments Anxious to get started.

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Paula | 532 comments 1. The Wild Rose - Jennifer Donnelly


This picks up with Willa after she had run away from Seamie. It covers so much territory and historical events and really keeps you turning the pages. It revisits slightly the lives of Joe and Fiona as well as India and Sid but the main story is of Willa and Seamie. I hated for it to end.

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Paula | 532 comments 2. Killman Creek - Rachel Caine


This takes off right where Stillhouse Lake left off. Gwen decides to not wait for Melvin to come for her and her children, she decides to go after him. She and Sam go on the trail with some help from Sam's FBI buddy Mike. After a video turns up showing Gwen helping Melvin, no one trusts her anymore including her own kids.

This was another page turner with a couple of "really" moments but it moves so quickly that you can overlook those. This one was every bit as good as the first one. Not for the faint of heart.

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Paula | 532 comments 3. What Was Lost - Catherine O'Flynn


Katie is a precocious young girl who wants to be in investigator. She keeps notes and follows "suspects" with her sidekick, a stuffed monkey. One day she just disappears and no one knows what happened to her.

This was an interesting story with some troubled characters. It moved a bit slow at times but kept my interest.

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Paula | 532 comments 4. Mariner's Compass - Earlene Fowler


Benni is shocked when she is notified that she has been left an inheritance by a man in Morro Bay. She has no idea who he is or why he would have named her. The stipulation is that she must live in his home for 2 weeks and no one can stay with her meaning Gabe, her husband will not be happy.

This was a very good read. I loved all the clues that Benni had to follow to find out about Jacob Chandler and what kind of person he was. It was a fun read.

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Paula | 532 comments 5. The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic - Darby Penney


After a number of old suitcases were found in the attic of Willard Asylum in New York, what was salvageable went into a museum. The authors chose 10 suitcases with enough artifacts in them to collect data on the individuals themselves.

I thought this was a very interesting study and effort to bring these people to light. It does not delve into the abuses of the asylum itself or how the patients were treated. This large institution was run by the patients themselves, as it seemed to help with their treatment. Most were there for years until their death. Some didn't need to be there that long but let's face it, mental illness has been an enigma from the beginning and although things have improved somewhat, a lot has not changed.

Interesting book.

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Paula | 532 comments 6. Catnapped - Patricia Fry


Savannah goes to help her aunt who has broken her foot. She has brought her cat Rags with her. It seems there have been a lot of catnapping going on and Savannah and her aunt get a group together to find out who's doing it and to try and rescue the cats.

Cute story but written very simply. The romance was a bit rushed and I thought the rescue was a bit too easy. It was fun to read about the cat antics.

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Paula | 532 comments 7. My Tiny Vegas - Birdie Jaworski


This is a short book about the tiny town of Las Vegas, New Mexico. The author gives different chapters on characters and places and a bit of history of this small town as well as some surrounding areas. What made it more fun for me is that I've been to a few of the places she talks about.

One time traveling from Colorado to El Paso, Texas, our car was acting up. We pulled off the freeway at Las Vegas and stopped on a dirt street and few houses. My husband proceeded to fix the problem with the car while the kids and I got out of the hot vehicle. Some kids were playing a game of baseball in the road and asked my older kids to join. The baby and I watched and rooted for both teams. It was a fun experience (maybe not for my husband) but the kids and I always remembered that time.

We've also been to Los Alamos but never to the museum and we also went to the Arroyo in Socorro on yet another trip. I took many pictures of the array, no one was there but us but found later that I had no film in my camera. Oh well, memories are good.

I found Birdie's book to be a fun one with her memories and mine as well.

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Paula | 532 comments 8. Roses are Red - James Patterson


Alex is called into a case when a bank robbery takes place and the manager's family is killed. There are no clues. More robberies take place with different perps and the results vary. Alex and the FBI are stymied.

This was quite the page turner and I found myself staying up later than I had intended to finish. Can't wait to get into the next one.

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Paula | 532 comments 9. Left - Tamar Ossowski


Therese is the mother of 2 daughters, Matilda 12 and Franny 9 who is also autistic. One morning she wakes up, reads the paper and decides to leave her mother's home. She drops Franny off at her best friends house and takes Matilda to start a life elsewhere.

This is one of those books that leaves you feeling unsure of whether you liked it or not. You have to digest it for a bit afterward. I think I did like it, it kept me turning pages and I was interested in the characters and all the secrets unfolding slowly throughout. It's the type of book that will keep you thinking about it long after you've read it. I liked the way the author writes, but one of the characters was way to shallow for my liking. I don't want to give anything away so will generalize a bit. It's either a book you will like or hate.

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Paula | 532 comments 10. Once Upon a Star - Peggy Trentini

3*s for entertainment

I think the title of this book should have been "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places". Trentini says she was looking for love but, of all things, all these men were womanizers! Imagine that. When you throw yourself at guys (any guys) you are not a new thing.

She writes chapters on Sylvester Stallone, Vince Neil, Johnnie Depp, David Cassidy, Kevin Costner and others. It was somewhat entertaining.

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Paula | 532 comments 11. You Will Know Me - Megan Abbott


Devon Knox has been a shining star athlete since she was a young child, a natural. Everything centers around her. It is all leading up to whether or not she will make the Olympics, and this is her last chance.

I listened to this on audio and enjoyed it. The end got a little tedious to me. I felt sorry for Drew, being in the background but this is how it is when all effort goes into a sibling. It was an interesting read.

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Paula | 532 comments 12. The Quaker Café - Brenda Bevin Remmes


This is a story of a group of three friends in a small Quaker community. When Maggie's father, The Judge passes away in his favorite café, everyone is heartbroken. Maggie wants to have the Black Baptist Church share in the funeral of the Judge. As time moves on, secrets begin to emerge that effect the friends and the community.

When I started this book, it just didn't grab me. I was going to give up on it but another reader encouraged me to read a little further. I'm glad she did because I ended up really liking the characters and the storyline once I got into it. Good story and life lessons.

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Paula | 532 comments 13. November of the Heart - Lavyrle Spencer


Lorna is an 18 year old girl from a rich family with a boyfriend named Taylor who has a wonderful future. Lorna lives in Minnesota in the 1900's where young girls are prim and proper but Lorna is anything but. She loves sailing and is interested in a new design that Jen's, the kitchen help wants to build. She talks her father into hearing him out and building a boat.

The book started out a little slow for me, but quickly picked up. I loved the story of Lorna and Jens, from different sides of the tracks.

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Paula | 532 comments 14. Dark Places - Gillian Flynn


Libby and her brother Ben are the sole survivors of the brutal murder of her mother and two sisters. Ben is in jail for the murders because of the testimony of then, 7 year old Libby. Now 25 years later, Libby is a lazy hateful person. She meets Lyle who belongs to a group called the Kill Club. These are groupies who follow murderers and think these people are innocent. Libby needs money so she agrees to talk to the characters involved with Ben back then and see what she can find out.

This book was pretty graphic and involved some very flawed characters but I could hardly put it down. It gets so intense at times that you want to look away but just can't. I was a bit disappointed at the end, but it didn't ruin the rest of the story for me. I liked this one better than "Gone Girl".

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Paula | 532 comments 15. Dying to Read - Lorena McCourtney


Cate is having problems in her 29 year old life. She has broken up with her boyfriend and has no job. She moves in with her Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe is a PI and offers her a job as a temporary PI to help him out. She is assigned to find a woman named Willow for someone and let Uncle Joe know where she is. What Cate finds is so much more.

I have read and enjoyed all the Ivy Malone series so thought I would give this new series a try. Cate was a lot of fun and a very down to earth PI just starting out. She made many mistakes but they seemed pretty plausible to me. There were a number of characters to keep up with but it didn't muddle the plot. A fun cozy and I look forward to the next one.

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Paula | 532 comments 16. Don't Go - Lisa Scottoline


Mike Scanlon is a surgeon in Afghanistan. He is called home just a month before he is to go home because his wife has died. His young daughter is with his wife's sister Danielle and her husband Bob. Mike is grief stricken over Chloe's death. Danielle and Bob tell him not to worry, they will take care of little Emily until he returns. Bob draws up papers to make it legal and Mike goes back. He is talked into re-upping for a year with the approval of Danielle and Bob. Mike is sent home after his arm is blown off by an IED.

I thought the story was good and really liked and felt sorry for Mike. I kept feeling something amiss with Danielle and Bob but the story kind of fell apart for me toward the end. The ending was kind of out in left field but the plot was good. If I could, this would be 3 1/2 stars.

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Paula | 532 comments 17. The Summer of New Beginnings - Bette Lee Crosby


Lila and George are a young couple in love. They marry and move to a nice new community to raise a family. They have two daughters, Tracy and Meghan. George starts a magazine to make a living and Meghan is his right hand "man". They work closely together until one day, George passes away. Meghan decides to postpone school to keep the magazine up and running. Tracy is the wild child and runs off with her boyfriend to the dismay of Lila.

I got this book from Netgalley to read and review. I love reading Bette's books, they never disappoint. This book brings forth the love of family and the lengths they will go to for forgiveness and reaching out a helping hand when needed. The closeness of the sisters and the loving home that Lila provides in the face of adversity keeps the reader going. This endearing story was inspirational and gave this reader chills from time to time. I highly recommend this book.

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Paula | 532 comments 18. Leisure Seeker - Michael Zadoorian


Ella and John are in their 80's. He has Alzheimer's and she has numerous illnesses including cancer. She decides that rather than being in the hospital or having numerous tests, they should go on one last trip together.

I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. I am so glad that I did. This book is such a touching story, I had to check to see if it were true, it sure could have been. The characters were very real, going through the end of their lives in the way they wanted to do it. They travel on the old Route 66 and I got my road map out and followed their path. Zadoorian does a wonderful job of telling this adventure without making it morose. It is quite uplifting. There are a few parts that are sad but there are more that are happy and fulfilling. I highly recommend this book.

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Paula | 532 comments 19. Breaking Stalin's Nose - Eugene Yelchin


Sasha Zaichik lives in a communal apartment with 48 other families. They all share a kitchen and one bathroom. Sasha's father is an important man in Stalin's regime and Sasha can think of no higher honor than being in the Young Pioneer group. He loves Stalin, until his father is arrested. Now he is beginning to question how he and his father lived.

This was recommended to me by a librarian in an elementary school. I probably would have passed over the title otherwise but she was right, it was a very good read. It was a well written account that older elementary children could get a lot out of. This would make a good group read.

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Paula | 532 comments 20. Silver Lies - Ann Parker


Inez is co owner of the Silver Queen Saloon. Her husband left her and she's not sure where he is. One of her patrons, and husband of her good friend is found dead behind her establishment. Inez does not trust the Sheriff and decides to find the killer herself and gets into a lot of trouble.

I love stories about Leadville. I've been there many times and enjoy reading about the early days. This was a good story and the author didn't try to get by with just the famous and colorful people that lived there. She made a good story out of unknowns. I'll read the next in the series to see where it goes from here.

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Paula | 532 comments 21. The Mardi Gras Murder - Ellen Byron


After a terrible flood in Pelican, Louisiana, a body is washed up near Maggie's yard. It looks like a drowning but upon further examination, it looks as though the man was shot. Maggie's "gran" is laid up with an illness and tells Maggie she must take her place as a judge for the Gumbo Queen competition. Maggie would rather spend the time finding out who the dead man is and why he was shot but is forced by Gran to do her duty.

This is a first time author for me and I very much enjoyed this cozy mystery. I loved the descriptions of the smaller town of Pelican, the older family plantations and the pride of a family name. I have New Orleans on my bucket list, having never been there but now I am really looking forward to going there sooner than later. This was not only a fun read but an interesting one as well. I loved these characters and will now have to go back and get the first in the series. I now have a new author to add to my cozy series.

I got this book from Netgalley to read and review.

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Paula | 532 comments 22. The Cat Who Ate Christmas - Lil Chase


This is a cute book about a very mischievous cat named Jingles. He is in a loving family but oh my, it is Christmas and there are a number of new things to get into!

I also have a cat who is a real challenge at Christmas so this was a fun read for me. Very cute and one I will read to my grandchildren. I read this for an honest review from Netgalley.

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Paula | 532 comments 23. Me Before You - JoJo Moyes


Will Trainer is an active young man in his 30's. He is rich and handsome. One day while walking, he is struck by a motorcycle and is now a quadriplegic.

Louisa has been employed by Will's parents to take care of his day to day needs. Nathan takes care of his physical needs but Louisa is to help occupy him during the day and keep him from being bored. She soon tries to find more fun and interesting things for Will to do to keep the depression away.

This is such a tragic and at the same time beautiful love story. I could see both characters clearly and understood their differing views. Very good story and now I'm anxious to see the movie.

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Paula | 532 comments 24. A Faint Cold Fear - Karin Slaughter

3 1/2 rounded to 4*s

Sara and Jeffrey are called out to an apparent suicide of a student. Sara has her sister Tessa with her who says she will stay in the car. A very pregnant Tessa has to go to the bathroom and heads up the hill to the woods and says she will come right back and wait for Sara. When Sara is finished examining the area of the suicide, Tessa is not in the car. She and Jeffrey and the others look for her and find that she's been stabbed multiple times and fighting for her life. When the person who found the suicide is found dead and staged to look like another suicide, Sara and Jeffrey go back to look closer at the first one.

This was pretty good, I would give a 3 1/2 but rounded up to a 4. Some things just got a little too complex.

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Paula | 532 comments 25. The Undertaker's Widow - Phillip Margolin


Judge Quinn is a very ethical judge and takes his job seriously. When making a ruling he doesn't do what everyone expects, he follows the law. Now he is being blackmailed and his life depends on his ruling. Who can he trust?

This is my second Margolin book and he does not disappoint. I wanted to spend every spare minute reading to see what would happen. There are some twists that keep things interesting.

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Paula | 532 comments 26. Southern Ghost - Carolyn Hart


Max Darling is working on a case and not sharing many details with his wife Annie. When he ends up in jail, Annie goes to bail him out although the police had insinuated that Max was seeing a beautiful blond. Now the blond is missing and Max and Annie are asked to help sort out a decades old murder.

This was a first time author for me. I liked the story and the plot but it tended to get bogged down a bit for my taste.

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Paula | 532 comments 27. Every Secret Thing - Laura Lippman


Eleven year olds Ronnie and Alice are friends. Ronnie is the more troublemaker of the two but one day while walking home from a birthday party after being expelled by the mother of the birthday girl, they see a baby in a buggy alone on a porch. They abduct the baby and she is found dead later. The girls spend 7 years in separate reform schools. Now they are back in town and the past cannot be forgotten.

I saw the movie of this book first (which I almost never do if I can help it) and had to get the book for background. This was an audio book and I enjoyed learning more about the girl's background. I look forward to more of Lippman's books.

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Paula | 532 comments 28. Love and Other Consolation Prizes - Jamie Ford


Earnest, (not his given name) is Eurasian and looked down on in China where he lives with his very poor single mother. When he is 5, she takes him to a cemetery and tells him to wait for his Uncle who will take him on a ship to America. He winds up in Seattle, WA and in an orphanage where after a few years, he is raffled off at the state fair. But the ticket holder is the Madame of a brothel.

Thus starts the life and loves of Earnest. Ford does an excellent job of researching the history behind this story and keeps you turning the pages. I was very immersed in this story and can't wait for his next book.

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Paula | 532 comments 29. Crux - Jean Guerrero


Jean is on a journey to find and understand her father. She writes very eloquently and her family history was an interesting subject. At times, the story really tugs at your heartstrings and other times it got a little too philosophical for me.

The story of her family coming between Mexico and the US was pretty interesting, how it was a bit confusing for she and her sister, sometimes fitting in and sometimes not while going to school. Jean's father is believed to be schizophrenic but is never truly diagnosed by a doctor in the US and is considered a Shaman in Mexico. This was an interesting story. I got the book from Netgalley to read and review.

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Paula | 532 comments 30. Into the Storm - Tristram Korten


In 2015, two ships, El Faro and Minouche are on a routine run to deliver goods to nearby ports. After loading up and checking the weather, they leave for their separate destinations. Little do they know that Hurricane Joaquin is not following a pattern and the crews of these ships are in a terrible battle when they are caught in the storm.

This was a very well written and researched book. These ships were caught unawares and the Coast Guard risked their lives to try and save them. I learned a lot about the Coast Guard and how they put their lives on the line to save others. It is amazing to me that they can go into situations that other people avoid like the plague. There is a lot of interesting information in this book that is not tied down with minute details to make it drag.

Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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Paula | 532 comments 31. Bring Me Back - BA Paris


Finn and Layla are returning from a skiing trip in France. They stop at a rest stop and Layla disappears. There are no clues and the police don't suspect that Finn had anything to do with it.

12 years later, Finn is moving on with his life. He is going to marry Layla's sister, Ellen. She is very different from Layla and Finn loves her. Now he's getting messages from Layla.

This book was quite the page turner for me. I had a hard time putting it down. I thought it was suspenseful and fast paced but the ending seemed to be wrapped up a little too quickly. For a fast paced thriller, give this book a try. I got it from Netgalley for an honest review.

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Paula | 532 comments 32. Very Valentine - Adriana Trigiani


Valentine lives with her grandmother in a very old building that her Gram and grandfather bought in 1903 to make custom shoes. Her grandfather has been gone for 10 years and Valentine is apprenticing to take over the business.

I loved the narration by Cassandra Campbell, and enjoyed all the family episodes. It was like a get together of my own Italian family. It did get a bit descriptive at times but I enjoyed the story very much and have already gotten the second audio to listen to.

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Paula | 532 comments 33. Lavender Morning - Jude Deveraux


Jocelyn has had a rather rough life. Her mother passes away when Jocelyn is young and she lives with her maternal grandparents for a while. When they are killed in an accident, she goes to her father and stepmother with twin stepsisters. Jocelyn is treated poorly but an older woman who lives across the street takes her under her wing. When Edi dies years later, she leaves Jocelyn her home in Edilean, Virginia. Jocelyn thought she knew everything there was to know about Edi but she is soon to find that there was much she didn't know.

I very much enjoyed this book from the start. I enjoyed the light heartedness of the characters and getting to know their secrets. I'm anxious to move on to the next in this trilogy.

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Paula | 532 comments 34. The Assassin - Mark Dawson


I do not normally read these types of books nor had I read the first 3 of the series. I think I chose it because it takes place between El Paso and Juarez where I lived for a long time.

Having said that, this was quite the page turner and very action packed. Even if you haven't read the first books, it is not hard to catch up, although you would want to read the others after reading this to get the backstory. I won this book from Amazon and I'm glad I read it. Mark Dawson is an author I will keep track of.

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Paula | 532 comments 35. The Tides of Memory - Sidney Sheldon

4*s (3 1/2 rounded up)

Alexia is the Home Secretary in England but she is not very popular. She is known as being a cold woman who will do what it takes to reach the top. Her daughter Roxie tried to commit suicide after her mother told her that the guy she was in love with was not for her and sent him away. Now Roxie is in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Michael is Alexia's son with Teddy, her husband from a good English family. Michael tries to keep the peace between Roxie and their mother as best he can.

This was a good story, but not as good a Sidney Sheldon is normally. There were some pretty unbelievable parts, there were so many just bad characters, but it did keep me turning pages so I rounded up to a 4 star.

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Paula | 532 comments 36. Crime Brule - Nancy Fairbanks


Carolyn Blue has traveled to New Orleans with her husband for a conference. Her best friend is there along with her husband and some other friends. Carolyn's best friend disappears after a terrible argument with her husband and she leaves the restaurant never to be seen by them again.

I thought this was a cute first book in a series. I enjoyed the descriptions of the meals and the setting of New Orleans. I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

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Paula | 532 comments 37. Sight Unseen - Robert Goddard


David Umber, a historian was called by a man named Griffin to meet so Griffin could show him a book that would change his educational life. Griffin never made the meeting, and Umber was a witness to a kidnapping of a child and a hit and run.

This is a first time author for me. I thought the plot was good, but listening on audio, it got a bit confusing at times. I will try another.

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Paula | 532 comments 38. The Woman in the Window - A J Finn


Dr. Anna Fox was a child psychiatrist, but for the past 10 months she has been agoraphobic. Her husband and daughter live elsewhere and she is trying to self medicate with pills and alcohol. She watches her neighbors lives through her windows with her camera. She thinks she is happy.

This was a very good thriller. I found it to be very fast paced and hard to put down. Anna Fox loves old black and white movies and you are hard pressed to believe if she is in reality or in one of her movies. Very well done and I look forward to the next book by this author.

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Paula | 532 comments 39. A Sudden Light - Garth Stein


Trevor is a 14 year old boy whose parents are newly separated. His father Jones takes him to the family home where Trevor has never been and his father hasn't been for years. He meets his Aunt Serena and his grandfather for the first time. It soon becomes apparent that there is much going on in this family as well as the old house.

I listened to this on audio and liked the narrator very much. The prose was beautiful and made you feel as if you were there seeing the rooms and the beautiful grounds. This is not a fast paced book but it leads you down the path, page by page of this historical and dysfunctional family. I liked the story but "The Art of Racing in the Rain" is still my favorite. This book is very different, but haunting.

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Paula | 532 comments 40. The Yard - Alex Grecian


Sir Edward is the new director of the Scotland Yard office. He is putting together a murder squad to handle all the murder cases in London. They are many and he thinks he has 12 of the best men on the cases. Walter Day is the newest member and he as well as his co-workers don't think he is qualified to lead the team. Now that one of their own has been murdered and found in a trunk, he must prove himself.

This was a very good historical read. The characters were richly drawn and the life in London at the time was very much a part of the story. You felt as if you were there on the streets. Grecian did a good job with his research, making me look up something for authenticity, and found to my surprise that fingerprinting started much earlier than I thought it had. Very enjoyable and I look forward to the next one.

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Paula | 532 comments 41. Tricky Twenty Two - Janet Evanovich


Stephanie is on the trail of the usual bond jumpers but she is also working for Ranger on protection for the wife of a murdered man. When her case, Morelli's and Rangers are all pointing to something bad happening at the Kiltman Campus, Stephanie gets right in the middle of it.

I always enjoy Stephanie and the gang even if the books are pretty formulaic. I get a big kick out of all the antics and this is no exception.

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Paula | 532 comments 42. Local Girl Missing - Claire Douglas


Frankie has a chain of hotels that she runs. She took them over for her father. Daniel, the brother of her best friend, Sophie, calls her to go back to their old hometown, her body has been found after all these years and he wants her to help him put her death to rest.

I listened to this on audio and really looked forward to when I could get back to it. I wasn't sure about the story but became immersed quickly. It goes back and forth between Frankie and Sophie, each telling their memories. It kept me guessing until the end.

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Paula | 532 comments 43. A Balancing Act - Ilona Fridl


Lenora La Rue is the star attraction in her family's circus. During a performance, a cyclone hits and Lenora has an accident which causes her to lose her leg. Dr. John Mallory who removed her leg finds he is attracted to her spirit, especially after her family disowns her.

This was a good story relating how Lenora/Nora grows after being raised in the circus and knowing no other life. She must now learn how to survive on her own on the outside and learn the ways of regular people. I liked the way the author gives us a glimpse into a pampered life versus having to live with being a "cripple" in a world where circus people are looked down on and making a better life for herself while learning to trust.

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Paula | 532 comments 44. Hunting Annabelle - Wendy Heard


Sean lives with his mother after having moved to Austin, TX from California. Sean has a past which slowly unfolds. He has met a girl in a park that he likes to hang out in named Annabelle. It's the first time he has allowed himself to get close to someone. One day, Sean sees Annabelle being abducted. He calls police but no one believes him because of his past. Now he is trying to find evidence to help the police find the real abductor.

First off I have to say this is one of the most twisted books I've ever read. At times, I really felt for Sean and others I didn't like him at all. Wendy Heard has a real way of changing your thoughts for the characters and she kept me guessing until the end. I have a love/hate relationship with Sean and this book will stay with me for a while as I try and figure out which it is in the long run.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this book and give an honest review

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Paula | 532 comments 45. Halloween Murder - Leslie Meier


I thought this was a new book by Leslie Meier so I was anxious to read it. I was disappointed to find that it was two previously published books together in one book. I had read "Trick or Treat Murder" in 2008. It was my first Meier book and I enjoyed it then and I enjoyed reading it again. Since it had been so long, I didn't remember a lot of the story so that helped.

The second book, "Wicked Witch Murder" was new for me and I did like it, but sometimes I had to stop and ask myself if I would allow my young daughters to attend Wiccan ceremonies or to go to a friends home who I suspected of abuse.

I do enjoy this series probably because of Lucy and her family. I can relate to having kids and the trouble they can get into but this book didn't resonate with me on that front. Thank you to Netgalley for this book to read and give my honest opinion.

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Paula | 532 comments 46. The Marsh King's Daughter - Karen Dionne


Helena is married and mother of two girls. Her husband doesn't understand how his wife likes to go out on her own and hunt for bear. One day the police show up at their home and ask Helena questions about a man who has escaped from prison after 14 years. Now she has to explain to her husband Steven that that man was her father.

I enjoyed listening to this book even though parts of it were quite graphic. Dionne goes back and forth in time so you get a great impression of what Helena's upbringing was like. She loves her father with her whole being. Her mother is kind of an afterthought in the book, I would have liked to know a little more about her. Good story.

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Paula | 532 comments 47. Our Kind of Cruelty - Araminta Hall


V and Mike have been a couple for a good while and love each other madly. Mike has gone to America to make some money faster than he would have in England, but when he comes for a visit, he confesses something to V who now wants nothing to do with him.

This story is told from Mike's POV. It is an insight into the mind of someone who is not right but you can't turn away. I wanted to just sit and read this book with no breaks but of course I couldn't. You feel so sorry for this character as well as for V's character. Hall has done a great job of looking into the mind of a mentally ill person with sympathy and compassion.

I will look forward to more by this author.

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Paula | 532 comments 48. Yarn Over Murder - Maggie Sefton


Kelly is helping a friend move alpacas to a safer place as there is a fire in northern Colorado. There is a confrontation between two characters and one of them winds up dead. Kelly gets information from other people that she feeds to a retired cop friend.

This was a first time author for me and it just didn't grab me.

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Paula | 532 comments 49. Wash, Fold & Die - Delores Johnson


Mandy is called on by Stan, her detective friend who dumped her 9 months ago. He needs help with a case and Mandy is just the one to assist.

I haven't read one of these for a while, but I do enjoy them. Mandy runs a dry cleaning business in Denver, Colorado and has some colorful characters who work for her. This one had a good plot that kept me guessing and I look forward to the next one.

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